Putlocker: 25 Best Alternatives in 2023 For Free Online Movies

by Sachin

Putlocker is one of the most popular streaming platforms, with over 100 million visits each month. It allows users to stream movies, TV shows, anime series and live sports without paying a dime. Despite being incredibly convenient for movie lovers, Putlocker has had its fair share of controversy in recent years, prompting many users to look for alternatives. In this article, we will discuss 25 of the best Putlocker alternatives to stream movies and shows in 2021.

Current State Of PUTLOCKER In 2021

Due to legal reasons and pressure from content vendors such as HBO Max, Hulu and Netflix, Putlocker has been forced out of business in some countries like Spain, Italy and Germany. But visitors are still able to access Putlocker for streaming in 2021. In most places, Putlocker is leading a precarious existence as the legality of its operations is dependent on countries’ law and online enforcement policies; this makes it very difficult to access movie content from some parts of Europe and Asia Pacific region.

Best PUTLOCKER Alternatives



VIPBox is an ad-supported site that offers free live streaming of movies and other content. It has a wide selection of films, TV shows and live sports in various languages like English, Spanish, Korean and French. Compared to Putlocker’s sophisticated interface with its own search engine, VIPbox’s is much simpler and easier to use while being loaded with the same or even more content than what one can find on Putlocker. The greatest benefit of using this site is that it does not require any registration or payment for users to access the content.



Another popular streaming site, STREAM2WATCH, offers plenty of movies and TV shows for free without any registration requirement or fees like Putlocker does. It also has a wide selection of live sports, music concerts, and other international events streamed in a high-resolution quality video format with minimal buffering time as well as substreams during peak hours. One can easily find different streams on this site depending on their interests.



YOURspors.stream is an alternative to Putlocker for sports lovers, with a wide selection of live and on-demand international sporting events arranged in various categories such as football, baseball, hockey and rugby, among others streams from the most popular leagues, including the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga. It also offers its own community chats where users can interact before or after watching games, making it a great choice for those looking to socialize while watching games.



STOPstream is another free streaming website offering high-quality links to various streams on the internet. It has both live and archived sports, including NFL, NBA Pro Basketball, and European football leagues, among other international events. Moreover, it provides up-to-date information and stats related to ongoing matches in addition to regular updates regarding new releases of movies or series.



It’s a website dedicated to sports fanatics, offering live and on-demand streaming of all major leagues in the US as well as sports happening around the world. It provides an absolutely free stream of content with no registration required or any fees due to its use. Additionally, it has sections such as News & Blogs and TV Guide that allow users to keep up-to-date regarding their favorite team’s performance, live scores or upcoming matches.



If you’re looking for the perfect Putlocker alternative to watch your favorite basketball games, then NBASTreams is what you need; this site streams NBA along with other Asian and International leagues as well. It offers a wide selection of sporting events, such as college tournaments and the ABA League among others. Moreover, it provides users with high-definition quality players, detailed teams roster and archived games too.



Redstream is a streaming service providing live audio-video feeds of international sports events as well as hosts replays for football, soccer and basketball, among other games. It also has an extensive library featuring videos from national channels like NBC Sports Network and Fox Sports Go that allows users to find the best player performance highlights or watch full matches online without interruptions.



BuffStreams is a streaming website that focuses on providing live sports events and highlights in high-quality video formats. It covers leagues like Liga MX, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and National Soccer League (NSL) among many others. Furthermore, Buffstreams also offers an integrated chatroom where users can discuss the games they are watching while following the action with no buffering time.



Sportrar is a streaming service focusing on sports fans, giving them access to live streams of all popular leagues as well as international events within a few clicks. It offers both paid subscriptions and free plans; however, the free version holds most of the content available with live match updates, including team rosters and highlights. Furthermore, Sportrar also has its own forum where users can discuss their favorite teams’ performances.



MLB66 is a streaming website dedicated to baseball fans, offering unlimited access to Major League Baseball (MLB) games and other competitions. It hosts streams from the most popular sports networks, including ESPN+, along with full game replays and highlights in HD format. Moreover, MLB66 also provides live updates on fixtures, season standings and team rosters for those who don’t have enough time to watch each match in its entirety.



Sportsurge is a sports streaming website with up-to-date information regarding all ongoing sporting events. It offers free access to both live and archived games from different leagues around the world, including NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB, among others. Moreover, it has a modern interface making navigation easier for users who can also access scoreboards, standings and detailed schedules of their favorite teams in just a few clicks.



