21 Webtoon XYZ Alternatives for 2023 – Explore the Best Comic Options

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features

The world of webtoons has constantly evolved since 2003, making comics an interesting and popular art form. Finding a perfect place to browse hundreds of quality comic stories was nearly impossible until then! But now, with so many options popping up all around the globe, it’s easy to find a great place for all your webtoon needs. The popularity of Webtoon XYZ has never been as high as it is in 2023, and finding a great alternative can be tricky. Check out the 21 best alternatives that promise the same experiences and fun stories as Webtoon!

Current Status of Webtoon XYZ

Over the years, WebToons have shifted from mainly South Korean content to content worldwide with various language options. It has several unique genres, a dedicated fan base, and tons of stories to read! On the more technical side—Webtoon XYZ has advanced from a platform for just reading comics to an archive offering customers official merchandise related to the comic series they follow.

Best WebToon XYZ Alternatives in 2023

Webtoon/Naver Webtoon

  • Destination URL: webtoons.com/

Naver Webtoon is the industry leader in webcomics, with various genres, stories, and content. Comics are also fully adapted for tablet and mobile devices so that you can read your favorite series anytime! Webtoons also have comic translating options, so no matter what language you speak, you can still enjoy great stories wherever you go! Finally, Naver WebToons offers special discounts when purchasing through its K -Shop store.


  • Destination URL: lezhin.com/en

Lezhin is the second biggest webcomic platform after Webtoon XYZ in Korea, offering top contenders from genres such as action, romance, comedy, and drama, among many others! Its unique payment system called “coins” allows for an easy layout of monthly payments without hidden costs like other platforms. It also offers exclusive content only available to a limited number of countries.


  • Destination URL: tapas.io/

Tapas has been around since 2014, and its comics library has grown so wide over the years! It features comics from aspiring artists and more experienced ones, offering original stories created entirely by unique hands—check it out if you’re looking for something new these days! Plus, with its easy subscription system, you can cancel or switch plans anytime—so there are no limits here!


  • Destination URL: tappytoon.com/

Tappytoons is known for its sharp visuals and sleek user interface; it features original stories exclusively from South Korea with six different language settings -allowing readers to enjoy comics even if English still needs to be fluent! It also has a unique rating system based on other readers, which is helpful when you’re unsure what to read. Overall, Tappytoon sets itself apart from other comic platforms with its extra features and options!

Bilibili Comics

  • Destination URL:www.bilibilicomics.com/

Bilibili Comics started as China’s leading online webcomic platform one year ago and has since become the fastest-growing webcomic platform in the world! It features a wide range of titles from different genres, unique stories only available on this site, and more are added daily. Furthermore, its monetizing system is quite generous, as authors can receive up to 70% for each page read. So you’ll be inspired to create new content here!

Manta Comics

  • Destination URL: manta.net/

Manta is another great option if you want something new and different. It features international comics from mainly the US, Japan, UK, and Philippines; its convenient “Manga Pass” feature enables one to access all series within certain time frames. A rating system also allows only readers aged 18+ to read adult-related content!


  • Destination URL: comico.jp/

Comico was created as a place for the creative artist’s work to be showcased! It features new and upcoming talent from across Japan and other countries. Furthermore, with its convenient chatroom feature, many readers can discuss their favorite series with each other. Comico also offers discounted rates when purchasing multiple chapters together in one go!

Pocket Comics

  • Destination URL: pocketcomics.com

Pocket comics is an all-in-one platform for comic enthusiasts! It keeps track of the latest releases worldwide so that you will get all updates. Furthermore, its library is categorized by genre to suit every individual taste. With Pocket comics, you can read your favorite webcomics anytime and anywhere—it works offline too!


  • Destination URL: toomics.com/en/

Toomics has been around since 2017, and over the years, it has quickly amassed a unique library of comic titles. It also features graphic novels, digital manga, and English-translated ones from Korea’s top webcomics! Toomics also offers extra paid options, such as VIP memberships to unlock advanced features, too -so if you want access to more content, this might be worth paying for!


