20 Sling TV Alternatives for 2023: Unlock Options Galore and Exciting Features

by Sachin

Gone are the days when cable was the only option for watching TV. Instead, streaming services have become more popular because they offer a wide range of content at a price that most people can afford. Sling TV is one of these services that has changed how traditional broadcasting works by letting users make their TV packages from different types of programming based on their budget and tastes. Therefore, it has made waves among its loyal fans, as they get both breadth and depth in one offering, tailoring their preferences from various TV channels.

Introduction and Its Features

Sling TV was the first live-streaming service to hit the market in 2015 when live streaming became quite popular. At an affordable price, it provided its users with access to some of the most acclaimed networks, such as ABC, ESPN, AMC, and more. This platform also included cloudTV technology, enabling viewers to watch content on any device, including a TV, smartphone, tablet, and more. The app also allowed for easy navigation between various channels and even paused live gaming if needed, thereby offering great convenience to its viewers in addition to the wide channel lineup provided

Current Status of Sling TV in 2023

In 8 years since 2015, several new entrants have made their foray into the digital streaming space, leading to increased competition amongst different platforms that offer similar features such as cloudTV technology, free device access, etc. But despite this, Sling TV is still the best place to get live-streaming content, and the number of viewers keeps increasing yearly. Moreover, as many new technologies have been added to the existing ones, its current status as one of the most preferred streaming platforms has given it an edge over other such services.

Best 20 Alternatives for Sling TV

1. YouTube TV

YouTubeTV stands out prominently among all sorts of alternatives due to powerful features such as a huge library of content, personalization options, unlimited DVR storage, and more.

2. Hulu With Live TV

Hulu, with its Live streaming feature, provides access to subscribers to watch live events easily at any location or device.

3. FuboTV

This service allows users to view sports channels, including NFL Network and other entertainment ones, thus giving them a great service to catch some live sports games.

4. DirecTV Stream

Owned by AT&T, it offers viewers access to movies, local stations as well as sporting events at an affordable price with no subscription charges whatsoever and a selection of over 120 channels of content spread across different genres, such as Greek, Asian, and Middle Eastern offerings too.

5. Philo

Among its biggest features, Philo allows subscribers to stream content on up to 3 devices at any given time, with over 60 TV channels and 10,000 movies and serials.

6. Vidgo

Another popular alternative to Sling TV includes around 80 channels within its plans which provide access to live events and regional sports networks as well as a la carte offerings for customization according to viewers ’ individual needs and preferences.

7. Pluto TV

This platform has been around since its inception in 2014, providing users with a great range of content from over 100 channels ranging from news to sports which makes it a great alternative for Sling TV viewers as well

8. Apple TV

Apple TV provides its subscribers access to an array of shows and movies along with free streaming of its iCloud library, making it a great choice for those who already use Apple products.

9. Netflix

This is one platform that needs no introduction as with consistent updates and variety in content, it has managed to remain the top gun among all kinds of streaming services present today, making it an obvious popular alternative to Sling TV viewers

10. Mobdro

The most advantageous feature this app offered was that users could access thousands of channels and movies without any subscription fee. Sadly. the site was recently shut down but its android applications are available.

11. Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video platform provides an unending selection of content along with the option of creating add-on packs to enjoy a personalized viewing experience according to their tastes

12. Playary

It has gained considerable popularity based on its feature of live-streaming pay-per-view events and access to over 40,000 movies which is why it has become a great contender for Sling TV in recent times

13. Xumo

With hundreds of channels from different stations, this app allows users to watch content both on its platform as well as on other devices, including Amazon FireStick, etc

14. Peacock

This platform gives equal access to Sling TV viewers with a huge array of libraries, such as NBC. ABC, CBS among other live shows and movies

15. Crackle

While it offers limited content selection, the fact that this entire service is free makes it a great alternative for those on a budget who are looking for some basic streaming options

16. IMDb TV

Owned by Amazon, this platform has a great selection of movies, and award shows available free to view on its website

17. Kanopy

This is a great alternative for those wanting access to scintillating film content from independent authors, as it provides quality films that are currently not offered by other streaming sites

18. Hoopla

If your preference lies in Movies and TV series or maybe even podcasts, then Hoopla is the place to be as it offers an extensive library for all kinds of genres

19. Plex

Known for its DVR capability, this streaming service allows users to easily store and access their recordings from any device with great ease

20. Tubi


This app stands out based on its larger library, which includes indie-focused content along with access to network programs and movies at no extra cost making it a great alternative for Sling TV viewers

Sling TV FAQs:

What is the pricing policy of Sling TV?

Various packages are available on sling tv, with different types of service plans that start from $30 per month depending upon the user’s needs. However, they have added new features such as add-on packs which now get charged bimonthly instead of monthly, thereby reducing your subscription fees overall.

Is Sling TV available outside the US?

Currently, sling tv is only available for people residing in the United States of America and its territories, including Puerto Rico, etc.

Can users access multiple devices with a single Sling TV account?

Yes, Users can stream up to 3 different channels from the same account simultaneously on various device platforms such as smartphones, Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, and more.

How available is customer service on Sling TV?

Yes, they provide 24/7 customer services to its users and potential customers, including various options such as chat, email, or call that you can use at your convenience for any help regarding the app or content.

Does Sling TV offer DVR facilities in all its packages?

SlingTV does not have a unified DVR feature, but some packages contain a feature as an additional add-on.

Does Sling TV offer commercial skipping facilities?

Yes, users can even skip Commercials with certain content within the app depending upon corresponding terms of use.

Are there any free trials available on Sling TV?

Yes, Sling TV offers its viewers seven days of free access to its services. However, you may have to enter your payment details to complete the registration process.


With the growing demand for streaming services in this digital age, Sling TV has become a frontrunner among many other providers due to its extensive list of options and features geared towards providing comfort and convenience to its viewers, enabling them to cater to their preferences accordingly. Furthermore, enlisting great alternatives such as YouTubeTV, Hulu with Live TV, FuboTV, etc., provides users access to more variety at much more affordable prices along with features like personalized content based on interests and tastes, free access, etc.

Whether Sling TV will continue to be chief among these many competitors or another provider will take its place remains to be seen. Still, the streaming world has potential, especially when all these services provide great features at low prices, giving viewers more options than ever.


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