How to Permanently Delete Files in Windows?

by Sachin

How to permanently delete files in Windows? Maybe a lot of people who want to delete some files on their Windows computer because the file is confidential or maybe not used anymore so that it takes up memory. Then, how to permanently delete files so as not to leave traces which later can lead to data leakage that will harm you.

Here, we will discuss how to permanently delete files using the additional Donemax Data Eraser software. This software is the right choice so that your data will be erased completely.

How to permanently delete files in Windows using Donemax Data Eraser?

Donemax Data Eraser is 100% safe software to use on all operating systems, from Windows 7, 8, to Windows 10, Windows 11 and even macOS. This software is one of the recommended software for permanently deleting data even if you intend to sell your computer because of its security and its perfect deletion results without leaving traces.

To use it, there are three erase modes that you can do. The following is an explanation of some of these modes.

  1. Delete Files / Folders

This is the first mode of the Donemax Data Eraser. This is also the right mode for those of you who want to delete specific files or folders without completely erasing the contents of the hard drive.

To select this mode, please open the Donemax Data Eraser application and select the first mode “Erase Files / Folders”. Select the files or folders you want to delete, then click Erase Now. It will permanently delete those files/folders without traces to ensure 100% safety.

  1. EraseHard Drive

This mode is highly recommended when you want to erase all contents of the hard drive at once. This mode is perfect for those of you who might want to lend your Windows computer to someone else for a long time so that data leakage can occur.

To select this mode, open the Donemax Data Eraser application and select the second mode “Wipe Hard Drive”. Then, select the hard drive you wish to erase and click Erase Now.

  1. EraseFree Space

This mode is for deleting residual data such as lost data and traces from previously deleted data. If you have formatted your hard drive, then this mode is also appropriate to ensure the cleanliness of the hard drive before being handled by someone else.

How to use the mode is to open the application and select the third mode “Wipe Free Space” Select the Hard Drive you want to be wiped and click Erase Now.

For those of you who want to sell your windows PC or Laptop, Donemax Data Eraser is a highly recommended software. Remember, data leakage is not uncommon and there will be irresponsible parties who will spread your personal data for their benefit and ultimately harm you.

Therefore, How to permanently delete files in Windows? You know the best software to do it now, Donemax Data Eraser is the answer.

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