Why and how to increase your website domain authority

by Sachin

Most of the website owners ,bloggers and digital marketers have one common goal  is to increase the traffic to there website and always rank higher in search engines. Inorder  to do that there are hundreds of metrics out there, but the most important metric that grown exponentially in these days is Domain authority .And now it is playing a significant role in the world of SEO.

What is Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is a score or grade (starting  from  0-100) developed by MOZ community that estimates how well a website is ranking in google and other search engines. The website that has high domain authority grade will have more probability of ranking high in search engine results  page(SERPS).

Why domain authority is given higher priority by search engines

Higher domain authority will definitely have more possibility of your website to rank higher in search engines like google and bing. I hope some of you might be encountered with such a situation where a website with Low Domain Authority ranks lower than the websites which have higher domain authority even though its content is less engaging or less worthy

Over 40 factors are considered to calculate Domain Authority

Domain Authority and Website rankings are directly proportional to each other .If your domain authority is high there are higher chances for your website to rank high. If you have a high website rankings obviously it is an indication of high Domain Authority

             High DA –>High search rankings –> More traffic–>More  income

But one thing that you should consider is Domain Authority cannot be increased with in a night .There should be constant efforts or sleepless nights to increase it

As a SEO professional  I can  say  that there are several ways that can be practiced to increase DA score,it is not that to consult a SEO or developer from a MOZ community and ask him for a higher DA.  But getting high DA is not that much easy and also Not that much of hard as crossing an Amazon river.

Ways to increase the Domain Authority of your site

Yes, Domain Authority cannot be purchased from the MOZ community or cannot be borrowed from the high Domain Authority Sites. To get a high DA score firstly you should have lots of lots of patience as I earlier mentioned it cannot be increased over a single night .Then you should follow some strategies with some great  pieces of content.

It is pretty easy to raise your Domain Authority to an extent of  40-45 from the very low 5-10 but the process becomes more tough to raise it above 50

Here are some tips for you to increase your domain Authority to an extent level

1)  ON Page SEO

ON page Optimization plays a very key role in lifting up your Domain Authority from bottom to top.

The factors that included in ON page Optimization are Attractive Page Titles, Proper meta descriptions, Keyword density , Internal Links

  • Keyword Density:

Maintain a keyword density of 0.5 to 3.0{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa}  with avoiding keyword stuffing .since Keyword stuffing is a Black hat SEO technic

  • Meta tags :-

Use some attractive and proper heading tags (H1,H2,H3) Since they highlight the content very well

  • Using Long tail keyword:-

Choosing a long tail keyword always help  you to rank easier and mostly a genuine customer  uses a long tail keyword if he is really interested to know the content

  • Image Optimization:-

As your site needs to load faster Optimizing the images is an important metric

  • Meta Description:

Try to write to a meta description with less than 140 characters and also try to use the focus keyword in the description

Search engines mostly  consideration for ON page is About  30-35{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} . So ,we should be careful about ON Page .If it is not optimized well then it finds very difficult to get traffic

  • Quality Content :

Search engines algorithms are designed more advanced  in now a days .With the Panda and penguin Updates it is very tough  for an SEO guy to Rank high in SERP with a low quality content or spammy content . It does not count even if you write hundreds or thousands words of content ; what matters is that it is whether the content is genuine and niche relevant

  • Now are then content is always the king:

All the visitors are interested in good content .Good content is not about having hundreds of lines in your posts .It should have some great attractive Images ,Videos  which adds more strength to your content.

  • Internal Linking :-

Best example of more internal linking site is Wikipedia which have more internal links and that is reason why it has a DA of 100.

  • Bounce rate:-

Bounce rate is one of the ranking factor used by search engines. If you have a good internal links in your site then the bounce rate  reduces .

As bounce rate decreases it is an indication that the amount of time spent by visitors on your site is high

Internal links always adds more information to your content as well as to the reader

2)  OFF Page SEO

  • Quality Backlinks:-

OFF page optimization is all about generating backlinks to your site. But the thing is many SEO  think that getting a backlinks will rank high ,yes they may be right to an extent but if they keep on generating low quality or worthless backlinks then definitely they are going to degrade there ranking. That is the practice done in early days of SEO but with the penguin update from google soon or later  they should pay  for that kind of spammy  practices.

  • Social sharing :

As you all know that the social networking sites have a huge engagement in terms of traffic so definitely there DA will be high. So, getting a single share from the high DA social networking sites means a lot

  • .EDU sites :

Search engines mostly considers .EDU sites as a high quality backlinks.if you get a backlink from the .EDU sites then definitely it a symbol  that you are going to increase your DA.

  • Removing all spammy Backlinks :

Many Bloggers and SEO’s that I met don’t focus on this important metric  they always focus on building links but they don’t even focus on removing the expired or broken links

Bad links will directly or indirectly effect your Domain authority as according to search engine bots it is mandatory to have good links for a high DA score

  • Domain Age:

I always remember one thing when I want to write or discuss about this metric is “OLD IS GOLD”

Domain age is an important metric in Rankings  it indicates from how long your are publishing the content .

Do not bother if your site is newly started and not ranking pretty well Just be calm and publish the genuine content as soon as the time passes your DA starts rising

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