21 Volokit Alternatives To Watch live Sports In 2023

by Sachin

VOLOKIT is one of the most popular streaming services across global sports. It allows users to watch matches, events, tournaments and more live with support from all major devices, including mobile phones, tablets as well PCs. Furthermore, they have an amazing UI that offers very little buffering time while streaming. VOLOKIT also features an advanced search platform that helps users quickly look for their favorite sports, events and more.

Current Status of VOLOKIT in 2023

Presently, VOLOKIT is one of the go-to streaming services among sports fans across the world, with its extensive list of content being updated regularly. They have servers located all over the globe and offer excellent quality live streams at very affordable prices as well as free options. In 2021, VOLOKIT was well equipped with essential features such as scheduled programming updates, customizable past broadcasts and TV-like UI, which makes streaming more enjoyable for residents.

Fantastic Alternatives to VOLOKIT in 2023



VIPBox has been one of the top providers for streaming quality content for sports fans since 2013. It offers an amazing array of live sports that include NHL, NBA, cricket, and golf, among others. Compared to VOLOKIT, VIPBox has an easier user interface and fewer ads which could be annoying during games. Further features include live score updates, HD streaming and customer support available 24/7.

Markky Streams

Markky Streams

The platform is user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate. You can quickly find the game you want to watch and start enjoying the action in just a few clicks.

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STREAM2WATCH is another great alternative to VOLOKIT that provides users with quality streams of popular sports like baseball, American football and soccer, as well as the occasional hockey match. Although it doesn’t have a neat UI compared to VOLOKIT, STREAM2WATCH compensates with its wide range of channels and extra features, such as never missing deadlines for upcoming events.



The YOURSPORTS.STREAM platform is popular among many sports fans due to its low latency streaming options combined with excellent video quality that can be enjoyed on any device, including PS4, TVBox or even AppleTV. It also provides users with rich content from different leagues and sports, such as NBA, NFL, soccer and cricket, with extra features, including an easy-to-use UI.



For those who want to access free streaming for multiple sports STOPSTREAM is one of the top options. They provide users with live streams of popular events across many sports and boast a slick interface which no doubt attracts lots of new users every month. WHAT’S more interesting about this platform is that it not only provides access to live streams but also offers a large selection of replays and pre-recorded matches for old sports.



MamaHD is an amazing alternative that’s gaining traction with its high-definition broadcasts from many different sporting events. They have content available from multiple leagues and tournaments all over the world as well as full support for several devices such as Android TV, Amazon Firestick and Xbox One. Besides having an easy UI, MamaHD also features HDTV and IPTV channels for users who want to access extra content.



NBASTREAMS is another great alternative that’s exclusively tailored toward basketball fans looking to watch NBA matches in 2021. This platform stands out because it has dedicated streams that have the most reliable stream speed around, which makes live streaming worry-free with zero ads. It offers multiple links to each game, so sports lovers don’t have to worry about buffering and other issues as on VOLOKIT.



The RedStream platform offers live streams for multiple sports, including soccer, ice hockey and racing, with the highest possible video quality available in the market. What makes them stand out among their competitors is that they update their schedule every day so users never miss any match, no matter how minor it may be. In addition, several replays are also available convenient navigation menu.



BuffStreams is similar to VOLOKIT in the sense that it offers access to live sports from a lot of leagues like the NFL, NRL and NBA, among others. As well as this, they also provide replays for users who want more than just live-streaming content. What makes them stand out is their detailed support and quality streams without any buffering problems, which make it seamless when watching matches online.



SPORTRAR has been similarly popular as VOLOKIT but only amongst racing fans and car enthusiasts. It offers live streams of all the major events in partnership with some famous names like Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy and MotoGP, among others. Fans can access these exciting motorsports straight from their home with excellent HD video quality combined with a detailed commentary which makes it extremely convenient for viewers to follow the action.



If you’re a hardcore fan of MLB then MLB66 has everything that you need to get the best out of your viewing experience. From incredible HD video streams for every game and detailed information about teams, players and fixtures to free streaming opportunities – it’s perhaps one of the complete services when it comes to streaming baseball games from around the world.



