31 Icdrama Alternatives for 2023: Best Streaming Platforms

by Sachin

Icdrama is a free streaming website that provides users with access to Chinese movies, dramas, TV shows and much more from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

It has been in existence since 2013 making it one of the oldest websites offering content from Asia. The interface itself is easy to use without any unnecessary gimmicks that many other similar sites suffer from.

Using ic drama, users whose devices support the language can read subtitles in both Chinese and English which ensures smooth streaming for everyone.

Other features that set icdrama apart from its competitors are a consistent update of new content every week as well as providing an extensive library of older titles.

31 Icdrama Alternatives for 2023: Best Streaming Platforms

Current Status of Icdrama in 2023

In 2023 icdrama is still widely considered one of the most reliable streaming websites for Chinese content with millions of active users from all around the Asia.

The site is continually being upgraded to offer more features such as growing its library and improving their interface.

Best Icdrama Alternatives for 2023


Dramavery is a relative newcomer; however, the site offers a simple design with tremendous content from all over Asia, including resources for leaked Japanese films and other exclusive titles.

It also provides support in Chinese as well as English and is updated regularly.



KissAsianTV has become one of the most popular choices since its inception in 2019.

It offers content in high quality and is regularly updated with new movies, shows and other content from all over Asia especially mainland China.



Launched in 2016, WatchAsianCC has been a reliable provider of Chinese drama series as well as recent films from abroad for its users to stream online without any cost or formal registration.

It doesn’t have too many useless gimmicks, which making it a great alternative for viewers who are looking for simple yet great UI/UX.



For those users seeking live streaming of Asian dramas from multiple sources, dramacool9 is the way to go.

The website has been updated regularly , and a new batch of content is added every week making it one of the most reliable sites available for streaming.



Since 2016 dramalist has been providing quality entertainment to users across all platforms at no cost with exclusive titles from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and much more.

It updates content daily so viewers can always stay tuned to the shows they are watching without any “waiting time”.



The most prominent feature of BoxAsian is its user-friendly interface, which makes it much more interesting for viewers by providing them with easy access to content like movies, TV series and animations from countries like China , Japan , Taiwan Hong Kong and Korea .



A good choice for users wanting to watch Korean entertainment, korean drama offers high-quality streaming with all the latest dramas and titles in one place . Content is updated weekly , so viewers can get their fix quickly without looking elsewhere.


K drama.com

K-Drama has become a top streaming pick for Korean entertainment since its launch in 2014 . Streaming is provided as 1080p , 720p and even mobile versions ensuring users have access to quality content without too much effort.



Unlike other streaming platforms, Dramabeans organizes content from all over the world – including Japan , Korea , China and more. It also has a vast archive of older titles so viewers can watch their favorite classic movies too.



With AsianCrushe you get exemplary quality when it comes to streaming services. On top of that, the site also has exclusive titles from Hong Kong, Japan , Taiwan and Korea as well as some good content like quizzes for its users.



GoodDrama offers viewers huge libraries of Asian drama content from TV Series to anime and movies all in high quality streaming . It also holds exclusive content , making it a viable choice for viewers who want the whole range of entertainment from this part of the world.



Since 2015, Dramago has been delivering quality streaming services to users all over Asia . With its diverse selection and frequent updates, there is something new to watch each time so users never miss out on anything.



This website has been in existence since 2016 and delivers quality Asian drama content from movies to TV shows . It also organizes its collection of titles in order of genre so viewers can easily find what they are looking for without too much effort.



Launched in 2017, HK Drama Online specializes in delivering Hong Kong content to its users . It is renowned for having an extensive library and streaming services in HD quality which are updated weekly as well.



As the name suggests, dramaqu was created with an emphasis on delivering Korean content to viewers. It has a wide variety of entertainment and features in both Chinese and English subtitles.



This website is focused exclusively on delivering latest Asian entertainment from dramas to movies and anime. Its content is regularly updated, and streaming is provided in high quality without any formal registration.



Kshow 123 has been the premier go-to for Korean content since 2017 and continues to update weekly . Whether viewers want to watch dramas or anime , this website will have something for everyone.



Dramacool provides an extensive library of Asian dramas in HD quality for free, the website also offers live streaming of some content from other sources and has a convenient layout easy to navigate through. The site is updated regularly as well so viewers can always be tuned in to latest releases with no waiting time between episodes or any lag during viewing experience.



Kissasian provide one of the largest libraries out there with all Asian entertainment distributed into clear sets for convenience; movies, series and animations. Content is rotated every week to ensure that latest titles are always available on the service as well as subtitles in English and Chinese.



Dramafire operates much like kissasian but prefer more towards Korean content providing novice viewers one an easy way jump in any time without missing too much or getting lost within most genres due to a simple interface. The page is also updated continuously with new releases added time to time.



Myasiantv offers Chinese as well as Korean dramas and TV shows which are unbeatable when it comes to HD’s resolution and subtitles in both English and Chinese languages. Site also offers older titles not found anywhere else making sure that viewers don’t miss any movies, series or animations.



Fastdrama is a paradise for Asian drama lovers with selection covering over From mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan all way up to Japan and Korea.

The page also offers 720p resolution along some of the content which can be streamed as 1080p. Apart from this viewing experience through fastdrama requires least effort due to easy user-friendly interface design



Dramabus functions more like Netflix or Hulu type platform where viewers have access to hundreds of titles without any registration process or ad-disruptions.

The site also offers content from some contractually protected networks such as HBO and Showtime which are exclusive to only their services meaning that most of the other streaming sites cannot acquire them for viewers.



Drama3s focuses on movies as well as TV series providing popular selections of countries all over Asia along with great sounding audio quality throughout entire streaming experience.

Users may also look forward for English sub titles in majority content meaning that it is not necessary to know native language of specific title prior starting the streaming process.



Newasiantv provides great quality video for their viewers as well as stunning resolution streaming at 1080p and 720p.

The site also has English subtitles on majority titles making sure that even novice viewers can jump right into any drama or show without worrying about missing details due to language barrier.



Kshows this is another great alternative for viewers who prefer Korean Drama series due to the fact that large selection being offered by this website.

Another advantage of Kshows is its buffering speed which remains unmatched making sure you don’t have to wait in between episodes and movies.



Dramacity works as one stop shop for anyone trying find entertainment from Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan even Hong Kong although it also has some content available in different languages like English or Chinese.

Apart from offering streamings in HD quality it also makes sure that users don’t miss the ball and always up date variety of newest releases as well as older titles.



Viewasian is a good choice for viewers who want content strictly limited to Asian region with wide range selection and rarest titles available for download through website without any registration process or user requirement.

Additionally, ViewAsian is not an ad based streaming service which means you won’t be distracted from your bingeing for least amount of time.



While Icdrama remains a beloved platform, there’s a world of alternatives out there to explore. Whether you’re a K-Drama aficionado, a C-Drama lover, or someone who appreciates Asian content in general, there’s likely a platform tailored for your needs. Happy viewing!


What Makes icdrama unique?

Icdrama stands out from the crowd with its user-friendly interface, easy access to Chinese content and support for both English and Chinese subtitles.

Is icdrama a Legit Streaming Site?

Icdrama has been around since 2013 and has built up a good reputation among users, making it one of the most trusted streaming sites out there.

Is icdrama subscription free?

Yes, viewing content on icdrama is completely free without any need for registration or subscription.

Is icdrama safe to use?

Icdrama is considered a secure streaming site since it does not itself host any content but builds links from third party sources . It also scans all downloads for viruses and other forms of malware.

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