Transform Your Student Engagement With a Student Management App

by Sachin

Ten years ago, those who worked in school administration will recall the processes which lay the foundation of how student communication occurred. Long enrolment queues and paper-based form submissions such as enrolments were time-consuming tasks, which lead both students and teachers to look forward to finding a more efficient alternative such as an online school management system.

With increased functionality and presence of technology came the ability to enroll online from the comfort of one’s home, while also submitting inquiries and getting a response by email. This removed the need to physically visit the administration team and allowed for far quicker turnaround times of tasks. Many schools, however, are still not capitalizing on the functionality that is available to them, which can improve student communications tenfold.

The best type of communication is one that considers the target audience: our students. We know students consume technology more than ever before, active on multiple social media platforms and utilizing various devices for multi-way conversations. A presence in this space is essential to enable meaningful communications to be received by students, to keep them both engaged and informed throughout the duration of their studies.

keeping records of students

A recent study has revealed that social media is not the answer, with subjects finding communications via this platform to be off-putting due to the proximity one’s social media has to their personal lives. Instead, survey results have revealed that a student management app is the preferred communication platform, that is capable of:

  1. Keeping Students on Track: showcasing group timelines, important dates, useful resources, tips and hints
  2. Notification Functionality: Instant communications regarding important changes or simple reminders can be sent and received by students
  3. Ease of Communication: between students, groups and even teachers
  4. Student Support: A digital space that allows for support to be given as well as a greater opportunity to collaborate
  5. Engagement: continual communication that allows students to develop greater connections and relationships with their education and school, for both class and extracurricular activities

school management software

When it comes to our students and their success, education providers should look toward implementing methods proven to engage students, to help them achieve their goals. A student management app not only has been shown to be a preferred communication method but allows staff to communicate with students in an efficient and time effective manner. Upgrade your online school management system to a student management app that will allow you to achieve the desired outcome for both students and staff.

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