How to Wipe Hard Drive on Windows 7?

by Sachin

How to wipe hard drive on Windows 7? Wiping data on Windows 7 is sometimes necessary to ensure that no data is leaked when a hard drive is sold or loaned to someone else for a long period of time. Therefore, Windows 7 provides the Format Drive feature. Unfortunately, this feature is not perfect for deleting data on a drive in Windows 7.

Then, How to wipe hard drive on Windows 7? You can use software like DoYourData Super Eraser to do this. This software has proven to be effective at wiping data and has been recommended by many PC experts. What are the advantages of this DoYourData Super Eraser?

First, the advantage of DoYourData Super Eraser is that it is able to erase all files on the hard drive with a 100% success rate. This means that there may be no data or registry stored after the hard drive is wiped.

Secondly, you should know that using some of the Drive format features in windows 7 too often can lead to reduced hard drive life. This happens because every time you wipe or format, the hard drive will be forced to delete all data stored on it. However, this is not the case with the DoYourData Super Eraser.

This software is very man-to-use and will not damage or reduce the lifetime of your Hard Drive. So, this software is 100% safe for the physical condition of your drive.

Then, how to wipe hard drive on Windows 7?

There are several modes that can be used to wipe a hard drive in Windows 7 using DoYourData Super Eraser. The following are some of these modes.

Mode 1: Erase Data on Windows 7

This mode is used when you want to delete only some data and not completely wipe the hard drive. To use this mode, simply open the DoYourData Super Eraser software and select Mode 1: Erase Files / Folders. Then, select the files you want to delete. After selecting all files and folders, click Erase Now to begin the deletion process.

Mode 2: Wipe Hard Drive on Windows 7

If you want to wipe the hard drive on windows 7, then mode 2 is the right mode. This mode will erase all contents of a drive without leaving a single file. So that your data is safe from misuse.

To use mode 2, just open the software, then select Mode 2: Wipe Hard Drive. Then, select the drive you want to wipe. If you have selected all the desired drives, click Erase Now to start wiping.

Mode 3: Wipe Deleted Data on Windows 7

Mode 3 is very useful if you want to remove traces of files that have been previously deleted so that they cannot be recovered by others. To select mode 3, open the software and select Mode 3: Wipe Free Space. Select the drive you want to wipe and click Erase Now.

So, if you are asking how to wipe hard drive on Windows 7, now you know the answer. DoYourData Super Eraser will do it for you easily.

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