How Internet helps in improving the profitability of your business

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How Internet helps in improving the profitability of your business

How Internet helps in improving the profitability of your business

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In addition to the typical resources listed above, a company can take advantage of the following internet facets:

  • Strategies online : seeks to attract customers, create contacts, generate interactions and sales.
  • Online Marketing : encompasses online resources, techniques and processes to achieve sales.
  • Web analytics : aimed at evaluating the results online, because we can not evaluate what we do not measure.
  • SEO and Web Positioning (Search Engine Optimization): allows you to improve the position of your website in search engine results.
  • Advertising SEM (Search Engine Marketing): refers to the promotion of a website through advertisements or search engine advertising.
  • Mobile development : from the optimization of websites for mobile devices to the development of custom mobile applications.
  • Advanced Internet projects : these are developments for companies, based on internet technologies, which can bring a great benefit. I will dedicate the rest of the article to them.


An intranet is a private network that offers information and services within the scope of a company or organization that is not accessible from outside and is based on the technologies commonly used on the internet . In its simplest form it could be described as a private website.

These are some of the usual uses that an intranet can offer:

  • Directory of people
  • Forms, templates and documentation
  • Company Information Searches
  • Collaboration tools for work teams
  • Knowledge databases
  • Personal and equipment agendas
  • Reservation management of spaces and resources
  • Secure management of confidential information
  • Two-way communication company-employees

These are some of the benefits that an intranet brings to a company:

  • It allows to unify the point of entry to the information and processes of the company. Questions such as “What is the company policy in …?” Or “How do I pass an expense sheet?” Do not delay because they have an immediate response.
  • Facilitates collaboration and communication between work teams.
  • Reduces paper usage.
  • It facilitates quick and efficient access to information, which in case of not using an intranet is usually physically distributed by the company or in different information servers, and this reduces productivity.
  • It allows to obtain usage statistics that help to evaluate the way in which the information and the work processes are used and therefore helps to improve them.
  • Traditionally a few employees have created information and others have consumed it. An intranet allows everyone to be producers and consumers of information.
  • Facilitates a valuable two-way company-employee information channel.


An extranet is a secure and private area of information and collaboration that allows an enterprise to operate with its external workers and work teams, suppliers, vendors, partners, clients and any other person who needs to interact with the company more efficient and close.

These are some of the usual uses that an extranet can offer:

  • Consultation of technical documentation by partners, distributors, customers, etc. It enables the elimination of paper, the agile and continuous updating of information and the consultation of knowledge databases.
  • Consultation of product catalogs and ordering and tracking.
  • Service to customers where they can consult their commercial conditions, sales history, order status, online support chats, etc.
  • Creation of an online training channel that retains loyalty and attracts customers.
  • In companies that carry out projects involving different working groups of different companies an extranet can facilitate the communication, collaborative and management tools for a correct and agile development of the projects.

These are some of the benefits that an extranet brings to a company:

  • More integration with the supply chain and sales through online orders and their follow up.
  • Reduction of the costs of manuals and documentation, besides offering a continuous and up-to-date update.
  • Improved collaboration and communication between partners, partners and customers. Service is offered through the extranet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is very important when working with people who live in time zones very different from the company. Add flexibility.
  • An extranet offers a single point of entry and therefore facilitates external relations with the company.
  • Improves communications security by being a controlled and secure space (unlike, for example, email).
  • You can analyze the users’ use of the extranet and identify how this should evolve to be even more useful and beneficial. This is much more difficult when manual processes are used instead of electronic ones or when processes are decentralized and based on hard-to-analyze media such as telephone calls or e-mails.
  • All of these benefits increase loyalty and strengthen the bonds between a company and its key partners to do business.

System integration

We have seen how an extranet can be very beneficial to improve the relationship between a company and the key people with whom it does business. There are situations in which the benefit of technology can be obtained in processes in which people stop communicating and communicate machines , and then we talk about systems integration.

  • The information circulates quickly, avoiding bottlenecks and reducing response times.
  • Human errors are eliminated.
  • Duplicate information is eliminated.
  • Cost reduction.
  • It makes it easier for other companies to do business with our company by obtaining all the above mentioned benefits.

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