18 Pokemon Showdown Alternatives for 2023: Unique Experience For Each Platform!

by Sachin

With Pokemon Showdown becoming increasingly popular over the years, it’s easy to assume that there will be few alternatives as good or better than the original. However, we’ll prove you wrong in this article by introducing 18 alternatives to Pokemon Showdown, which you will enjoy!

Introduction & Features of Pokemon Showdown Alternatives

Pokemon Showdown is one of the most popular turn-based strategy games. Players can make teams out of different Pokemon and change how they look. Players can fight each other online or offline, and as they get better at the game, they can develop strategies for their fights. The alternatives we will discuss today are all inspired by the original and bring something new for fans of classic Pokemon fun!

Current Status Of Pokemon Showdown

2023 marks a decade since the launch of Pokemon Showdown and its ensuing popularity in both competitive play and casual gaming circles. Over the years, it’s become an indispensable part of the gaming landscape for anyone wanting to experience classic pokemon nostalgia or have a good time battling with friends. It has even created professional competitions such as The Battle Tower, where players can compete against each other by playing their favorite Pokemon!

Best 18 Alternatives to Pokemon Showdown


One of the most popular alternatives, Tuxemon offers a flavourful take on classic battling games with its free-for-all playstyle and various customizations. Players start by choosing between two sides – Human or Monster – before entering battle with up to four other players! With a vivid art style and expansive customization options, this game has plenty for everyone.

Pokémon Online:

For anyone looking for an even more accessible way to experience Pokemon battles, Pokémon Online is the perfect option. This free-to-play game offers randomized matchups and can be played on a laptop and mobile. With its intuitive user interface and competitive ladder system that rewards excellent players, it’s no wonder Pokémon Online has become so popular over the years!


Poké MMO is where players can pick up a controller and dive into the world of Pokemon in real-time. With its multi-player environment, you can join up with friends or fight against strangers as your favorite characters! And suppose you’re more interested in a single-player experience. In that case, PokéMMO also offers an expansive story mode filled with puzzles and challenges.

PRO (Pokémon Revolution Online):

Whether playing it solo or co-op, PRO (Pokemon Revolution Online) allows players to battle and explore the world of Pokemon. With its detailed 3D maps, stunning graphics, and a range of characters to choose from – classic and new – this game provides an immersive experience unlike any other!


If you’re looking for something close to the original Pokemon games before turning-based strategies come into play, Pokeone is your place. This browser-based MM ORPG will have you capturing Pokemon, exploring a world filled with creatures, and completing missions to advance your character.


Pokebattler offers an alternative take on the classic Pokémon turn-based battle system. Users can choose a chrome extension or just a website to compete against each other while collecting trading cards and building teams of their favorites!


Another popular browser-based MMORPG left over from the nineties, PokeMMOn takes players back in time with its nostalgia-inducing 8-bit graphics style. With a range of characters to choose from and an engaging combat system that rewards deep strategy – this title never fails to deliver an exciting battle every time!

Pokemon Planet:

Pokemon Planet is another browser-based game that allows fans to fight against gym leaders or even each other online. Set in an expansive world filled with creatures waiting for you to catch them – this game will keep you coming back for more!

Pokémon World Online:

With its immersive and endearing environment, Pokémon World Online is an MMORPG that allows players to explore a vibrant world filled with classic Pokemon. This 2D platformer looks and feels like something out of the 90s cartoons but with all modern touchscreen controls at your disposal.


DelugeRPG offers a twist on the traditional turn-based battling system by delivering more than conventional Pokemon matches. Alongside fighting your favorite creatures, you can play minigames, get rewards for completing missions and enjoy an immersive RPG storyline!

Pokémon Eclipse:

If strategy exceeds brawn in your book of moves, Pokémon Eclipse is your kind of game. This title returns classic Pokemon fun with its turn-base battle system and strategic cards. In the simulated environment of Pokemon Universe, it’s your job to build a team and fight against powerful online foes to become the master!


NeoPets was one of the earliest virtual pet games, allowing players to choose from various creatures, compete in matches, or participate in different minigames. With detailed graphics, this title will satisfy even those who prefer traditional Pokemon battling fun over tactical strategy.


Temtem brings its own RPG elements to the world of Pokemon, allowing players to compete against NPCs or their friends in battles and complete different mini-tasks. With vibrant colors, immersive soundtracks, and plenty of customization options for both characters and creatures – this title is sure not to disappoint!

Pokémon Uranium:

Uranium offers an exciting turn-based combat system that rewards tactical skills over brute force. This game will surely put your battle-planning brains in motion with its unique elements like special moves and combo attacks!

Pokémon Reborn:

 By blending traditional turn-based combat with strategic RPG elements – Pokémon Reborn offers fans a unique chance to experience classic Pokemon battling fun. Set in an expansive open world of mystery and adventure, players can quest for rewards or challenge one another on the battlefield.

Pokémon Insurgence:

Pokémon Insurgence is a fan-made Pokemon game that focuses on exploring its world by allowing players to explore dungeons and other areas with their teams. With exciting customizations for characters and single creatures – this title offers an immersive experience like no other!

Pokémon Vortex:

If you’re looking for fast-paced action, Pokémon Vortex will surely satisfy your cravings. This game is based on a browser-based RPG structure and offers players a chance to challenge gym leaders and capture various creatures as they level up their teams!

Pokémon Mystery Universe:

The last game on our list of alternatives is Pokémon Mystery Universe, an MMORPG with a big world full of different environments and many quests. With the bonus of real-time player interaction, this title pushes virtual Pokemon worlds into new and exciting territories.

Pokemon Showdown FAQs

Is Pokemon Showdown available for mobile phones?

A: Yes, you can find a version of the game on both iOS and Android devices!

How long has Pokemon Showdown been around?

Since its launch in 2013, Pokemon showdown has become popular for gamers looking for classic Pokemon turn-based battling fun online.

What type of tournaments can be played on Pokemon Showdown?

Players can join or set up their tournaments via the Battle Tower. Various rules determine the pacing and win conditions.

Is there a tutorial available in Pokemon Showdown? 

Yes, a tutorial is available on the game’s main menu. This introductory guide teaches you more about participating in battles and building teams!

Does Pokemon Showdown allow for customization?

Absolutely! With a range of options, including nicknames, custom avatar image uploads, and team colors – gamers have plenty to experiment with when it comes down to personalizing their experience.


Pokemon Showdown has been around for a few years, and its popularity continues to grow as it remains one of the best turn-based combat games out there. However, if you’re looking for alternatives, this list has your back! Be sure to check each of these titles out and find what you like best – classic pokemon gameplay or something more modern.

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