How To Make Payment Via Links – Forget Swipe…Click Is Now The King!

by Sachin

Online payment = Security, convenience & speed 

With online transactions riding a wave of unprecedented growth pulling the cash register behind, the discussions about a secure payment method are now gaining momentum, more than ever. Whether you are a customer or a merchant, small business owners or start-ups, regardless of the type of your transactions, three things that you always look for while making payments, security, convenience, and speed. 

Evolution of India’s payment system 

Over the years, India’s payment system has evolved right from the barter system to cash to cards, or from cards to digital payments. Each system is a step forward that made the transactions more convenient, and advanced than before.

As the payment modes evolved, all the participants in a transaction seek more and more seamless ways of making payments. Thus, a 21st century payment mode payment via links came into being.

What is a payment link?

Payment link is an instant online payment method where a request for online payment is generated and shared by the merchant to a customer to pay. Making a payment via link sharing is the easiest and fastest way both for customers and merchants. The payment collection is done either via the payment link or a QR code.

How do payment links work?

To receive a payment, generate a payment link and share the link with the payer and receive the payment instantly, it’s that simple. Following are the steps to make or receive a payment through a payment link. 

Step – 1 – Merchant generates a payment link

Step – 2 – Merchant shares the payment link

Step – 3 – The customer gets the link

Step – 4 – Customer clicks on the link

Step – 5 – The link then redirects the customer to the secure payment page

Step – 6 – Customers make an online payment with offered methods
(wallet, UPI, cards, net banking, etc)

Step – 7 – Merchant gets notification after successful payment.

Payment links are 100% secure

Payment links are backed with a secured payment gateway the service providers of which make sure that their solution complies with government norms regarding customer data security. It always adds an extra layer of security in the form of biometric, PIN, etc. 

Send link, get paid & reach new markets 

Get paid in the currency and payment method of your choice. Reaching new markets has never been easier with this payment via payment link method. With Online Payments via payment link, your customers pay with their preferred payment methods, wherever they are. 

Pay via payment link & save money

Accepting payments via link eliminates the need for any external physical payment acceptance devices (like POS terminals) or any third-party application. This saves time and cost for installation, maintenance, and training.

Sharing is easy & secure

Merchants can share their payment link via email, SMS, or embed it directly on their invoice alongside their branding and logo securely. That’s not all, they can also share their payment link or QR code directly with their customers through their preferred social media and chat apps. Moreover, merchants can always send a payment link with a customized message addressing the customer to attract them towards their other products or services. 

A win-win for customers & merchants

With flexible payment links, customers can pay from any time and anywhere with their preferred payment option. It not only increases customer satisfaction, but also invariably helps merchants to build a loyal customer base. A happy customer will surely love to shop with you if you get them the flexibility to pay.

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