Snovio Email Tracker — An Easy-to-Use, Fully-Functional and Free Email Tracker For Everyone

by Sachin

If you are into business communication, you know how important email tracking is. Understanding whether the recipient has opened your email is quite useful when it comes to lead generation and management. That having said, not many popular webmail services offer such a feature. For instance, Gmail does not have this yet. It’s exactly why you have to use a third-party email tracker for advanced productivity.

There is no scarcity for email trackers when it comes to Gmail and Chrome. Nevertheless, we needed a tool that is simple, easily integrated and secure. That was when we came across Snovio Email Tracker, which has the best features for everyone. In this article, we will have a brief review of Snovio Email Tracker to see how it performs in real-life email management. Shall we begin?

What Is Snovio Email Tracker?

Snovio Email Tracker is a free, secure and easy-to-use email tracker for Gmail users. You should be using the Google Chrome browser to make use of this Gmail add-on, though. Compared to other services for the same purpose, Snovio Email Tracker offers a number of perks. We’d like to repeat that Snovio Email Tracker is fully free to use. It won’t ask you for money after tracking a particular number of email threads.

That’s all the basics you should know about Snovio Email Tracker. We shall now check out how to get started with the service.

Setting Up and Getting Started

As we said, it’s really easy to set up and get started with Snovio Email Tracker. As we said, it works through a Chrome add-on.

You can install the Snovio Email Tracker Chrome add-on from the official website of Snovio. This process will take less than a minute. Once you are done with that, you have to reload the Gmail interface and you’d see a pop-up like the one shown in the image below. You can hit the Activate button and Gmail would reload for another time.

Now onwards, you will be able to see Not-tracked or Tracked labels with every email thread you have. Unlike other email tracking services, the display is quite intuitive and non-intrusive. Everything is displayed in a way that you can have a quick look and understand things. As you can see, the tracking information appears next to the email labels you have put. This is quite convenient and good for eyes.

In short, you would be amazed how quick this process is.

Sending and Tracking Emails

Now, you want to send a new email and track it, right? Well, that’s easy.

When you open the Compose interface after installing Snovio Email Tracker, you can see an extra section at the bottom. You will see options to track, to be reminded about and schedule the email that you are sending. Depending on your needs, you can click on the buttons and toggle them.

Now, if you want to schedule the message, you can click on the button and select the desired time. Snovio Email Tracker will make sure that the email reaches the right person. On the other hand, if you want to set up reminder, you can set them up based on triggers.

For instance, you will be reminded if the recipient has not opened the email for two days. This is an awesome feature if you want to follow up on certain business messages. If you send too many emails a day, this feature would help you keep track of following-up process.

Cut the story short, it’s clear that the extra features in Snovio Email Tracker will surely be helpful.

Easy Customization

Customizability is also a strong point of Snovio Email Tracker if you ask us. First of all, you can decide where you want to use the tracker and where not. You also have control over how the email tracking icons look on screen.

In addition to all these, Snovio Email Tracker also brings notification customizability. That is, you can decide if you want to notified when the email is opened or when someone has clicked a link on the email. This level of control is something really awesome.

The Final Verdict

It’s pretty amazing that we are getting so many awesome features at completely no cost. Although we have used similar tools in the past, nothing was as good as the Snovio Email Tracker. So, from now onwards, it will be our recommendation for whoever looking for an email tracker.

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