Ways on How to Make Actionable Content for your Blog

by Sachin

The statistics released by Content Marketing Institute indicates that about seventy-seven percent (77{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa}) of B2C marketers and eighty-six percent (86{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa}) of B2B marketers prefer making use of Effective content for digital marketing. Actionable Content always plays an important role when it comes to fostering brand awareness, sales, and leads.

The effectiveness of content marketing depends on content marketing strategy adopted. If wrong strategies are applied, the intended ambitions may not be realized. Having a  documented marketing strategy increases the chances of being successful. Statistics indicate that most of the successful content marketers make use of documented strategies.

Most B2B companies depend on content marketing for demand generation and brand building. Good content is essential for any website because it increases traffic to a page, drives search engine results, and establishes a business as an industry leader. Effective content for digital marketing needs to be of the right quantity and quality.

Why content marketing is essential

Nowadays, most buyers prefer searching for services and products online before doing purchases. People study different cars, features, and prices before going to a dealership. Consumers like content that can help them make the most appropriate and up-to-date decisions before doing the purchases.

This shows that effective content for digital marketing is not only helpful to the business owners, but it is also helpful to the buyers or the consumers. Research has shown that buyers are less responsive to old-school tactics and traditional advertising methods. This is actually true for both B2B and B2C customers.

Statistics reveal that about 80 percent of the buyers prefer searching for information on items they intend to buy from articles. Indeed, effective content for digital marketing is important. A good content should be helpful to the audience. It should be able to meet the interests, the needs, desires, concerns, and questions of the prospects.

A good content marketer should be able to state: how the content fits into the lives of the target audience, how the service being offered is helpful to the audience, and what kind of content can entertain, engage, and inform them in the right manner. A good content should always be consistent, valuable, and relevant.

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7 Ways to Make Your Content More Actionable

There is no specific formula for coming up with high-quality content. However, most content marketers apply the tips outlined below when creating content of the right quantity and quality.

Create Actionable Content to Convert Your Ideal Customers

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1) Creating a Head-Turning Headline

A headline is an important part of any work. It determines whether the buyers or the audience will go through the particular work. A good headline should be able to stir an emotion, spark interest, and also make a learner develop some interest in a given topic. This is actually what differentiates effective content for digital marketing from the rest.

2) Creating a hook that grabs readers’ attention

Every reader will definitely want to read posts with an attractive and engaging content. Excellent marketers will do everything possible to ensure that the readers stay hooked for more than 3 seconds after reading the headline. Other than that, the first sentence is also an important part of any content. It determines whether the reader will read the rest of the content or not.

Top-notch content marketers try their level best to make their first sentence as interesting as possible. A well-written sentence will not only capture the attention of the readers, but it will also lead them to the first point of the content.

3) Doing extensive research

Creating a good content is not that easy. A top-notch content marketer will always do proper research before creating content. Researching extensively does not only help one understand a topic well, but it also helps him or her create an accurate and up-to-date content.

Work of high quality should have statistics, data, and metrics. They help in supporting the writers and also
establishing the writer’s claims.

4) Writing in a unique Voice

The content published acts as the voice of the company. It’s not wise to copy someone’s work. It is always important to come up with the content that is unique to the company’s personality. The tone will definitely define the personality of a given company.

The best content marketers will always ensure that the tone used is appropriate for the brand persona, target audience,and business goals.

5) Focusing on a single purpose

Good content marketers follow certain procedures when creating their content. They tend to divide the entire process into various stages in order to remain orderly. It also helps them to focus on a particular point. They usually commence by identifying one important message they would like to express before creating content.

They keep the message in mind when creating content. This prevents them from going away from the topic. It also helps them create something that is both attractive and appealing to the intended audience.

6) Optimizing digital content

Effective content for digital marketing is usually made of bullet lists, short paragraphs, and short sentences. Every businessman who intends to create content should always have this in mind when creating content; otherwise, he may not get into his dreams.

Digital content must be optimized with the help of the most recent SEO content strategies and SEO best practices. This is the only sure way to help one cope with the steep competition.

7) Editing work

Any person, regardless of his or her level of experience, can make mistakes when writing. This is the main reason why it is always important to read the content twice or more after creating the first draft. It helps you correct any careless mistake and also polish the rough edges of the writing. Writing is likely to improve if it goes through either two or more edit.


Effective content marketing strategy not only increase the sales of a business, but it also helps in improving its image. An actionable content establishes trust, aligns with ones marketing goals, provides value, targets a particular audience, and also addresses the needs of the audience.

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