15 usphonebook Alternatives for 2023: Find the Right Solution for You

by Sachin


USPhoneBook was a popular online directory service dedicated to helping customers look up personal and business phone numbers. It’s been around since 2014, but many seek other services with more features and better results. Here’s our list of the 15 best alternatives available, with their features and advantages.

Current Status of USPhoneBook

Today, USPhoneBook is still an active and relatively popular service. But the number of people using it has steadily decreased because it has fewer features than other options. In addition, many customers who have used USPhoneBook in the past have decided to look elsewhere because they can now easily find better services without technical problems.

Best USPhoneBook Alternatives


BackgroundChecks is one of the leading alternatives to USPhoneBook, offering more extensive search information than most other services, such as employment history, criminal records, and much more. The real-time updates are also advantageous compared to USPhoneBook’s outdated system, which occasionally experiences technical issues.


Ekata is a powerful service that lets you look up information from phone numbers worldwide. In addition, they have an extensive database tailored towards helping businesses make well-informed decisions regarding the customers or prospects they are dealing with. Compared to USPhoneBook’s system, which doesn’t have these features, its fraud prevention services and advanced analytics add even more value.


FindOutTheTruth is one of the leading private investigation services, able to quickly produce vast amounts of information on individuals and businesses. The web interface is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, their customer support team is always on hand, ready to assist the users whenever necessary.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate has a lot of search tools, like a reverse phone lookup service that lets you quickly find out who owns a number. Their comprehensive database ensures accuracy when conducting searches. In addition, it provides detailed information that USPhoneBook doesn’t provide, such as criminal records and contact information.

Nomadic Ratio Reverse Lookup

Nomadic Ratio’s reverse phone lookup system is incredibly useful for anyone who needs to find out more information about a specific number, whether personal or business. They offer access to an expansive database that ensures accurate results while their support staff can assist whenever necessary – something that USPhoneBook still needs to implement.


Numlooker is a powerful reverse phone number lookup service that provides accurate results in moments, with information such as name and address associated with the number being provided. Their customer support team is also incredibly helpful, assisting whenever necessary, making them superior to USPhoneBook.


NumLookup is one of the most advanced reverse phone directory services, helping you uncover all kinds of information, such as name and address associated with the phone number. Their user-friendly web interface is simple to use, and their support staff is always available if needed – certainly a step above USPhoneBook regarding service quality.

Orave Reverse Lookup


Orave’s reverse phone lookup system is incredibly efficient, allowing customers to search for information on any phone number quickly and accurately. It also offers several unique features, such as the ability to whitelist certain numbers, blacklist them, and more.


PeopleLooker is one of the most comprehensive reverse phone lookup services out there, allowing customers to search for information on any person or business in an incredibly short time – something that USPhoneBook does not offer. Additionally, their user-friendly interface allows people with no technical background to conduct a successful search easily.


PeopleSmart is a powerful reverse phone lookup service that gives you the name and address associated with any number and offers additional insights through access to criminal records and other public information. USPhoneBook has a different level of insight than PeopleSmart, which gives this solution an edge compared to its competitors.


Searchpeoplefree is another alternative to USPhoneBook, which provides efficient searches for many different kinds of information, such as names and addresses associated with phone numbers. It also offers a wide range of additional features, including detailed people and search results unavailable on USPhoneBook.

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a thorough reverse lookup service that gives customers accurate information and lets them track any online activity related to their search. However, USPhoneBook offers a different level of insight, giving this solution an edge over its competitors.


SpyTox is a popular reverse phone lookup service that provides customers with accurate and up-to-date information about all kinds of numbers worldwide. The web interface is easy to use, and their customer support team is always available to answer any questions—something USPhoneBook still needs to have in place.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is another great alternative to USPhoneBook, which allows customers to swiftly search for information related to any phone number, as well as a variety of additional features such as reverse email searches and more. It’s also reliable and efficient compared to other services, such as USPhoneBook, allowing users to get the most out of their experience here.

US OneSearch

US OneSearch is a very useful service that lets you look up information about any phone number by its last four digits. With their customer support team being available and willing to answer questions, this alternative is superior to USPhoneBook regarding features and reliability.

USPhoneBook FAQs:

What do I need before using USPhoneBook?

Before using USPhoneBook, you must create a user account requiring a valid email address and basic information such as name, phone number, and other contact details.

Is USPhoneBook secure?

Yes – all data transmissions are secure thanks to encrypted connections.

How accurate is the information on USPhoneBook?

The accuracy of the information on USPhoneBook depends on the quality of the data entered into their system. Generally speaking, though, USPhoneBook boasts one of the most reliable and comprehensive databases.

Can I access USPhoneBook via Mobile?

Yes – USPhonebook is accessible through iOS and Android, with a mobile app version available for each platform. However, in 2023 it may not be as feature-rich as other alternatives due to its outdated design.

Is USPhoneBook free?

No – USPhoneBook is a subscription-based service that will require customers to pay an annual fee to use it. However, there are cheaper alternatives available with more advanced features.


While USPhoneBook was once a popular choice for those searching for information about personal or business phone numbers, many better options provide greater insights and improved customer service. In this article, we have highlighted 15 of the best alternatives to USPhoneBook that are all readily available.

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