Understanding the Fine Print of Casino Bonuses

by Sachin

One way to judge the performance of an online casino is by checking the bonuses it offers. Unfortunately, most people always presume that all casino bonuses are similar. This article clears the air by giving your excruciating details on casino bonuses.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a monetary reward offered by the casino to players for wagering. Most of the time, casino bonuses are non-redeemable and cannot be cashed out but can only be used when playing. There are many forms of online casino bonuses offered by various online casinos globally.

Requirements to earn a casino bonus

Stringent terms and conditions govern casino bonuses, and players have to meet these conditions to qualify for bonuses. Here are some of the general requirements in most casinos.

Wagering limits

Most casinos set a specific wagering limit that has to be reached before a player can withdraw the winnings arising from the given bonus. Often, the wager is given as a multiplier of the player’s bonus and deposit.

How does this work?

If a casino has a wager of 30* on your bonus, it means that you can only withdraw the winnings after you have placed bets thirty times the deposit and the reward.

Most players go wrong as they don’t understand the terms and conditions and would want to withdraw their winnings after a couple of games. Wagering conditions are an essential aspect of online casino bonuses and must be understood before committing to play.

Additionally, casinos offer selected games on their wagering programs, and it pays to know if a game is on the wager before investing your money on it,

Withdrawal limits

Most players jump head-first into casino games without fully understanding the bets and withdrawal limits, only to be disappointed after winning.  Online casinos set limits on how many bets one can make using the bonuses and the amount that can be earned from bonus winnings.  The casino will slash any excess money on top of the withdrawal limits.

To avoid such disappointments, it’s advisable to read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. Also, find your bonus on a site that clearly tells you the requirements. We recommend you to opt for casino bonuses listed on onlinecasinoguide.in. All bonuses they list are fair and transparent. 

Types of Bonuses

There are different types of bonuses offered by various online casinos. Some common ones are;

Deposit casino bonuses

Also referred to as match bonuses, deposit casino bonuses require a player to deposit before activating the bonus. Deposit bonuses are usually calculated as a percentage of the deposit, and the higher the stakes, the higher the bonus.

Oftentimes deposit bonuses are tied to a minimum deposit amount and a maximum withdrawal limit.

For instance, if you deposit $20 with a deposit bonus of  100%, that means your money will be doubled, and you can wager with $40. In many online casinos, $20 is the minimum deposit, and a maximum deposit is $200. 

The first bonus is not deemed a deposit bonus and is regarded as a welcoming bonus, but similar deposit bonus conditions might apply.

No deposit bonuses

These are less common and carry lesser value than deposit bonuses as customers don’t have to pay a deposit to earn these kinds of bonuses. 

There are several variations of non-deposit bonuses. The welcoming bonus can be categorized as a non-deposit bonus as it is not tied to any deposit and is mostly to a tune of $20. 

It allows the user to participate in games even before they make the first deposit. However, welcome bonuses come with conditions in that a player has to make a first deposit later before they can withdraw their first winnings.

Alternatively, players can get no deposit bonuses in the form of prizes through promotions hosted by online casinos.

Free spins 

Offered by casinos with slot machines, free spins allow players to play without placing any bets with real money. However, free spins’ bonuses and wagering requirements have to be met before making a withdrawal. They are often offered to new customers after making their first deposit.

Referral bonus

Once you register at an online casino, you’ll be given a referral code.  If someone registers using your referral code, then you qualify to earn a free bonus. Most referral bonuses range from $10 to $50.

Royalty bonus

Also known as Casino Reload Bonus, a royalty bonus is given to players who have been loyal to a particular casino as a reward.  The bonus is mostly given after making a certain number of deposits in a given time frame.

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