Most Popular Features of Gem4me According to User Reviews

by Sachin

Gem4me, despite being considered a messenger, is far more than that – it is an ecosystem with several core sections: messages and voice calls, a blog platform and marketplaces.  New features are being added continuously, while it is frequent for user requests to be met by the introduction of innovative functions they need. Reviews often depict gratitude towards developers of the application for certain functionalities and ask for some new ones too. So, which features were most appreciated by users? Let’s evaluate this notion by the number of mentions in the reviews.  

Transcription of Voice Messages

The function may seem minor; however, it is most frequently mentioned. Voice messages are a true inconvenience to those who receive them. Some may have difficulties comprehending a message aurally, or the message can not be played without the use of headphones at all, for instance, at work or while commuting. Moreover, locating certain information from a voice message in chat history is practically impossible. Although, sending such messages is quite easy. No need to be concerned with spelling – simply record your message while on the go or multitasking. Generally speaking, voice messages are an ideal format of communication for the sender and are a continuous inconvenience for the receiving party. 

Transcription of voice messages (to text) is a great remedy for those receiving an audio message. Simply press one button – and all the contents of the message are right in front of your eyes. This option is not available in all messengers and is a paid-for feature in those where it is offered. Nonetheless, Gem4me offers this feature completely free of charge, which results in even more excited about it with users.

Convenient and Moderately Popular Blog Platform 

Nowadays, becoming a blogger is not difficult, the main question is – which platform to choose for hosting one’s content? There are numerous options available today, although each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, in case a platform is exceptionally popular with users, beginner bloggers will not be noticed as the “pie” has long been divided into pieces. Furthermore, it may sound funny, but even choosing an enticing and catchy nickname is not possible on platforms of such scale anymore – the best ones are all taken.  

Therefore, a large number of Gem4me reviews mention a platform for successful blogging. Competition is moderately low, for now, and bloggers can gain an audience rather promptly (a system of recommendations is available), any nickname can be chosen and the application offers convenient tools that bloggers need for content creation. Short messages to long reads, video content – from uploading completed videos to hosting live broadcasts – all within. Additionally, donations can also be received.

MarketSpace International Commercial Platform 

Own marketplace goes well in combination with the blog platform: have a business and host a blog about the business simultaneously within the boundaries of one platform – a rather convenient advantage for many. Although, MarketSpace does not accept funds in all countries just yet; nonetheless, sellers and buyers still find ways to process transactions with mutual benefit.  

Individual Stickers

Yet another hidden function that turned out to be quite in demand by users. Work colleagues most frequently create their own sticker packages, and while the creative value of such pictures is often low, the excitement of having them is endless. Reviews also tend to thank the developers for making all sticker packages in Gem4me free of charge and with no limits on their creation and sharing.

Video Conferences with No Limits 

There were fewer reviews discussing video conferences once the pandemic retreated, although they still emerge from time to time. Perhaps due to the fact that Gem4me is the only application in the world that currently offers the complete functionality of video conferences with no limits and free of charge. You will not be interrupted after 40 minutes and will not be charged for having more than 100 people in a conference at once, all while offering the tools for hosting a well-organized meeting even for a very large audience (host functionality is built-in).

Moreover, reviews of Gem4me also praise the application’s humbleness – it works well even with a bad internet connection and has low battery consumption. Currently, the ability to listen to voice messages at faster speeds is being asked for the most. Perhaps, we will see this feature introduced in the near future as well. 

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