SPORTSURGE is one of my favorite alternatives as it offers a very vast range of live sports streaming with video quality that ranges from HD to VOD. It has all major US leagues, UFC and rugby as well as international football tournaments for users who want more than just local competitions. In addition, SPORTSURGE also provides replays plus highlights packages, so you don’t have to worry about missing any exciting moments from your favorite teams or leagues!



SPORT365LIVE stands out from the other streaming services because of its expansive number of HD-quality streams for every popular European sports event. It’s becoming a great alternative to VOLOKIT, which offers support on most major devices plus super fast loading times. Although it doesn’t have replays, SPORT365LIVE still provides exciting commentary and analysis on their live broadcasts in order to keep users informed about what’s going on in different leagues



720PSTREAM certainly rises above the rest when it comes to reliable sports streaming due to its advanced features like a one search bar which makes discovering new content quick and easy.

In addition, It also provides full HD-quality content for every sporting event covered with a great selection of bonus channels to make sure that viewers never get bored of the same thing.



SPORTSBAY is similar to VOLOKIT but also gets access wide range of sports such as hockey, cricket and rugby. It offers replays for users who want to catch up on past matches, plus multiple streaming links in order to avoid buffering during live games. SPORTSBAY is also well known for its dedication to customer service, so regular clients can look forward to great support if they ever come into any trouble using the features of the platform



SOCCERSTREAMS has been rising above all other alternatives with its top-quality video streams across multiple soccer leagues and tournaments. It’s adding more content every day to make sure that viewers don’t miss out on any of their favorite teams or players. One great thing about SOCCERSTREAMS is its easy navigation system combined with a sleek UI for an enjoyable viewing experience.



StreamEast has quickly become one of the most favored streaming services all around because it focuses heavily on international sports broadcasting. From rugby and motorsports to hockey and boxing- Fans will be spoiled for choices here with several methods of viewing content, such as desktop or mobile apps. In addition, StreamEast provides replays for users who want more than live streaming.



FirstRowSports is one of the leading sites when it comes to live-streaming popular sporting events globally. It offers an awesome array of leagues from all over the globe, including the Football Champions League, Premier League, NHL and more, with a very easy-to-use UI. Last but not least FirstRowSports also offers IPTV channels which make live streaming even better!



CRACKSTREAM is another great alternative that boasts one of the largest ranges of sports streams available in 2021, including the Cricket World Cup and NBA seasons, among others. It provides tons of HD-quality content as well as replays for users who want extended entertainment plus detailed commentary to help keep track of the game.



Last but definitely not least, LIVETV.SX is a great alternative for those who want to access complete coverage of sports like Soccer and NBA, among others, with live streaming options combined with an easy-to-use UI that offers several methods of viewing and enhanced navigation capabilities for people on all devices, including PCs, smart TVs and other media hubs like AppleTV and Xbox One.



For cricket fans looking for quality live streams and replays, CRICFREE isn’t the worst option. It provides a great selection of coverage with thousands of HD streams that can be accessed via any device, such as an iPhone, iPad or even PC (Windows/MacOS). What’s more interesting is that they also feature detailed features like full commentary along with sports-related news in order to provide users with up-to-date information on upcoming matches and tournaments.


How much does it cost to stream from VOLOKIT?

It depends on the package you choose, but most of them range from $7 – $50 per month.

What is the best way to watch live sports using VOLOKIT?

The best way is to use their dedicated streaming app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Does VOLOKIT offer replays?

Yes, they do provide replays of select games as well as highlight packages to catch up on the latest sports news.

Does VOLOKIT feature multiple streams?

Yes, they have several links in order to avoid any buffering issues while you’re watching a game.

Is VOLOKIT available on Smart TVs?

Yes, it is compatible with most of the popular Smart TVs across global markets.

Does VOLOKIT offer customer service support?

Yes, they have a dedicated 24/7 customer service team that can be reached through their social media channels and email address.


VOLOKIT remains one of the best lives sports streaming services available today, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for competition. An array of alternatives to choose from, plus features like replays and HD streaming RAM, makes it very possible for viewers to have more options while they are on the lookout for a perfect alternative. All these factors combined with low latency streams make it easier than ever before to enjoy sports events at home or even in the office with some amazing video quality features offered by different streaming services—now you just have to pick one!

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