18 Lookmovie Alternatives for 2023- Get the Best Movie and TV Streaming Services

by Sachin

Introduction and Its Features.

LookMovie is a widely used movie streaming service today, boasting exciting features in its app, such as fast downloads, HD picture quality, and subtitles across various languages. Moreover, its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly navigation system made it popular among people of all ages, from children to adults.

Current Status of LookMovie

The streaming industry has enjoyed immense success throughout its journey. As a result, LookMovie became a household name for online movie streaming services. However, even though it is quite popular among users, there are other alternatives to LookMovie with different features that can enhance the overall user experience. Hence, if you want the best alternative to LookMovie, here’s a list of the top 18.

Best Alternatives to LookMovie


This independent movie streaming platform allows you to watch movies, television shows, and short films. It is well-structured across genres, with motion posters for easy navigation to filter particular genres or titles. With a good description of each category and its elements, this site stands out as it gives the user the best entertainment experience.



It is a streaming website from Walmart that offers movies and TV shows with ads integrated occasionally in between the movie playing and a slightly different look compared to LookMovie. Moreover, their payment option comprises renting and purchasing content online, which adds a prospective user base overall.



TubiTV promises ad-supported streaming where you can watch over 14000 titles across various categories under cartoon to horror genre films—providing major broadcast networks titles and other popular streams from studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and MGM. Loads of feature films here, but you can’t rate the content they provide, unlike LookMovie.


YouTube is popularly known as a streaming platform where every individual channel has its style of video or creative projects to display on this site. You can also stream movies and TV shows apart from a variety of content that YouTube already provides users over various channels, be it SonyLIV, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. 



Yidio provides a highly personalized experience when searching for a particular movie based on mood or availability from different platforms rather than having a list of all titles in one format to watch online. Furthermore, you can rent or purchase videos with ultra HD, such as 4K resolution in Yidio. The UI design couldn’t be better from this site, making it easier to use.


As the name implies, Disney+, a streaming app owned by Disney, is designed especially for every fan of watching full-length movies or TV show who come across its classic section, namely Aladdin, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and other Marvel movies like Avengers, etc. In addition, it has amazing interactive features. For example, suppose you pause any movie during playing, maybe in between dialogue. In that case, your phone will buzz right after someone else starts their playback from that same spot.


Amazon’s flagship streaming app provides viewers with high-DRAM and HDR viewing options. Home to popular movies like Lord of the Rings, Captain Marvel, etc., it has purchased subscription plans for users who want to avail themselves of more privileges, such as exclusive bundles. It also offers the best voice search technology when you search for a movie title on this platform, apart from LookMovie.



Netflix, being one of the major competitors in the streaming industry, holds a great collection of both blockbusters and underrated movies, including special series. Moreover, its huge library makes it more convenient to surf through any genre with various search filters available on its app, such as recently added titles, plot synopsis, etc.



Popcornflix has over 1500 movies, mostly Foreign productions. Still, if you watch wisely, this site has something interesting for each age group. In addition, it covers some brilliant independent movie that belongs to categories like kids, horror, or thriller, unlike LookMovie.



By having Samsung, Sony Pictures, and its radio channel as components, Crackle is an independent source to watch entertainment. It’s an advertisement dependant streaming service where you don’t need a paid subscription but still enjoy decent picture quality viewing with the best feature movies online, almost equivalent to LookMovie.



IMDb TV also stands out among other movie streaming services. You can take up long sessions for multiple shows as you progress on a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Moreover, users can find some interesting documentary-style movies with action and gritty content in its library.


Kanopy is an independent streaming service that offers many of the best profiles, shorts, and classical titles worldwide and TV series. However, that comes with an extra special back catalog of documentaries, videos, or children’s stories, making it unique again compared to what LookMovie offers this year.



Hoopla has a wide range of services that combine digital library and streaming system features. Other than this, users can borrow tags, e-books, and music albums at no additional cost, making a good deal for its subscribers, along with high-quality movies and TV show selections closer to LookMovie.



There’s no competition when it comes to Plex in terms of offering various options such as documentaries, podcasts, and so on. Furthermore, apart from existing licensed media, you can import your own downloaded collection to enhance the viewing experience with their interesting features like parental control controls, use of artwork, etc.



FilmRise is a website where movies come first. It is more user-friendly because most of its content is films with advertising support. In addition, its library has both new releases and classic titles. Still, the fact that this site demands no subscription or money makes it better when compared with LookMovie.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is known for how easy it is to change how music and science programs stream and how easy it is to get to genre-specific channels from one place. Moreover, its library has great variety as it has newly released movies and some exclusive cartoons, anime shows, and documentaries, making it better than LookMovie.


Xumo is one of the most popular sites for free videos on demand. The best voices in the animation industry from different countries guide you through the titles on the site. In addition, it has interesting features like refining search via specific genres. It allows users to browse through different channels on a single page, unlike LookMovie.

Peacock TV


One of the newest entrant Peacock tv apps brings full-length movies, previews, and shows with their various premium offerings, which makes it preferable among all other alternatives of LookMovie this year. Apart from a huge collection, it allegedly offers more than 20 000 hours of entertainment programs such as cartoons, sports, and classic titles that its subscribers can access.

LookMovie FAQs

What kind of content does LookMovie offer?

LookMovie offers various movies and TV shows in various languages and genres, online streaming options with Ultra HD quality, subtitles across different languages, motion posters, etc.

How can I watch LookMovie on my device?

You can watch LookMovie on any device with a stable internet connection.

Is user rating available in LookMovie?

Yes, user ratings are also available for stories and other creative projects.

Are there genre filters to browse movies or TV shows in LookMovie easily?

Users can choose from a wide range of categories, like romantic, horror, etc., according to their liking while browsing movies or TV shows on Lookmovie.

Do others need to pay to watch LookMovie?

Most of the free content can be watched by anyone subscribed to a plan. However, some premium subscription plans are also available where you must pay to view certain entertainment programs.


Overall, the 18 alternatives of LookMovie mentioned here cover everything you might want regarding streaming movies and TV shows online. So whether it’s Netflix, PrimeVideo, or TubiTV, you can enjoy all your favorite cinematic experiences on the paid plan or a free cost service in high picture quality within the comfort of your device.

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