How to Merge Multiple Video Files Into One on Windows and Mac Using VideoProc

by Sachin

Capturing videos has become an integral part of our celebrations, you know. With smartphones that let you capture 4K content seamlessly, there is nothing to worry about either. That having said, a smartphone may not be enough when you want to combine all the videos from a celebration event and make something cool. Fortunately, this is exactly where you want to rely on video merging tools. While there are so many merging tools in the market, you have to pick something simple, powerful and versatile. And, that is why we decided to recommend VideoProc. This simple-but-powerful tool will change the way you see video merging.

What Is VideoProc?

So, VideoProc is a video processing software that is available for both macOS and Windows. You can use this tool to merge videos, cut videos, compress videos and make some edits to the content. To be frank, there is a lot you can do using VideoProc. If you are someone who captures a lot of content but don’t want to go so deep into Final Cut Pro or anything, VideoProc is your choice. Here, however, we will be talking about just a single feature section of VideoProc — Video Merging.

About Merging Videos in VideoProc

It does not matter if you have a PC or Mac, VideoProc is the best place for combining videos. Let’s consider the scenario where you have a few clips from the last night’s party. Plus, you also got some clips from a few friends, alright? Now, you want to combine all these, into a really good movie. Well, VideoProc is capable of helping you all the way.

  • You can directly join multiple videos in VideoProc. All it takes is a single click. You can bring together as many video clips as you want. It’s pretty great that VideoProc offers full support for 4K videos also.
  • Before merging the videos, you can use the Edit function of VideoProc as well. The available options include trimming, adding subtitles, stabilizing, compressing etc.
  • And, once you are done, VideoProc lets you export the final video into a convenient format. Here as well, we will have to praise how compatible VideoProc is in effect. You can make a video work on any device, so to speak.

Isn’t it cool that you can all these awesome things using a simple tool like VideoProc?

How to Merge Videos with VideoProc

So, suppose you have downloaded and installed VideoProc on your PC or Mac. Unlike what you might have been thinking, the video-merging process is super-easy. Let’s take you through the simple steps.

Step One

Of course, to begin with, you have to open VideoProc on your computer. From the Main Menu that appears on screen, choose Video.

Once you are in the Video pane, you can drag and drop all the video files that you want to combine. You can do this using the file explorer as well.

Step Two

Before you start merging the videos, you can use the features inside VideoProc to make edits. You just have to select individual videos and make the necessary edits.

Just so you know, you can also alter the order of the videos and add subtitles. These are great when you like a professional compilation video.

Step Three

In this step, things are pretty easy.

First, you have to go to the bottom portion and select the export file format. You can also choose the device you have, and VideoProc will choose the right file format.

Second, go to the right-bottom side of the window and click on the Merge button. This would merge the out video.

Once you have done these, click on the Run button and wait until VideoProc finishes rendering.

As you can see, all VideoProc takes to create a compilation videos is three steps. In these three steps, you will have one of the best video merging experiences as well.

Other Features that Matter

We loved a few other features in VideoProc as well.

  • Top-notch compatibility lets VideoProc handle up to 4K videos with proper performance. It also has a wider list of supported formats.
  • Level-3 Hardware Acceleration is a blessing when you have to render a big video. VideoProc makes use of both hardware and software to offer you up to 47x video processing.
  • VideoProc also lets you stabilize and optimize your video. If you are planning to upload the content to YouTube or Instagram, this would be helpful.

Here is a video guide for you:

Before We End

This is how it feels to edit and merge videos using VideoProc. As you just saw, the whole process is easy than you would ever imagine. Not only that, you are also getting one of the best levels of performance.

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