Proven Strategies to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2020

by Sachin

No matter where your business stands right now, to increase profit, you need to increase your website traffic. A website is the backbone of a business. And to improve your online business, your strategies should be effective and trendy enough to match the market scenario of 2020.

Now, most of you think that SEO is enough to pull up your traffic – it is not. Although, never underestimate the power of SEO. Of course, it is important but to be stand out in the crowd, extra efforts are required.

So, here are some proven strategies that can increase your traffic in 2020.

Let’s start!

Strategy 1 – Improve your Content to Attract more Traffic 

As you know, content is the king. Whatever method you use, keep content marketing as your priority. Adding quality content as a part of SEO, PPC and social media engagement is crucial.

However, an important point to note is that even if we post lots of content, why doesn’t that work? This is because you need intent content.

  • What is Intent Content?

It means writing with a purpose. Instead of simply promoting your products and services, write with the purpose to solve your user’s problems. Identify user’s common issues and try solving that.

Once you target the right audience with the right content, increasing your sales won’t be a big deal.

Strategy 2 – Use Paid Advertisements

Yes, I agree, it requires budget but it is worth the expense. Have you ever thought why they are important? Well, using paid ads on social media platform, Google Ads and Bing Ads work great. They offer you a front seat by providing thousands of clicks and visitors on your website.

These ads target the right customer at the right time. Along with this, it also has the power to influence visitors in the right demographic region. For instance, in Google Ads, you can specifically target the customers where they are located. And, you can schedule it according to your need. Isn’t it an amazing tactic?

Strategy 3 – Guest Blogging

Indubitably, doing web design in the right manner, using social media marketing, and off page and on page SEO is important. But you simply cannot ignore the importance of guest blogging.

Do it both ways – write guest blogs and allow guest blogging on your website.

Why is it Important?

Guest blogging has several benefits and some of these include:

After knowing several benefits of guest blogging now is the time to know the best way to do it.

Find Authoritative Guest Bloggers according to your Niche

Contact guest bloggers through email or use a social media platform. Then, send them a message saying that you want to help increase their traffic by sending some high-quality content. Don’t worry about finding guest post website as they are colossal in number.

Similarly, allow bloggers to provide high-quality content.


Most businesses focus on free small business management software, free ads, mainstream SEO techniques, etc. to increase their overall profit. However, it is high time to rise above the ordinary ways to increase the website traffic and use some unique strategies.

“Combine hard work and smart work to improve sales in 2020”

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