7 types of content that attract visitors to your website

by Sachin

7 types of content that attract visitors to your website

Do you know how to attract visitors using different types of content? The first thing is to know your target audience comprehensively. The target to which you want to direct your messages. Without defining it adequately you will hardly be able to create content that motivates potential visitors to read them.

If you know your users you can focus efforts on generating different types of content that solve some of your usual needs . What, on the other hand, will help you attract new visitors to your website.

Hence an important decision is what kind of content to bet on. There are many different variants: Posts in a blog, ebooks, videos, webinars, … In the graphic that heads this post you have a list of some of the main content that you must take into account to attract visitors to your digital spaces. Do not know which one to decide? We help you with 7 of these types of content

1.- eBooks

The first proposal that can be very useful is to offer an eBook. When we talk about a digital book, that does not mean that you have to write a 300 page book. You can create a small dossier of a dozen pages, insert attractive images and package it as a PDF.

ebook type of content

Free eBooks are a good claim for your customers:

  1. First because it is a product that you offer at zero cost. And that always likes.
  2. On the other hand, it is a way to generate awareness about your brand in your potential customers. And establishing it as leader and referent in a specific field.
  3. In addition, you can play with the download of the eBook to obtain data of your potential clients. Instead of giving them the eBook for nothing, ask them for four basic facts like your name, surname, email address and place of residence. Some people will not fill out the form. But others will gladly if they perceive that the content of the eBook will be of interest.

That’s why you have to make sure that the eBooks you make are really interesting and meet the needs of your customers . If not, forget about them coming back to your website.

The interesting thing is that with the data obtained, you can later carry out emailing campaigns , in order to take them to your land and buy your product or service.

2.- Videos

When you launch to fill your web content, you will understand the potential of videos to attract visitors.  Audiovisual content is highly effective in capturing new users. Video is one of the great allies when it comes to attracting visitors through the content . The user just has to play and enjoy. It’s not like a post written in which you have to make the ‘ effort ‘ to read.

video type of content

When deciding what you are going to talk about, do not make it too generalistic. You will get easy visits if you elaborate tutorials to solve a specific problem. Or you come up with a step-by-step solution..

As for the technical quality of the video, do not go crazy. You only need to have two factors in mind at the beginning:

  1. Good lighting.
  2. A suitable background that you do not miss.

3.- Infographics

When creating content to attract visitors, you will have noticed that in recent years the infographics are very fashionable. It is a type of content highly appreciated not only by the general public, but by experts in any subject. Since they summarize the concepts graphically and very simply.

To create an infographic that works you must be synthetic and work hard to make it visually attractive . To this you have to add that what you show in infographics has substance and awakens the interest of users.

The infographics can also be the perfect complement to many posts in your blog. It can also serve to promote your entry in different social networks.

What is important is to take care that the size of the infographics respects some limits. The best thing is that you adapt your size depending on your destination. For example:

4.- Webinars

A webinar is a live video seminar. It can be a conference, a workshop or a seminar that is transmitted through the network. The main feature of this content is its capacity for interactivity between the participants and the lecturer .

Everyone likes to learn new things or improve knowledge about a specific topic. In addition, you can take advantage of one or more posts that you have written on your web for your webinar. And vice versa.

webinar type of content

Today there are many tools that will allow you to make webinars without having to invest a lot of money. Among them are Google Hangouts or Periscope , the most common and most successful at the moment. But if you want to make a professional webinar you should opt for more complete solutions like Webex .

5.- Create your own podcast to attract visitors

Just as video can attract visitors to your website, audio can also be your best ally. A podcast is nothing more than an audio file of a certain duration that you hang on your website or on a podcasting platform. They resemble traditional radio programs and have a specific periodicity.

podcast type of content

Today you can find a multitude of podcasts that deal with many topics: marketing, cinema, literature, robotics, social networks … The length of each of them varies a lot. You can find some of just 10 minutes and others that arrive on time.

A podcast can be an attractive way to attract visitors to your website . Especially since you do not have to sit in front of a computer. You can download it on your mobile phone or on an mp3 player.

6.- The value of a good post

How did you get to this entrance? If the answer is by searching on Google, think that your potential readers will come to you in the same way. If you typed ” content to attract visitors “, why not do the same with other content?

One of the main problems when writing a blog is to know what to write and also how to write it. You may have a knack for writing texts and giving them a coherent structure. Seize it.

Giving a solution to a problem is one of the keys to success. An effective post has the following structure :

  • Make a small introduction to the problem, challenges you will have to face, own experience, etc …
  • Begin to guide them in the right way, the solution.
  • Explain step by step how you should act to reach your goal.
  • Save a couple of paragraphs to summarize the main steps you have to follow.
  • Reserve an additional paragraph for your final conclusion.

7.- Your own White Paper or Whitepaper

” A white paper or white paper is an authoritative document or guide intended to help readers understand an issue, solve or address a problem, or make a decision .” It is the definition that you will find in Wikipedia about this type of content perfect to attract visitors to your website.white paper type of content

Thinking about your user, you can create a white paper to help you in making decisions against any problem or need you may have.


In addition, white papers are excellent for giving your target customer free information about your product or service. If you know what the challenges are facing your customers, you can get a great match. Anything that provides solutions is always more likely to be a success among your readers and attract visitors .


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