Sport365Live is a streaming website offering HD-quality video streams from all major international sports events, such as F1, NBA, MLS and NFL, among others. It doesn’t require any registration or payment for access to its content; also, one can find archived games with detailed information about ongoing tournaments like knockout stages in UEFA Champions League.



720PStream is another Putlocker alternative specifically designed for sports fans that want to watch live audio and video content with no buffering times.

It’s a streaming service offering up-to-date information on fixtures, current standings and team rosters while allowing users to access match replays within a few clicks.

Moreover, 720PStream also features global news as well as its own forum where visitors can have discussions regarding their favorite teams.

Sites Like 720PStream



Sports Bay is one of the best options for streaming sports in HD format with the least possible buffering time. It offers both live and on-demand streams from all major leagues around the world, including NBA, NFL, MLB and Premier League, among others. Additionally, it provides detailed information such as player profiles, match stats and video highlights, to name a few making sure users have access to their favorite teams’ latest news while watching games.



SoccerStreams is a free service for football fans, offering live streaming of major leagues such as the English Premier League and Serie A, among others. The site also has replay streams of archived games available at all times, along with author commentaries and HD-quality videos. Moreover, it ensures minimal buffering time even during peak hours, making sure users have the best experience while following their favorite sports online.



StreamEast is an alternative to Putlocker for those looking for high-quality streams. It mostly focuses on soccer and boxing events but also features other major competitions such as NHL, UFC fights, or Premier League matches, among others, in HD resolution. Moreover, it has an integrated chatroom along with guest posts giving users the option to discuss topics related to sports while following live action from different leagues around the world.



FirstRowSports is a full-featured streaming platform that offers more than what Putlocker does; it contains a wide variety of live audio and video content from all major sports leagues as well as on-demand replays for archived games. Its users can also find detailed information about upcoming matches such as fixtures, teams’ rosters or match highlights, in addition to real-time scores.



CrackStreams is an up-to-date streaming website offering a wide range of international sports events, such as NFL, NBA, MLB and soccer leagues, among others. It ensures minimal buffering time while providing high-quality video feeds available in multiple languages, including English, German and Spanish giving users a chance to follow their favorite teams or tune-up with news in their native language.



LiveTV.sx is an online streaming site focusing on broadcasting live sports in high-definition format with full synchronization of audio and video. It offers matches from all popular leagues around the world in addition to other events from channels like ESPN+ or NBC Sports. Moreover, LiveTV.sx contains an extensive database that allows users to navigate between different features, such as scoreboards, standings and scheduled fixtures before or after watching games.



CricFree is a streaming service offering more than what Putlocker has to offer; it hosts live streams of cricket matches, both national and international competitions, listed in one place. It also includes a modern chatroom allowing visitors to discuss their favorite teams’ performances in real-time. Moreover, CricFree offers much more than just cricket games which makes it ideal for movie lovers as well, with its extensive library featuring the latest titles from major studios.


Q1: Is PutLocker free?
A1: Yes, PutLocker is completely free to use.

Q2: Is it safe to watch movies on PutLocker?
A2: While the site does not host any content itself, there may be some malicious ads or links in the streams you access from other websites. It’s best to take precautions when accessing third-party sites like this.

Q3: Which countries have banned PutLocker?
A3: PutLocker has been banned in multiple European countries, including Italy and Spain. It is still accessible in other parts of the world though its legality varies from country to country.

Q4: Is it legal to watch movies on Putlocker?
A4: While streaming content from services such as PutLocker may not be legalized everywhere, some users are able to access it as long as they use an appropriate VPN service that caters to their local laws.

Q5: Can I download movies from PutLocker?
A5: No, streaming websites such as PutLocker are not permitted to host any copyrighted material. You can only access the content by streaming it online in a web browser or app.

Q6: Is there an application for Putlocker?
A6: Yes, you can find dedicated applications for both Android and iOS devices that provide easy access to content hosted on the original website.

Q7: Does PutLocker have a VOD service?
A7: Yes, PutLocker offers a premium Video On Demand (VOD) package that provides unlimited ad-free streaming of movies and TV shows.


Putlocker has had its fair share of trouble in recent years, but there are several alternatives available for fans of free streaming services. This article discussed 25 different Putlocker alternatives from around the world; each one offering different content, features and resolutions. Whether you’re looking for live sports or movie titles from major studios, there should be something for everyone here. Be sure to take appropriate precautions when accessing Putlocker alternatives, as its legality varies depending on the country.

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