No More iTunes, Transfer All Or Selected iPhone Files To Hard Drive With DearMob iPhone Manager

by Sachin

There are a number of reasons why you may want to purchase an iPhone right now. It offers one of the best set of services from Apple, has a sleek design and is a symbol of class. Nevertheless, for years, Apple has not been addressing one of the major complaints — iTunes. Anyone who uses an iPhone would understand the difficulty of transferring files using iTunes.

Using iTunes can be a tiresome process, you know. First of all, you will come across a number of errors during usage. In addition to this, it is clear that iTunes takes up a lot of space from the computer and the iPhone alike. And, even with all these, iTunes does not offer you the right features to customize the experience. For instance, you cannot transfer DRM-protected files.

And, this is some of the many reasons why you need an iTunes alternative like DearMob iPhone Manager.

What Is DearMob iPhone Manager?

what Daermob file manager

If you need a single-line answer, DearMob iPhone Manager is an iTunes alternative. However, as we go deep into this software, it’s an awesome way to manage your iPhone device while retaining complete control over how it works. There are a number of features that you would love in DearMob iPhone Manager. You might want to keep an eye on them for a better experience. Some of these cool features are:

  • With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can manage and backup data from iPhone devices. You needn’t install iTunes for this purpose anymore.
  • DearMob iPhone Manager also comes with an intuitive Backup System. You will be able to back up a wide variety of your iPhone data in a single click. This process, too, offers the best level of control as compared to what iTunes has been doing.
  • Most importantly, this tool does not have the restrictions we see in iTunes. For instance, you can use DearMob iPhone Manager to remove DRM of content you purchased from iTunes. This means you’ll be able to transfer the content seamlessly between other devices.

In other words, DearMob iPhone Manager is the savior for everyone who has been suffering due to iTunes.

Additional Features in DearMob iPhone Manager

additional features of daerMob

Of course, an easy UI and simple backup plans are great. However, there are a few additional features that we loved in DearMob iPhone Manager.

  1. Selective Backup is a cool feature in DearMob iPhone Manager. It means you don’t have to back up your entire smartphone. Instead, there is an option to select the specific content you want to back up and leave the rest. This is something you cannot do in iTunes.
  2. DearMob iPhone Manager also offers a number of additional features like Password Protection. It is making use of AES-256 bit encryption tech to make sure that the photos/content you transferred in from the iPhone is safe.
  3. Last but not least, DearMob iPhone Manager comes with a miscellaneous set of tools. These can come in handy at many times.

How to Use DearMob iPhone Manager?

Wondering how you can get the best out of DearMob iPhone Manager? The steps are super-easy.

Step #1

You have to connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac using a USB Cable.

connect your phone with computer

Now, open DearMob iPhone Manager and wait until the program identifies your device.

Step #2

Now, you can click on the Backup button that you can see on the screen.

click on backup button

You will see the new window now.

Step #3

In this window, you can actually select what you want to back up and proceed.

Now, that’s how you back up iPhone without iTunes.

As you can see, the features are top-notch, but the usability is of more importance. You will be able to get the iPhone backup experience using DearMob iPhone Manager even if you are completely new into it — and that’s great.

backup with itunes

How to Get DearMob iPhone Manager for Free?

Well, it might sound spammy but there is an option to get DearMob iPhone Manager without paying much.

You are in the right time because DearMob iPhone Manager is running a superb giveaway. You can enter it to make sure that you get the free license code of DearMob. As we said earlier, the tool is priceless and can be quite helpful if you like the unusable iTunes.

So, what are you waiting for?

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