14 Best Hurawatch Alternatives For Free Movies In 2023

by Sachin

Hurawatch is an app that provides a comprehensive listing of the latest Korean drama releases, with subtitles available in multiple languages.

It also features regularly updated show ratings, character bios, plot summaries, and schedules. In addition to these benefits, it offers trailers and message boards where users can discuss their favorite dramas and communicate with one another.

However, the popularity of Hurawatch has grown exponentially in recent years and many users are looking for alternatives that offer similar features.


14 Best Hurawatch Alternatives in 2023

Here are 14 top Hurawatch alternatives that offer exceptional features and benefits, which will help viewers get their daily dose of Korean drama without having to pay a subscription fee.

Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is a popular streaming service that offers its users an extensive library of Korean dramas, movies, and other Asian content.

It features multi-language subtitle support for all its shows, making it accessible to international viewers who may not understand the language spoken in some scenes of their favorite Kdramas.

Furthermore, Rakuten Viki also has a social component that allows users to interact with each other and discuss new show releases or even review ongoing dramas.



123series offers a recommendation feature. It suggests movies based on your viewing history and preferences. This feature can help you discover new films that you might not have found otherwise, making your movie-watching experience even more exciting.

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You can enjoy FlixHQ without any interruptions from ads. Unlike some other platforms, there are no commercial breaks while you’re watching your favorite shows or movies.



KissAsian is a free streaming service that offers its users an extensive catalog of movies, tv-series, and Kdramas.

Besides having access to all drama episodes with subtitles in multiple languages, KissAsian also has the latest shows available on their platform within hours of it being aired in Korea.

Furthermore, they also have detailed information regarding cast or crew credits as well as complete episode summaries for each show season.



This is another great streaming service that provides users with a complete library of Kdramas and other Asian content.

DramaFever offers its users unlimited ad-free access to their entire library, making it an ideal option for anyone looking for a premium experience without the expense.

Additionally, they also offer customers ongoing promotions and discounted subscription plans so they can get more value out of watching their favorite dramas.



This Chinese streaming platform allows its users access to both domestic and international shows, making it a great source of Kdramas.

iQIYI offers free subscriptions with advertisements as well as premium plans with commercial-free experiences and other added features.

It also allows customers to build custom playlists with their favorite dramas or movies so they can always be up-to-date on the latest releases within that genre.


This is another great streaming site that offers a comprehensive library of the latest Kdrama episodes from various countries around the world.

With its user-friendly interface, viewers can quickly find what they are looking for and get started exploring all its many features.

Many fans also appreciate Dramanice’s subtitle support in multiple languages so it’s accessible to international audiences as well.



MyAsianTV is an up-and-coming streaming service that features hundreds of Asian dramas as well as movies and tv series from other countries.

It offers a wide range of subtitles in over 8 languages so audiences can enjoy content from around the world without having to worry about not understanding the language.



One of Korea’s most popular movie databases, Hancinema also provides viewers with access to the latest Kdramas.

They have an extensive catalog of shows, most of which are accompanied by detailed synopses and other information about each show’s cast or crew credits.

Additionally, viewers can also access behind-the-scenes stories as well as interviews with Korean actors who star in their favorite dramas on this website.


This is another great streaming site that offers a wide variety of international and Korean dramas for viewers to explore. It also features a neat community that allows users to rate and discuss their favorite shows, allowing people from all around the world to connect for discussion about Kdramas together.



Kshow is an online streaming platform designed specifically to cater to a variety of shows. They have an extensive library featuring both new and classic episodes which are accompanied by detailed summaries so viewers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Additionally, they also offer live streaming of popular television programs from around the world as well as exclusive content available only on their website.



Another great streaming site that offers a variety of foreign dramas, Asian Crush features content specifically tailored to their audience’s interests.

It also has additional features such as parental control and support for up to 7 different languages so audiences can enjoy fast-changing media around the world without any language barriers.



This is yet another reliable streaming platform that offers a wide variety of Asian media content, including dramas and movies.

Kocowa features high-quality episodes with easily accessible subtitles and short synopses so audiences can quickly identify the type of show they want to watch.

They also offer both free as well as premium subscription plans for viewers who are looking for an uninterrupted experience without ads.


This is yet another online streaming site that provides users access to a great selection of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas.

Many viewers also appreciate its simple and user-friendly interface which allows them to quickly access their recently watched shows as well as discover new titles that might interest them.

They even offer promotional plans for users looking for an inexpensive way to explore the latest Asian media offerings.

Hurawatch FAQs.

1) Is Hurawatch free?

Yes, Hurawatch is currently free to use.

2) What countries does Hurawatch offer shows for?

Hurawatch offers content from many different Asian countries, including South Korea, China, and Japan.

3) Does Hurawatch have any features such as parental control?

Yes, Hurawatch provides users with both parental control and content rating so they can customize their streaming experience according to specific age requirements.

4) Does Hurawatch have live streams available?

Yes, Hurawatch now offers a live stream of your favorite channels.

5) Are there any discounts or promotions available on Hurawatch?

Yes, Hurawatch runs promotional discounts and offers throughout the year.

6) Does Hurawatch have a forum or message board?

Yes, Hurawatch has an active community where people can discuss their favorite shows or ask questions about any dramas they might be watching.

7) What is the best way to report bugs in case of technical difficulties on Hurawatch?

Please contact customer support via their support page for any technical issue or bug you might encounter.

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