How To Spy On Whatsapp?

by Sachin

WhatsApp is one of the biggest and popular messenger apps in the world right now. You would be surprised to know that it has reached the figure of 2 billion active WhatsApp users and that’s huge. Now we all know that every one of us mostly uses WhatsApp for messaging and sharing media files.

There could be cases where we want to spy on WhatsApp of someone for personal or professional use. Hacking someone’s WhatsApp sounds impossible without having any kind of hacking skills. We know that as a novice in hacking, we can’t spy on anyone’s WhatsApp account. Well, this is possible, you can track anyone’s WhatsApp without learning any technical or hacking skills but how?

A smart and professional phone spying app is what you need to monitor someone’s phone including WhatsApp. There are lots of spying apps available in the market but you never know which spy app is best for you.

You couldn’t afford any low-quality spying app because such apps can cost you your precious data. We’ve got the best phone spying app for you that you can use to perform full phone monitoring like a professional.

Spyic – A Professional Spying App

A powerful and such an intelligent cell phone tracking app aiming to provide the best phone monitoring services. Spying on a phone device has never been this much easier and simple like it is now. Spyic is a web-based app that can be used on any web browser on any device. 

There is no need to acquire any experience to use this phone surveillance app. It has an eye-friendly and intuitive user interface for hassle-free and smooth phone monitoring. In this Spyic review, you will get to know about spying features and the procedure to track any phone using Spyic.

If we talk about spying features, there are about 35 spy features provided in Spyic. All spying features included according to the requirements of users to perform phone spying with full control. From call records to text messages, web history to all social media apps, everything on a phone device can be tracked using Spyic. If we talk about WhatsApp, it depends on your WhatsApp spying strategy and how you use Spyic to perform WhatsApp spying as per your needs.

WhatsApp Spy

As discussed earlier, WhatsApp is getting used by billions of users which means people do prefer WhatsApp over any other messenger. There is a sperate section for spying on WhatsApp in the dashboard of Spyic’s account. Let’s have a look at how can we spy on WhatsApp using Spyic.

  •  You can read all private and group WhatsApp messages of the target phone device.
  • Accessing WhatsApp chat timestamps is also possible.
  • View media files exchanged on WhatsApp.

By the way, the best thing about this Spyic is that it can be used for spying on both Android and iPhone devices. Also no need to feel scared of getting caught because Spyic app runs on stealth mode.

Stealth mode is what guarantees that no one would be able to detect you spying on anyone’s phone device. Some spy apps let users engage in risky phone activities like Root or Jailbreak to perform phone monitoring. You don’t have to root your Android or Jailbreak your iPhone when using Spyic. 

Using Spyic to perform phone spying is more than easy, all you have to do is to create an account on Spyic, configure the target device, and that’s it. Following these steps will lead you to the dashboard view of your Spyic’ account from where you can use spying features to track on any target cell phone device. Let’s find out how we can spy on WhatsApp using Spyic.

How to Spy on WhatsApp using Spyic

All you have to do is to follow simple steps and you would be able to start phone tracking right from your Spyic’s account.

Step 1

First of all, open your internet browser on your phone or PC, visit the office Spyic’s website and click on the Signup button to start creating a Spyic account by entering email and password.

Step 2

Now you would be given two options about choosing either Android or iOS. Select the one according to the OS of the device you are going to spy on.

Step 3

Now if you have chosen Android, access target Android device for once to configure Spyic app and after that, you would be able to spy on that Android device remotely.

In case you have chosen an iOS, no need to physically access that iPhone. Just enter the credentials of the iCloud account that is logged in on the target iPhone device.

Step 4

Wait for a few seconds to let the system verify all details, keep following all instructions coming on the screen, and then you would complete Spyic’s account creation process.

Finally, you have successfully created an account on Spyic. Now visit the official site of Spyic on any web browser, log in to your newly made Spyic account, and start using Spy features from your dashboard screen. You can see a separate WhatsApp option in all spying features listed on the left side of Spyic’s dashboard screen.

Some you might be feeling confused that how Spyic app will be helpful for you and how to practically use this app. No need to worry because you can also try the demo version of the Spyic app by clicking on the Demo tab on the official site of Spyic. No experience is required to use this spying app because every internet user can use Spyic due to its easy and simple user interface.

Final Thoughts

As an overall summary, we can say that Spyic is one of the best spying apps in the World. Tracking of every phone device either iPhone or Android is possible through this brilliant cell phone spying app. There is no risk of getting caught because the Spyic app runs on the stealth mode which makes it undetectable.

Unlike other spying apps, Spyic allows you to hack any phone device without Root or Jailbreak. We’ve realized that Spyic has made WhatsApp tracking easy and simple for everyone regardless of their knowledge or experience. So, if you are looking forward to spying on any phone device, it is recommended to go with Spyic.

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