The Best Fruit-Inspired Fashion Trends of 2021 

by Sachin

During summer, fresh fruit and vegetables are available in abundance but have you ever thought about incorporating them into your own wardrobe? With the rise of “cottagecore” – a whimsical new trend based on cottage and countryside inspired fashion – we’ve also seen the rise of incorporating fun fruit and vegetable prints into fashion. From lemon earrings to the famous “strawberry dress” we’ve come up with some great tips to help you make your own wardrobe a bit more fruitful! 

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The Best Fruity Fashion Trends of 2021

Here are our top 5 picks for the best fruity fashion trends of 2021! Choose one or grab them all, either way you’re sure to make a statement in these fun, fruit-inspired picks: 

  • The Famous “Strawberry Dress” 

The Strawberry Dress designed by Lirika Matoshi quickly became a viral sensation. The dress became popular in 2020 after model Tess Holliday wore a modified version to the Grammys and it still shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. What people loved about this dress was it’s Disney-princess silhouette combined with it’s whimsical strawberry print. Another reason for this dress’s breakout success is its inclusivity – available in up to size 18, women of all body shapes and sizes can enjoy this lovely cottagecore dress. 

  • Lemon-Inspired Evening Wear 

Lemons probably aren’t your first choice when you think of evening wear, but prints featuring lemons have exploded unpopularity this year. When Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, announced the arrival of her second child, people were cheering her baby announcement as much as they were her lemon-print, sleeveless dress from Oscar de la Renta. You won’t have to go into debt to copy Meghan’s style – designers at all price points are getting in on the trend and offering beautiful evening wear with fruit inspired prints! 

  • Citrus Fruit Drop Earrings 

An easy way to incorporate fruit into your wardrobe is to choose a pair of fruit drop earrings. Brands like ASOS, Mango and Sandra Alexandra are offering budget-friendly versions featuring grapes, citrus fruit and even Italian-inspired pepperoncini. But don’t feel limited to just earrings! You can enjoy fruit jewelry in a number of cool trends including bangle bracelet, enamel pins, beaded necklaces and beyond. 

  • Fruit-printed Bathing suits 

Another easy take on the fruit-in-fashion trend is fruit-inspired bathing suits. The beach is one place where it’s easy to pull off a number of fruity outfits! One piece bathing suits offer the best opportunity to show off a fun, fruity print while a beach cover up is another low-key way to add some fruit into your wardrobe. Fruit is to summer what florals are to spring so make sure you incorporate some fruity prints into your beach days this summer! 

  • Fruit-hued Bag

Add a bit of charm to your next outfit with a fruit-colored bag. With celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga getting in on this trend, you’ll be ready to make your own statement with a citrus yellow or strawberry red bag! 

Feeling extra bold? Try a purse in the actual shape of a piece of fruit. Yes, fruit purses are a thing and they come in a variety of fun styles. From pineapples and strawberries to completely out-there banana and watermelon shaped bags, if you’re feeling bold grab one of these fruit-shaped bags to add some zest to your wardrobe! 

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