15 Best Justwatch Alternatives for 2023 That Delivers New Entertainment Experiences

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features.

JustWatch is a top streaming aggregate platform. It searches subscription video-on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video etc., to give you the most accurate information related to tv shows and movies on those platforms. It ensures that users can access content from multiple sources at a much more reasonable price. The service also notifies users when there is something new they would like to watch as it keeps track of their favorite shows and movies and tells them if those programs become available on any streaming service.

Current Status of justwatch in 2023.

By 2023, JustWatch has become an indispensable part of movie watchers’ lives with its impressive library tracking feature set and multiple-platform search engine capabilities. The user base of JustWatch has grown exponentially over the years, and it is now one integral part of keeping movie & TV buffs up-to-date with their favorite genres, actors and directors.

Best Alternatives to Justwatch for 2023

Prime Video: Prime Video lets you access an extensive list of movies, documentaries, television series and much more at a reasonable price without switching between streaming services. Furthermore, subscribers can also rent or purchase movies and HBO shows in the Prime Video library.

Amazon Prime Video

Netflix: Netflix is a pioneer among streaming services and has provided an impressive content selection since its inception. With thousands of titles, including new releases, old favorites, Original series, documentaries and much more, users can find something to watch regardless of their selection criteria.


Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten Tomatoes offers users a wide range of movie information such as ratings, reviews and upcoming releases. The Rotten Tomatoes original movies & series are also available on their app, which allows users to watch the latest titles right after they hit theaters or streaming services.

Rotten Tomatoes

TV Guide: TV Guide provides detailed info on shows running across various networks with information like season number, episode name and more. It is an excellent tool for tracking your favorite programs across different platforms like Hulu, Netflix Prime Video etc.,

Sling TV

MX Player: MX player plays host to its library of programs and movies along with a collection of VOD titles from leading networks. The app also allows users to search for their favorites across various sources, share videos & watch them offline if they choose.


Reelgood: ReelGood enables users to compare multiple streaming services options in one platform, allowing them to track when something is available online or on a service like HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video etc.; help them select which plan best suits their interests and suggest movie recommendations which fit the style of shows they watch.


MyAnimeList: MyAnimeList provides users with a wide selection of anime titles from genres such as drama, action and comedy. The website supports streaming simulcast titles and third-party providers such as Netflix, offering on-demand services for those looking to enjoy their favorite animes.


Roku: Roku is perfect for anyone who wants to access multiple content sources in one place. Its simple installation makes it easy for users to set up, and their search tool helps them quickly find what they’re looking for.

The Roku Channel

G2stream: G2Stream is a popular streaming service with one of the largest selections of movies, tv-series, performers, music and documents from both studios. It gives an alternative way to watch hundreds of titles expected from none other than significant services like Netflix or Hulu.


Flickmetrix: Flickmetrix provides detailed info about movies worldwide – from Netflix to cinemas – giving viewers many options for finding something to watch. It also allows them to search their favorite titles by genre easily and stores their selection history, making returning easier.


Simkl: Simkl is a comprehensive streaming platform that keeps track of the shows its users have watched or are watching, not just limited to Netflix but all subscribed services so that users can resume from wherever they left off. Users can connect across different devices to watch shows simultaneously.


Fandor: Fandor is a database of classic, independent and international cinema – with access to mainstream titles and new & upcoming movies from around the world without dealing directly with Netflix or other streaming services.


Vudu: Vudu allows its users to rent or buy their favorite movies but also provides access to thousands of on-demand programs at no additional cost via their Watch Free service. Plus, subscribers can opt for the convenience of their Home Movie library service to store downloaded purchases forever.


Yidio: Yidi provides its users with an expansive selection of new releases and older titles – allowing them to curate personal streaming libraries and watch whichever program they choose across numerous services or networks in a single location.


Playpilot: PlayPilot is another excellent app that helps subscribers discover new shows via recommendations tailored to their interests. It keeps track of viewing progress and sends notifications when new episodes are available – syncing across multiple devices for convenience.



JustWatch is a great solution for movie -lovers in 2023 looking for a quick, easy and cost-effective way to access heaps of content from multiple streaming services. It provides accurate streamable information and an alternative where none exists with its selection of alternative platforms & apps. Nonetheless, users will have many excellent options, giving them versatile entertainment experiences with the 15 JustWatch Alternatives listed above this new year!

JustWatch FAQs

Q1: Does Justwatch have a mobile app?
A1:Yes, Justwatch is available on Android and iOS platforms, offering all their website features in an easy-to-use format.
Q2: How much does it cost to use Justwatch?
A2: It is a free service; sign up and start your search to discover which shows are available on what services, so you don’t have to make multiple subscriptions just for one title.
Q3: Is Justwatch safe?
A3: Yes! JustWatch protects the privacy of its users with various SSL encryption protocols and secure payment methods like Paypal and Mastercard etc.
Q4: How accurate is almost any streaming info I can get from Justwatch?
A4: JustWatcch is known for its accuracy and ensures that all the information provided to users by their search engine remains up-to-date and accurate.
Q5: Can I cancel a subscription anytime?
A5: Yes, You can cancel your subscriptions at any time – go to the ‘My Account’ page of the service provider you used while signing up to end your membership.
Q6: Is the Watch available outside the US?
A6: Yes, JustWatch is accessible worldwide, and the streaming services displayed may differ based on region.
Q7: What devices are compatible with Justwatch?
A7: Most devices used to stream content, like PC & Mac computers, Smartphones, tablets and even gaming consoles, can be used to access the service.

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