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There are terms in Digital Marketing that we need to understand and get to know. If you still do not know what the Lead Nurturing or the operation of a Landing Page is, this is your post. Many times in Content Marketing we do not know for sure which of our strategies may be appropriate.

terms in digital marketing



Many times in Content Marketing we do not know for sure which of our strategies may be appropriate.

So we use the A / B test to launch two different versions of the same element and check which one works best. This improves our strategy and we can decide the practices that benefit us most.

We can test the words we use, their size, headlines, the length or quantity of text of our post


It is one of the most used practices in Content Marketing and especially in Inbound Marketing.

With its use, we generate content linked to a  particular brand with which we connect with the consumer. This strategy seeks to understand the needs of our users and give them what they need most in order to fall in love with our product.


If we decide in our Content Marketing strategy to use Email Marketing campaigns, this term will be one of our main indicators.

It helps us know the number of emails that could not be sent to your recipient. This metric is divided between Hard and Soft depending on the rebound rate of emails.


Buyer’s journey is divided into three phrases

Discovery: where our potential consumer seeks or is interested in.

Consideration: knows the product, the alternatives or solutions. It is the Perfect moment to send the information of interest.

Decision: finally at the time of closure we have to offer the exact solution to what you are looking for and that ends in a process of purchase of one of our products.


These constructions (based on behaviors, demographic information, trends …) help us to define our target audience, understand it and respond to their needs. This process plays a vital role in improving content marketing strategy.


CTA is placed as a call button on our site to attract potential customers either with a form or through a landing page.

It serves as a bridge between our content and a landing page that offers a proposal of greater interest to the prospective customer.For this, you should be able to know where to include CTA in order to get high conversions.


Curing content, is the way to filter, group and select information from different sources to use in our Content Marketing strategy.


Do you know how well the users are engaging with your blog, product or brand?

The way to strengthen and create a good, solid and stable relationship with our users is achieved by knowing the best tactics to strengthen the alliance and, of course, the knowledge of our customers.

It is important to know that this engagement can be measured in various ways with the use of web analytics.


Also called a conversion funnel, it is the way to define the different points to be followed by a user to fulfill a specific goal within the site (purchases, leads, records …).

With this, we measure the percentage of losses of users in each one of the phases until completing the final objective. This will help us optimize the route to convert a greater number of users.


In Content Marketing this dynamic practice is one of the most important within social networks.

Implementing the game helps us motivate participation and create an environment of trust among our users. They are rewarded for performing certain tasks (with medals, achievements, rankings or points) with which we get greater engagement and involvement of customers.

With a good implementation of gamification, we can create a participatory and dynamic community.


It is the practice that many bloggers use and participate as guests in some other blogs that are related to their niche.

This exercise helps to spread information of interest to our users as well as to attract potential. It is one of the most widespread ways to enrich content strategies and practices of a blog.


This page is designed to turn visitors into leads.

Offering elements that attract the user (such as a greater amount of content of interest or exclusive character …) this will in return grant us information through our form. With this the possibility of converting our users into customers increases.


The users who show interest in the specific content of our website or blog and have downloaded it by giving us their contact information.

After that, they are considered as potential customers and are the individuals whom we have to focus to capture their attention and turn them into future customers.


It is a strategy that the companies establish with their users which help them to draw attention. In this relationship, the trust is exchanged between the companies and their potential customers and you should end up purchasing our services or products.


This practice helps measure the degree of interest that exists in our previous Lead Nurturing process. This can be divided between hot leads or cold leads depending on the user’s interest in our content offering.

Therefore, we can not have a same Content Marketing strategy for all leads since they do not have the same level of.


It is important to know if users are responding well to our content tactics. To find out these data we have the Conversion Ratio as that metric that tells us the percentage of our users who are doing some specific action on our blog.

Knowing this data, we will be able to determine if our content is converting or not.For more information about Conversion rate optimization Read WHAT IS THE CRO AND WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR BRAND


Not all of our content should be written or created in the same way as not all connect equally with our target.

That is why it is fundamental to know the practice of Storytelling as that technique is used to connect with users through a story with character and plot through which the client engages in an emotional way.

The key is to know more each day our user and uses a speech that generates a relationship of fidelity and trust.



It is a page where we thank the user for using our services and reading our content.

In turn, it becomes the perfect place to offer more content related to the theme you demand. In a good Content Marketing strategy, a good Thank you page is thus the ideal starting point for a new lead.


Sometimes we can feel that our content is having a success that does not translate into real conversion or real growth.

This is because we are not using the appropriate metrics to measure our purpose. Those are called Vanity Metrics or easy-to-measure metrics that can give a false impression of growth.

Therefore we must be careful with this type of information because it can make us lose our perspective in the strategy.


It is a piece of content that is executed in a conference, a course, or a workshop that has been given on the internet … which differs from the more classic content. What is the great contribution of this format?

There is a real interaction between the lecturer and the users. The great success of this type of content lies in the treatment and the proximity that they show towards the user.


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