Top 10 Most Effective Advertising Ideas For Small Business That Will Cost You A Penny

by Sachin

Small businesses are often worried that $20- 30 is not enough for advertising and prefer do nothing at all. However, it is absolutely wrong as some tricks are absolutely cheap, but the effect is significant.

Adsmediabrokers have prepared a list of 10 the most rewarding methods you can apply at any moment without too much preparation.

  1. Perfect content. It would be not very wise to be a Cap, but there is nothing working better than cool content. The point is that you can create by yourself at the weekends or on Wednesday morning, or while sitting in the train to your parents’ house. The most winning topics are top lists of doing something, best practices from field experts and so on.
  2. Create educational videos. It may seem to complicated task if you have nothing but your iPhone camera. However, there are always some hints how to make them look professional. As a variant, you can make photo slides and explain them.
  3. Create useful infographic. People love them as they can get a lot of information just by a short look. Official information, jokes related to your area and all that stuff. Hiring high-class designer may cost you a fortune if you don’t have a good command of Photoshop, however, you may find a lot of samples to make the process easier and quicker.
  4. Launch a referral campaign. Offer your clients a month of trial service or some of your products for free when they invite their friends and colleagues. Advocator App from is a powerful tool and those, who are like an advertising company, help you to share your name or products deserve being highly estimated.
  5. Launch the quizzes. People will be happy to obtain a tour on Hawaii, but a t-shirt, a flash card or something with your branding will be quite good for simple activities like subscription and reposting of a particular article from your website.
  6. Participate in the competitions and quizzes yourself. Ad serving platforms as Facebook, Amazon or simply big companies from retailing or any other field who often launch something between the brands. After participating you may get something like a badge that you definitely should publish on your website. It will add some value and respect to your company.
  7. Launch a workshop or a class. If you feel that your budgets are too limited, you can run it in your office or manufacturing place to save money on renting. People feel more close to your brand and more open to it. Don’t forget to ask your audience how they felt it all, probably, you can try to make a workshop of next stage or repeat the first one better.
  8. Launch an excursion to your manufacturing place. Videos how hand cream or toothpaste are made are interesting, but people are more impressed when they can see their own eyes how ordinary things are created.*You will definitely announce the events in 7 and 8 on your website, but leaflets at some vents will intensify the effect. As a variant, you can offer free attendance of your workshop as a prize in the quiz.
  9. Collect your clients business cards. Ask your guests to leave their business cards (even a paper with name and email will suit) in a special box, may be a fishball, at the entrance. At the end of your excursion or a workshop you can play a lottery with a prize of your products samples or something like that. Those, who remained, can be contacted later. They also should know that the company has mentioned them and will inform about next games or any other interesting events.
  10. Email marketing. First of all, collect as many emails on your website as you can. Be ready that people are not happy to share their contact data as everybody is tired of the sea of letters from different companies. Offer something useful in exchange: a guide, a little book from the field, collection of quick recipes etc. Think about emails you already have and segmentate them into groups according to their purchases and send letters with the information that will be most relevant for each particular group.

Guys, and what are your secrets of low cost advertising for your business, which ad network solutions do you use?

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