Types Of Companies A Call Center Is Important For

by Sachin

The call center is very important to achieve business efficiency, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Customers use call centers to get in touch with business representatives and get quick answers to their questions. Without call centers, for many companies it would be difficult to engage and serve their customers.

Some time ago call centers solutions and related technologies came with expensive price tags. As a result, only large enterprises and retailers could implement and benefit from them.

Modern solutions, many of which are cloud-based and are offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), have more affordable pricing levels. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises are investing in platforms because of cost savings, as well as because of the ability to scale solutions in their organizations and increase profitability and growth. A multichannel call center software allows a company to improve customer service by providing multiple ways to contact including voice, text messages (SMS), emails, web chat, etc.  The convergence of multi-site applications onto a single, centrally managed and administered platform promises to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve the support experience and boost revenues.

Cloud-based call center technology is considered to be the best solution. Enterprises in the following five industries use it to increase efficiency and organizational processes, although they often see other benefits.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies provide customers with important services such as call center outsourcing, payroll, HR, and accounting. If these services do not work, the client suffers, regardless of their market position. 

A blended call center can bring a number of benefits to BPOs. It provides an opportunity to adjust outgoing and incoming calls by one team with different task priorities, thus ensuring more available services for customers. This guarantees smooth operation and timely delivery of services. BPO may be behind the scenes, but it ensures that all the hidden actions necessary for success remain operational.

BPOs can significantly reduce the expenses and save resources by shortening the number of employees as blended call center software helps to handle a larger number of callers with fewer agents. BPOs can also benefit from call monitoring and quick switching between automated dialing modes in outbound campaigns to provide a better dialing quality. 


The healthcare industry, from hospital to outpatient care and from health insurance to local pharmacy, relies on call center technology; little will be done without it. Patients won’t be able to contact the hospital in order to make an appointment. They will forget to fill out the recipe. People can stay on hold 45 minutes waiting for something as simple as planning a follow-up visit.

Thus, the need for healthcare lies not only in the technology of the cloud call center, but in the cloud blended call center as well. The needs of medical organizations and institutions are met through various platforms with the help of which call center agents are able to easily switch between incoming and outgoing calls. They can also manage surveys over communication channels, including telephone and email, as well as payments and fees.

Financial Services

Such institutions as banks, insurance, investment, or credit cards companies, financial trading, tax services also rely on a call center to carry out their daily tasks. They take proactive actions using cloud-based call center technology. They scale incoming and outgoing calls when a crisis arises. And taking into account seasonal needs, they can more accurately predict and plan them using the call center platform. 

Financial sales departments most benefit from it. They handle a huge volume of calls to the incoming line in order to give the information on bank products, help with getting a loan, ordering or renewing credit cards, and more. Outbound telemarketing campaigns are used by the sales team to inform the bank’s customers of special offers, to propose better terms of service, to inform about the end of the deposit term, and also for the purpose of debt collection.

Blended call center solution balances the workloads of universal operator teams and transfers calls to less busy ones to handle the peak volume of incoming calls.


When it comes to such types of services, the leading place is held by communication with the customers, cross-selling of additional products/services, provision of information on delivery and payment conditions, and curation of applications.

Only under the condition of competent setting of the processes and having experienced specialists on staff, the work will be cost-effective and profitable. This is especially important for online stores. The incoming line receives many calls from the customers – to ask something specific about the product, for example, availability; specify about delivery, price or place of pickup, to choose the product and so on.

In such a situation, it is easier to involve a blended call center solution where all business processes are already debugged and the specific and understandable service options suitable for your business are offered.

Other Industries

Any business with an extensive business-to-consumer (B2C) component will benefit from the use of a cloud-based call center technology. 

The success of any travel agency, for instance, directly depends on the quality of handling the requests of potential customers. Timely processing of all calls using the call center for travel companies allows you to not miss a single client. Indeed, those who wish to go on a trip can have many questions regarding booking tours, ordering airline tickets and hotel rooms, and the availability of last-minute trips. To get out of the situation with the least losses will allow a blended call center software for tour operators. With it you can minimize financial expenses, organize the fastest response to each appeal, which will ultimately increase sales, create and update the customer base, strengthen the positive image of the institution, get customer feedback, etc. 

Call center software is necessary for government local, state, and federal agencies as well as they provide some critical services. Therefore, if people need specific information from such companies, they should give them the answers to their questions as soon as possible. Visitors of these institutions will also not have to make an appointment through a single portal of public services or wait for an electronic queue in the hall in order to receive answers to questions of interest and consult with the right employee of the organization. Thanks to the own hotline, you can reduce the burden on staff and significantly increase the level of service without additional costs.


In those industries where customer service is critical and the lead value is high, it is better to create an in-house call center than to contact outsourced call centers. Only highly qualified company representatives can provide the best consultancy to potential clients. And, when a large number of calls are expected, call centers can clean up chaos. 

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