Top Factors To Consider When Purchasing Cell Phones In Bulk

by Sachin

The cell phone business is currently booming globally, thanks to the ever-rising demand for these devices that have become a central part of the modern person’s lifestyle. As a cell phone dealer, there is the vital necessity of ensuring that this business venture becomes as lucrative as it should be, given the favorable market conditions. However, for this to be possible, it is vital to take charge of all operational processes, mainly how you source your inventory. This is primarily because the supply chain system one relies on in this industry directly dictates how competitive a business will be through its pricing. At a time when the average shopper is never out of options, the price factor can make all the difference between achieving higher sales and trying to sustain a struggling business.

It takes no rocket science to know that as a retailer, the best way to source for inventory is to take advantage of the economies of scale by purchasing cell phones in wholesale. While this might look like a pretty straightforward process, failure to take to account certain factors will make this all-important activity futile. There is, therefore, the need for a value-driven purchasing strategy that will make it easier to order and receive bulk cell phones without breaking a sweat. The following factors are to guide you when looking to make wholesale purchases;

1. The range of inventory availed by the supplier

When looking to buy bulk cell phones, the most practical strategy for minimizing your costs is to settle on a single supplier for your order. Since the cell phone industry has become super-competitive over the years with different clients having varied preferences, a competitive wholesaler must avail to you the most diverse inventory. This will save you from the worries of having to work with different suppliers, which often leads to unnecessary complications. Right from the numerous Android phone models in the market to the iOS Apple models, a supplier should give you a one-stop platform for all your needs.

2. The condition of the cell phones

Regardless of whether you specialize in selling new or used cell phones, all clients who get to your store will want the best deal for their money. You cannot afford to ignore the cosmetic grade and functionality of all cell phones availed to you as they determine the market reception. Leading suppliers have invested in a grading system that is precisely defined and will deliver consistent results for the satisfaction of their clients. Before you get to click on that order button, it is essential to go through the grading system and understand it for ease in selecting the right stock depending on your target market. You must also have in mind that the grading influences the market value of the units and has to be tailored to your business objectives.

3. The turnaround time

It is not enough to have a supplier that offers cell phones in bulk, but there must be the assurance of fast turnaround. Timely re-stocking of your business is important, and the last thing you need is a supplier who does not take to account the time factor. A rule of thumb is to go for a supplier with a reliable logistics system that will ensure all orders are processed and shipped out in the shortest time possible. Prior consultations on the expected delivery dates, once an order is made based on the distance will be great if you are a first-time customer who wants to gauge the supplier’s competence.

4. The ease in making returns for sub-standard cell phones

As a business, there is the necessity of shielding your operations from unwanted procurement risks and for the cell phone business; this is largely the quality of the goods delivered. Leading suppliers must factor this to account and provide you with the freedom of easy returns for products that do not meet your expectations. This results in a win-win situation as there is the assurance of better seller-buyer relationship and the confidence of top value for every order. As such, when looking for a reliable supplier, it is vital to equally go through their return policy as you never know when it might be of aid. A supplier that does not provide any guarantee on the quality of their products is a big no and should be avoided at all costs.

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