Producing Stellar Content: How To Check For Plagiarism

by Sachin

There are immediate wins for placing original content, which is “hot from the oven” at the center of your content strategy. Brands that walk the talk earn customer respect. 61% of consumers are more likely to buy products and services from brands that produce unique content. Using an original, high-quality copy on a corporate website or blog, increases brand authenticity. At the same time, producing authentic and stellar content can be painstaking work. 

Even the slightest accusation of plagiarism can negate all your efforts and ruin your brand’s reputation. It is crucial to avoid the various types of plagiarism, by making an online plagiarism checker part of your daily workflow.

What Is Plagiarism? 

To plagiarize means to represent another person’s work as your own. Plagiarism can be unintentional or intentional. Unintentional duplication occurs when replicating someone’s ideas and phrases without proper citation. It can also happen when a writer’s style has been significantly influenced by an author whose writing approach they greatly admire. Using a similar style or formatting of content can even be seen as accidental plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered intentional when writers carelessly copy someone else’s work, be it a sentence, a phrase or an entire paragraph, copied word for word or with minimal changes.

Why Content Originality Is Important

It’s quite straightforward. Search engines bring 93% of all traffic, with 75% of individuals never scrolling past the first page of results. Google is constantly improving its algorithm, up to 500-600 times per year. It strives to include only high-quality and original content in its top ten search results. If your content is plagiarized, it severely affects your SERP ranking. 

The other way round – the more original and relevant your content is, the greater presence you will have in search results. The more presence you have in search results, the better you will build a strong brand reputation, bringing awareness, social media traction, lead generation and conversions. 

To guard against plagiarism and be fully confident your content is unique, it is best to enhance your writing skills by using professional services.

How To Check For Plagiarism: Unicheck

Plagiarism detection tools fall into two groups: free and paid checkers. The first category caters mostly to individual users and usually offers limited functionality. Free checkers are quite simple and easy to use. All you do is visit a website, paste your content into the search box (or upload a file), and click ‘Check’. After checking the text, the program will show which pieces of your content are unique and which are duplicated.

There’s a catch, though. Simple detection tools usually identify exact matches only. Even more, they aren’t 100% accurate. Therefore, the percentage of unique content may vary depending on the platform you choose. Unfortunately, security breaches are also common with free tools. 

If you feel that the free option doesn’t meet your requirements fully, your best choice is to try advanced software from the second category of tools that are even trusted by academic institutions. For instance, Unicheck is a cloud-based plagiarism checker tool that guides you through a quick and easy registration process. Once set up, you only need to upload your text, click on the ‘Check file’ button, and voila. Within a minutes, you will receive a similarity percentage along with a detailed report. 

You can consider the following advanced features of the Unicheck platform: 

. Profound Check Report

The report is clickable. All identified text matches are highlighted. The links to the original sources are gathered in one place. Accordingly, it is easy to trace matches back to the sources. What’s more, you can download the report in PDF format and process it offline.

. Copy And Paste With the Same Formatting

When working with simple tools, there is a risk that a lot of formatting might be lost or messed up. This plagiarism checker is on guard to follow your formatting instructions. And it is an amazing timesaving hack in tight deadlines.

. Process Documents Directly From Google Drive

You can check your copy for plagiarism directly in your writing environment, even without leaving Google Docs.

. Real-Time Search

The program ensures scanning for duplication against real-time web index. This way, you receive only the most relevant results based on the actual web databases. 

. Serve Numerous Documents Synchronously

The plagiarism checker performs a quick and thorough detection search and analysis no matter how many files were uploaded and regardless of their length.

. Avoid Self-Plagiarism

The system allows checking files against each other within your account’s internal library.

. Automatic Detection Of Citations/References

The plagiarism detection engine will automatically identify MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard and Turabian citation styles. So, you can exclude them from search results and get a more accurate percentage of matching text.

. Content Security

Unicheck contains SSL encryptions. It means that the system maintains a high-security level and does not copy or save files uploaded and checked.

Avoid Plagiarism At All Costs

As you can see, content creation is a complicated process. To do things right, you should turn your copy into a well-performing idea. Sophisticated anti-plagiarism tools, like Unicheck, have arrived on the scene to help you ensure every piece of your text is juicy, relevant and authentic.

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