Top Benefits Of Using PowerPoint Plugin

by Sachin

PowerPoint is undoubtedly one of the most widely-used presentation tools today. BBC Radio even reported that there are about 30 million PowerPoint presentations created every day. While this tool is most popular in the corporate setting, one study revealed that 86% of researchers use PowerPoint when they discuss their research findings.

Presenters rely on PowerPoint to make their demonstrations more engaging and impactful as the software allows the use of texts, graphics, audio, and video that capture the attention of the audience. Despite its functionality and features, the tool can be improved. Fortunately, users can install a powerpoint plugin to boost performance.

What is PowerPoint Plugin?

If you are one of the millions of users of PowerPoint, you would know that creating a visually stunning presentation is challenging, especially if you lack the skills and time. Even a simple output, composed of bullets, graphics, and animations, requires effort and patience to create. 

If you ever wished that there is a way to make things easier, a PowerPoint plugin is a solution. Essentially, this tool allows you to upgrade your PowerPoint-creating-skills to the next level with ease. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using PowerPoint Plugins?

Installing PowerPoint plugins offers the following benefits:

Helps You Create Presentations Faster

Have you experienced getting frustrated when the objects in your slide keep moving when they should be in place? If your answer is yes, you are not alone – practically all the users of PowerPoint encounter such alignment and positioning issues. 

This problem makes creating presentations time-consuming since you need to continually check the position of the object, memorize the coordinates so you can manually place them, or constantly adjust and readjust the positions of the images. 

When you install a PowerPoint plugin, you get things done much faster as this tool has features that allow you to align and position objects in the slide quickly. You can swap shape positions with a click of the mouse and distribute the shapes in a grid instantly, among others. 

Enables You to Create More Stunning Presentations

Images are more impactful than words as described by the phenomenon known as ‘Picture Superiority Effect.’ Using pictures, graphs, and charts will not only help in capturing the attention of your audience but also ensure that your audience remembers and understands the point you are making. 

Using clip arts or images on Google may draw the attention of your audience, but probably not in the right way. If you use the pictures provided by PowerPoint alone, you will not only have minimal options, but they also might look unprofessional. 

With a PowerPoint plugin, you would have all the features necessary to create an enticing and memorable presentation. You can access millions of uncopyrighted high-resolution images and create and update Gantt charts with one click. You can even insert YouTube videos on your slides instantly.   

Facilitates Easier Collaboration 

Using a PowerPoint plugin can also help you when you are working with a team as it allows you to create a system that makes the presentation available to everyone in one place. You no longer have to email slides or keep updating everyone on the progress of the presentation. 

Given the advantages mentioned above, it is clear that installing supporting tools like PowerPoint plugins can make creating presentations a lot easier and enjoyable while significantly improving results. Install a PowerPoint add-in now and experience the difference that it makes in your presentations. 

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