How to Remove Kissanime Pop-up: Easy Removal Steps

by Sachin

The appearance of KissAnime pop-up on the PC screen is a clear symptom that the PC is infected with an adware infection. When it is installed on the PC, it silently runs various malicious activities in the background and displays unwanted advertisements on the PC.

The only reason for this dangerous virus is to promote several sponsored products, services and websites and make online income for the creators. Initially, it replaces your default search engine and homepage with a dangerous domain and finally takes complete control of the entire PC.

What are the harmful properties of this Adware

It will display an endless KissAnime pop-up on your computer screen. They are linked to different types of domains and take you to several commercial web pages where many sponsored things are promoted.

However, it is not necessary that all these sites are harmless and safe to visit. This dangerous virus also takes you to dangerous web portals that are full of malicious content. By visiting the risk sites, you can end up with more malware threats on the computer as well. These pop-ups show various offers and discounts and try to win your attention.

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However, you need to stay away from them no matter how much attractive they are They suggest you buy and install fake software promoting it as a useful tool. This adware occupies a huge memory space and increases CPU usage resulting in poor system performance.

KissAnime popup shows fake update notifications and suggests updating your Adobe Flash Player. However, this is just a scam to make you cheat in downloading malware infections so that hackers could take control of the PC.

How does Kissanime adware enter the computer?

There are many ways through which this nasty infection enters the system. Some of them are the following:

  • Freeware and shareware downloads
  • Visiting malicious websites
  • Use of torrent files or pirated software

How to remove KissAnime pop-up from PC

While this unpleasant adware stays in, it keeps ruining the computer on a constant basis. It has the ability to disable existing security programs and bring more malware threats into the computer. It can easily carry other online infections such as Trojans, rootkits and even deadly rescue in the PC. So, do not waste your time and delete KissAnime pop-up adware instantly with the help of the removal guide given here.

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Manual tips to remove KissAnime pop-up from the PC

The existence of KissAnime pop-up on your computer is very annoying. Therefore, it is very essential to pay attention and take mandatory measures to get rid of this threat. For the removal of this malware, manual process requires a high level of technical knowledge due to its complex procedure. Therefore, if you have excellent knowledge of the configuration of the registry and file system then follow below-given guide to delete KissAnime pop-up completely:

Step 1: Know how to remove KissAnime pop-up from Control Panel

Start the menu and then the Control Panel option. Open add or remove program

removing kissanime through control panel

Search for infected items and permanently uninstall it

remove kissanime in control panel

Step 2: Remove KissAnime pop-up related plugins and extension from browsers

Remove KissAnime pop-up from Internet Explorer

First click on the tools option to open the menu and select Manage add-ons

Internet-Explorer kiss anime removal

Then select KissAnime pop-up and others related to the infected files and click on the Disable button

kiss anime removal guide internet explorer

In the next step go to the Internet option and click on tools

kiss anime removal

Finally, move on to the advanced option and click on the reset button. Will open new windows were needed to mark delete personal configuration and then click on the reset button

kiss anime Internet-Explorer-4

How to remove KissAnime pop-up from Mozilla Firefox

First, open Firefox and press the CTRL + SHIFT + A keys to open the Extension Panel

kiss anime Firefox-1

Next Select all infected and unwanted files and add-ons and click on the remove button to delete it


Again, click on Firefox and go to help and then open the troubleshooting information

kissanime Firefox-3

Finally, click on the button to restart Firefox to finish the process

How to uninstall KissAnime pop-up From Google Chrome

First, open Google Chrome and click symbol on the bar of a key in the upper right corner. Then click on the option plus tools and click on extensions

kissanime Chrome

Find Malicious attachments and click on the garbage icon option to remove it completely

kissanime Chrome-2

Again go to the menu option and click on settings as shown in the image view

Now click on the Advanced Settings option

kissanime Chrome-3

Next click on Reset button settings scrolling down the current page

kissanime Chrome-4

Finally, click on the Reset button when warning pop-ups to show it screen

kiss anime Chrome-5

How to remove KissAnime pop-up from Windows computer

All you need to do is click on Windows + R key to open the start command

Next, type “regedit” in the box and click OK to open the Windows registry editor


Now look for the files associated with KissAnime pop-up and remove it


Important note: All these steps require a high level of concentration and good technical knowledge. A small change in the registry or configuration can damage the operating system or arise several annoying problems. Therefore, if you do not have technical knowledge then it is advised to avoid the use of process manual.

Automatic removal tool to uninstall KissAnime:

SpyHunter is a powerful extraction tool that is built with advanced technique and so many extraordinary features that makes tasks all simple and effective. It has the ability to remove all types of malware such as Trojans, worms, rootkits, backdoor, and others.

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This software is designed in a correct way that helps both professional and technical users to run it without problems. Simply follow the instructions while running the application on your computer. It has the ability to scan advance mechanism which helps to detect and get rid of all the unpleasant files from the PC.

After the completion of the scanning process, it will give you a KissAnime pop-up detection report and other infectious threats on your PC. Using the application, You can get complete information about the adware infection on your PC.



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