[SOLVED] Netflix Not Working on TV but Works on Phone – Discover The Best Remedies to Troubleshoot This Issue in 2023 

by Sachin

Key Insights

  • Understanding the root cause of the problem is key to resolving it.
  • There are multiple strategies to address this issue, ranging from basic troubleshooting to more technical solutions.
  • The application of these strategies will get your Netflix working on your TV again.
  • To prevent future occurrences, some preventive measures will be highlighted.
  • The significance of troubleshooting this problem lies in ensuring you enjoy your Netflix streaming experience unhindered.


What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the Netflix Not Working on TV but Works on Phone Issue?

In a perfect scenario, you should be able to enjoy Netflix on all your devices, including your TV, without experiencing any hiccups. After all, it’s about relaxing, catching up on your favorite shows, and unwinding with a movie marathon.

Case Study: When Does the Netflix Not Working on TV but Works on Phone Error Happen?

Let’s take the case of John, a regular Netflix user. He’s had a long day and wants to unwind by watching ‘The Witcher’ on his smart TV. He opens the Netflix app on his TV, but instead of being greeted by Geralt of Rivia, he’s met with an error message.

In contrast, his Netflix app works perfectly fine on his phone. After trying multiple times, the issue persists. John is stuck and can’t figure out what’s causing the problem.

Netflix app by Offdesignarea

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

Before diving into more complex solutions, make sure you’ve tried the basics. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Restart your TV. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective.
  • Check your internet connection. Make sure your TV is connected to the internet and the connection is stable.
  • Ensure you’ve entered the correct Netflix login credentials.

The Significance of Rectifying Netflix Not Working on TV but Works on Phone

Addressing this issue is crucial to enjoy the immersive experience of watching shows or movies on a bigger screen. The problem could also point to underlying issues with your TV’s software or internet connection, which, if left unchecked, might cause more serious problems in the future.

Interactive Guide: 7 Functional Strategies to Address Netflix Not Working on TV but Works on Phone

Let’s take a closer look at the different strategies you can use to solve this problem.

Solution 1: Restart Your TV and Internet Router

Reset Your Router

If Netflix is not working on your TV but works on your phone, it may be due to a temporary glitch with your TV or internet connection. Here are the steps to restart your devices:

  • Turn off your TV and unplug it from the power source.
  • Do the same with your internet router.
  • Wait for a minute or two.
  • Plug in and turn on your TV and internet router.
  • Open Netflix and see if the problem persists.

Solution 2: Update Your TV’s Software and Netflix App

How to Update Netflix on a Samsung Smart TV

Outdated TV software or Netflix app can cause compatibility issues leading to Netflix not functioning on your TV. Check for updates and install them if available:

  • Navigate to your TV’s settings menu.
  • Find the ‘Update Software’ or similar option.
  • If an update is available, install it.

Solution 3: Check Netflix Server Status

Is Netflix Down Or Is It Just Me - Check Netflix Server Status

Sometimes, the problem is not on your end but with Netflix’s servers. Visit Netflix’s official website or Twitter handle to check if their servers are down.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Netflix App on Your TV

How To Install Netflix On Samsung Smart TV

If none of the above solutions work, try reinstalling the Netflix app on your TV:

  • Navigate to your TV’s app settings.
  • Find Netflix and uninstall it.
  • Once done, reinstall Netflix from your TV’s app store.

Solution 5: Update your TV’s Software

Keeping your TV’s software up to date is essential for its optimal performance. If your TV’s software is outdated, it could be causing compatibility issues with Netflix. Check for software updates in your TV’s settings.


Solution 6: Clear Netflix App Cache

If your Netflix app has been running for a while without being restarted, it might have accumulated a cache that could cause problems. Here’s how to clear the Netflix app cache:

  • On your TV’s home screen, locate the Netflix app.
  • Using your TV’s remote, click on the options button (this might be represented by three dots, a gear, or lines).
  • In the menu that appears, select ‘App Info’ or ‘Manage App’.
  • Click on ‘Clear Cache’ and confirm your action.

5 Ways to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV

Solution 7: Contact Netflix Support

If all else fails, it’s best to reach out to Netflix’s customer support. They can guide you through advanced troubleshooting methods or report your issue to their technical team.

Netflix Ends Customer Support on Twitter

How to Prevent Netflix Not Working on TV but Works on Phone Errors in the Future

Ensuring your TV’s software and the Netflix app are regularly updated can prevent this issue from recurring. It’s also important to maintain a stable internet connection and regularly restart your devices to clear any temporary glitches.

Final Thoughts

Although encountering the ‘Netflix not working on TV but works on the phone’ issue can be frustrating, the strategies provided in this article should help you resolve it. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact Netflix’s customer support


Can I use a Netflix mobile subscription to watch content on a TV?

No, a Netflix mobile subscription allows you to watch Netflix on a mobile or tablet. To watch Netflix on your TV, you will need a standard or premium Netflix subscription.

Can I cast Netflix from my phone to my TV?

Yes, you can cast Netflix from your phone to your TV if your TV supports casting (for example, if it is a Chromecast-enabled TV) or if you have a streaming device that supports casting (like a Chromecast dongle or a Roku device). You’ll need to have the Netflix app installed on both your phone and your TV or streaming device.

What does the Netflix error code UI-800-3 mean?

Netflix error code UI-800-3 usually indicates that there is a problem with the Netflix data stored on your device. This error can often be resolved by refreshing the data through a sign-out, restart, or clearing of the Netflix app cache, as described in the solutions above.

Why does Netflix keep buffering on my TV?

Netflix can buffer on your TV due to a slow or unstable internet connection. You can try resetting your router, moving closer to your router, or switching from a wireless connection to a wired one to improve your internet speed. If none of these steps helps, you might need to contact your internet service provider.

Why am I not getting sound on Netflix?

No sound on Netflix can be due to several reasons including an issue with the content you’re watching, a problem with your audio settings on your device, or a problem with your speakers or headphones. Ensure that the audio settings on your device are set correctly and that your speakers or headphones are properly connected and functioning well.

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