Introduction To Mobile Betting – What Do You Need To Know?

by Sachin

Those of you who are interested in online bookmakers and casinos have definitely heard the term mobile betting. It is used to describe a situation where a person uses a smartphone or tablet to play casino games or punt on sports.

At first, using a device that has a smaller screen than your monitor at home doesn’t seem like a good idea because you won’t get the same experience. This is true up to a point, but in reality, betting on the go has a lot more benefits than you might think.

Despite the fact that there are millions of mobile bettors out there, many people haven’t begun their online betting adventure yet. Hence, we wanted to point out several important things related to mobile betting that will help them get started.

Depending on which operator you choose, you will have access to an app, a mobile site, or both

The first thing that we want to mention is that there are two ways in which you can bet on the go. The first one is by downloading an application, whereas the second one requires you to use a mobile browser.

Most gambling sites you will come across do not have a mobile application, which means that your only option is to use their mobile website version. However, if you choose one of the older and more respected brands, you may have access to a stand-alone app. For example, you can download the bet365 android app from betenemy, and you will have the chance to enjoy your hobby by using one of the most advanced apps in iGaming.

Usually, the apps and mobile websites offer the same things. However, there might be exceptions because some brands create special rewards and features for their app users.

Do not bet on the go unless you have a good internet connection

Whether you choose the app or the mobile website, make sure that your internet won’t cause any problems before you start betting. The fact that you want to bet on the go means that you will probably want to wager on live sports events or play casino games. In both cases, your internet needs to be stable and fast because otherwise, you may not be able to place your bet.

While we are on the topic of the internet, playing things like live casino games could use a lot of data. This means that you have to check your data plan’s limits before you start betting because you can easily use all of it.

In most cases, the bookie/casino will give you access to every desktop bonus

Nowadays, one of the ways to accumulate new clients is by offering them bonuses. That’s why almost every betting brand you will come across allows its customers to choose from at least several promotions. Unfortunately, most operators have not developed stand-alone mobile rewards yet, which means that you won’t find anything unique, regardless of whether you use the app or the mobile site.

Luckily, you should be able to avail yourself of the same offers that are available to those who use the company’s desktop site. So, once you decide which platform you want to use, look for the promo section, and check whether there are any special rewards.

You may not be able to use every betting feature

One of the things that make betting on sports attractive is the different features. Every online bookie has things like In-Play and Cash Out, but some operators create unique things that are not available elsewhere.

Some of these features are really complex, which means that you may not be able to access them if you decide to bet on the go. Fortunately, the most popular options have been around for many years, which means that operators have figured out a way to optimize them to work even on a smaller screen.


Before you decide you want to bet on the go, check whether the bookie/casino has an app and if it is available on Google Play. In some cases, even the most prominent brands do not have an app there, which means you need to download an apk file on your Android device.

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