The Best Audio Converter: TunesKit Audio Converter

by Sachin

If you are a music head tired of switching between different audio platforms in search of great music and you want to download all the great music that you find. A complete solution to all your needs is TunesKit Apple Music Converter an amazing, innovative, and highly efficient converter that you can download online. 

This is a fully loaded converter that you can use in order to convert audio files including music files, apple music, and even audiobooks to your choice of format. All this makes this converter one of the best converters that are there in the market. 

As there are software limitations because of which you can not play Apple music files on any other device. This is where TunesKit Apple Music Converter comes into action. You get an amazing Apple Music to MP3 Converter that you can use to make all this possible. 

This is a converter that will help you in transcending all the file format limitations that you are tired of. You can easily convert protected or files in different file formats and change them so that the file is compatible with the device that you use. 

Highlights Of TunesKit Audio Converter

  • Easily Convert Audio Files

With the help of TunesKit Audio Converter, you can easily convert files that are there in protected or incompatible formats into your desired format with just a few simple steps. This way you can easily play that music files that you like on your device. 

  • Multiple Customization Options

Another thing that makes TunesKit Audio Converter stand out is the fact that you get tons of customization options as you convert your music files. You can easily change the sound quality, speed, pitch, and whatnot with the help of this amazing converter. 

Not only you can customize all these, but you also have the option of trimming an audio file according to your needs. This way you can get more creative with the music files that you combine. 

  • Easy Interface

Another really important factor that makes this convert stand out is its easy interface that allows you to use this software easily and effectively. You get a clean interface that allows you to effectively handle the software.  

  • Free Lifelong Upgrade And Support

What’s more lucrative is the fact that you only have to pay once for this service and you will get lifetime upgrades and customer support. That way you don’t have to pay for the services again and again. 

  • No Loss Of Audio Quality While Converting Files

You will find that the loss of audio quality as you convert files is a really big problem when it comes to audio converters, but this is not the case with TunesKit Audio Converter as you get original sound quality and different customization options that allow you to change the sound quality according to your requirements. 

User Guide

With the help of the next few steps, you can easily use TunesKit Audio Converter in order to convert the music files that are there in your Windows or Mac devices. You start by download and installing the program on your device and follow the steps mentioned below to convert your music files effortlessly. 

Open TunesKit Audio Converter and import the files that you want to convert. For that, you can take the help of the screenshot provided below. You just have to drag and drop the files that you want to convert and then click in the CONVERT button that is there at the bottom right.

You can use the first button on the top to add Apple music files while the second button can be used to import any other audio file. 

Now that you are ready with the files that you want to convert you can customize the files according to your requirement. Here you have the option of choosing the desired file format, channel, audio output, bit rate, and codec and you can change all these as well if you want. 

Now that you are ready with all the settings of the files that you need to convert you can click on the OK button to finish this process. 

Besides all this, you also have the option to edit the audio files that you convert. Here you will find two buttons that you can use to adjust the sound quality of the audio file and trim the audio file. 

These are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to convert any audio file into a format that is compatible with your device. 


With TunesKit Audio Converter you get a versatile and useful audio converter that is compatible with Windows and Mac. Along with that, you get some powerful features that make this converter one of the best in its category. The customization options that you get are also well suited for daily use. Lastly, this is a completely safe and clean piece of software that you can use. 

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