Reasons Why You Should Choose the Right Christmas Photocard

by Sachin

The onset of the holiday season presents a valuable opportunity to make merry with your family and friends. Think about it. How amazing would it be to create a family photo card with your loved ones? Mixbook Christmas photocard allows you to create unique and beautiful Christmas photo cards to send to your family. Here are the reasons why you will love Mixbook. 

The Ease of Use

Nothing beats the ability to use an editor seamlessly without too much hassle. You can easily navigate the site to find the photo card that suits you best. Additionally, the search bar further simplifies finding your preferred holiday photo card quickly. The cards have a further subdivision into respective categories such as Christmas cards, holiday photo cards, and other occasions. What does this mean for you? You can find your preferred holiday photo card faster.

Several Holiday Photo Cards Design Ideas to Choose

You have hundreds of photo card design ideas to choose from in the editor. How cool is that? Additionally, you have different options to choose from the number of photos, the format you prefer, and even foil options in your photo card layout.

Not to forget, you also have trim options ranging from the square to the vintage crest, and even round variety for your holiday photo card. Whichever size you prefer, you can get it on the editor.

Freedom to Customize Your Holiday Photo Card

Customizing your Christmas photo card is easy with the editor. You can choose to work on the pre-existing designs and tweak them to suit your preference. Alternatively, you can also come up with your holiday card design from scratch, filtering the options you want. For instance, you can have the color you prefer, ranging from white, red, brown, and even black. The outcome is up to you.

Additionally, you can choose the type of orientation you prefer for your holiday photo card. These include landscape, portrait, and even the square orientation.

As if that’s not enough, you can tailor your holiday card to the ultimate design you want for your family photo card. Whether a full photo, modern, or even vintage style, it is up to you. The classic and vintage style is also an option if it tickles your fancy. 

Plenty of Promotional Offers and Discounts

What’s not to love about a photo book editor that gives you attractive discounts on purchases you make when offers last? For instance, you can enjoy a 50% discount on metal prints with 8×10 dimensions, premium cards, and even canvas prints. How cool is that? 

It doesn’t end there. You can also get a 50% discount off on 12×12″ photo books. The offers will help you save money while still receiving high-quality photo books. Nevertheless, you can receive a custom quote for you on the holiday photo books you want. You can be sure for every ten or more orders you make, and you get a discount.

Share in the Christmas spirit with your family by sending unique and beautiful Christmas photo cards.

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