SASS Gives Management Teams the Big Picture

by Sachin

Empowering your management team so they can best utilize talent is a challenging and rewarding task. One very large obstacle, especially in an expanding enterprise, is ensuring your company has a strong team to keep its many moving parts moving. This is where staffing agency scheduling software (SASS) can help.

SASS is especially adept at pulling in the specific venerations of your workers and weaving them into the big picture. That way, your workflow is not only organized but is also detailed. The best staffing agency scheduling software is also easy for all employees to navigate.

With this in mind, here are some specific features that you can expect to help you create and maintain a robust management team:

Setting Capacity Parameters

The effective utilization of the workforce begins with a management team’s understanding of individual hours and responsibilities.

An effective software will allow managers to create individual worker profiles that include the title and contracted hours. Team members can then easily access this information from one centralized database.

What’s more, most staffing agency scheduling software allows managers to use a schedule template to account for projected demands, time constraints, and any employees with upcoming time off. This makes it easier for teams to set goals and establish realistic deadlines.

Scheduling Resources

Setting employee capacities instantly creates a searchable database for scheduling and allows you the option to plan projects based on employee availability. For example, if you are creating the schedule for next week and see that Employee 1 will have limited availability but Employee 2 is looking to pick up some extra shifts, you can ensure that you schedule Employee 2 for shifts that Employee 1 would not be able to take. Staffing Agency Scheduling Software makes this simple by allowing you to autofill or drag and drop employees into the schedule template.

Additional time commitments or considerations, such as partner meetings in other offices or vacations, can be added to avoid confusion. Discrepancies between demand and available workforce will also illustrate the need for hiring temporary or full-time help.

Other options offered by some SASS include split-task features where associates share responsibility within the same time frame. This option also allows for individual responsibilities to be defined or, in some cases, micro-workflows that can be tracked.

Time and Reporting

Staffing agency scheduling software makes it easy for employees to clock in no matter where they may be working. For example, in-house employees can log in with a standing time clock or commuter sign-in feature. For remote workers, the best software offers a GPS feature that can confirm where an employee is located.

Of course, sometimes, inconsistencies are inevitable. Fortunately, the software can store records and make note of any unusual changes in your workforce so as not to invalidate or skew data. Management can also add clarifying commentary to make the analysis more complete.

Bottom Line: Staffing Agency Scheduling Software Simplifies Managing a Team

Simply put, a staffing agency scheduling software system is a flexible organizing tool that helps management teams see both individual workers and the workforce as a whole. Managing will always be about the big picture, and staffing agency scheduling software helps make that picture a whole lot clearer. Reach out for more information today!

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