How To Securely Erase All Data From A Memory Card?

by Sachin

How to securely erase all data from a memory card? As innovation progresses, Memory Card innovation is progressively being applied in electronic gadgets. Beginning from cell phones, DSLR cameras, computerized cameras, to sound parts in your vehicle. The capacity of the Memory Card itself is an information stockpiling gadget that can be taken anyplace other than a USB Flash Disk and can be associated straightforwardly to a convenient gadget. 

On account of its imperative advantages, the Memory Card must be in acceptable condition. In any case, now and then there are times when the Memory Card can’t be perused. Is the class of your Memory Card the most elevated? 

The reason for harm to the Memory Card can be brought about by numerous things. Beginning from the messy copper plates on the Memory Card, until the information put away on the Memory Card is ruined. On the off chance that your Memory Card is distant, at that point the answer for explain it is to design the Memory Card. 

To erase all data in a Memory Card, you can do it on (PCs) and cell phones dependent on Android. Presently, after we give data to you about how to design a Memory Card on Android, on this event, we will give data to you about how to wipe all data in a Memory Card on a PC.

How to securely erase all data from a memory card?

The following are the steps about how to securely erase all data from a memory card using AweEraser

  • Download AweEraser

To erase data on the Memory Card efficiently, you must use a software that is designed for that. AweEraser data erasure is a software specially designed to erase data on all drives, including Memory Cards.

  • Data Backup

Make sure you have moved some important data that you don’t want to delete to another storage medium before wiping data using AweEraser.

  • Open AweEraser and Perform Wipe with the following options

  • Erase Files

This is a mode for deleting only certain files. This means that you won’t be formatting the Memory Card as a whole. Select this if you want to erase some data completely.

  • Erase Memory Card Data

This is a mode for completely wiping data on your Memory Card. To select this, just select the drive you want to format and click Erase, then all data will be erased instantly.

Connect the Memory Card to your laptop. Then, make sure the Memory Card is read by AweEraser. When you select a drive to erase, make sure you select the Memory Card. Don’t choose the wrong drive as you could lose all the data there.

  • Erase Free Space

This is a special mode to clean up the remnants of deleted files to give you more space on your Memory Card. This method is especially useful if you have just deleted a large file or uninstalled software that has a lot of junk files left behind after removal which can usually use up a lot of memory and take up storage capacity.

Now it’s done, how simple is that?

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