  • Destination URL: webcomicsapp.com/

Webcomics has an interesting library of original stories from Korean authors and artists worldwide! It features these unique tales, and readers can follow their favorite series or get updates on new releases through email. Plus, with its convenient subscription system, you won’t have to worry about forgetting renewals either—even better when freezing your account if it ever takes a break.


  • Destination URL: hiveworkscomics.com/

HiveWorks was created for readers looking to expand their horizons and try out new series with unique art styles. Aside from that, what separates it from other webcomic platforms is its reader/artist collaboration feature which enables passionate fans of certain tales to get involved in a project they feel closely connected to. With HiveWorks, you can follow your favorite authors as well!


  • Destination URL: hiperdex.com

Hiperdex has a great selection of comics for both science fiction and fantasy fans. It specializes in videos, manga books, and even physical comic prints! Furthermore, it offers subscription packs with flexible payment options as well—plus, you can connect to its interactive forum where readers get to share their thoughts about the latest releases or find other members who have similar interests like them.


  • Destination URL: skymanga.work/

Skymanga offers translations of Japanese to English manga and other languages, too—this makes it a great tool if you want to expand your knowledge of various comic titles from different countries and explore manga from other cultures that might be unfamiliar to you. It also offers additional features that make reading easier, such as bookmarks, share buttons, and notifications!


  • Destination URL: toonily.com/

Toonily has a great selection of webcomics and provides reviews and editorial pieces to help readers get familiarized with new titles quickly. In addition, it offers even deeper insights into the industry by offering comments from professionals such as editors, writers, and more! Plus, their library is constantly updated with new content, so subscribers are always spoilt for choice!


  • Destination URL: manga18fx.com/

Manga18FX has a unique approach when it comes to attracting readers. It takes popular webtoons and converts them into 3D animation! This platform also offers exclusive features such as special events and real-life cosplay privileges, allowing for a broader range of comic consumption experiences than the other platforms.


  • Destination URL: manhwas.men/

Manwhas is an interesting platform that provides great stories and tutorials on how to make your own comics or get involved in the comic industry. Its huge library has a wide range of genres, from action to suspenseful mysteries—you name it! Plus, you’ll never get bored with the bonus content, such as interviews or behind-the-scenes footage!


  • Destination URL: asurascans.com/

AsurasCans provides fans with English-translated versions of webtoons that had previously only been available in its native language. It also provides manga scan alations of many works (translation from one language to another), which is rare. It also offers an online store where readers can purchase official merchandise related to the comics they love!


  • Destination URL: mangakakalot.com/

MangaKAKALOT is a great place for fans looking for something different—it has stories from EVERY genre you can think of, so there’s always something new and exciting waiting to be discovered! Comics are all available for free here. In addition, its convenient rating system lets readers quickly browse titles rated high by other subscribers.


  • Destination URL: manhuascan.com/

ManhuaScan is a good choice if you’re into Chinese Manga—it has a huge collection of short stories and novels, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for something to read in between or want a quick fix! Manga ranked high by other readers also appear on the recommended list so you won’t miss out on new classic titles!!


  • Destination URL: mangatx.com/

MangaTX works like another online library – only here, there’s a huge selection of comics from across Asia, such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and many more! It also offers exclusive discounts for members, like free coins or monthly subscription cards, depending on how often you use the platform.


  • Destination URL: reaperscans.com/

ReaperScans is great if you’re looking for an international library. It has comics from Europe and America, plus lots of content featuring original stories too! Its easy-to-search system makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without any hassle as well—plus, with its loyalty rewards program, you can save up digital tokens every time you purchase something from the platform!

Webtoon XYZ FAQs:

What is Webtoon XYZ?

WebToon XYZ is an online library of comic stories ranging from original ones to those translated into different languages. It has several unique genres, a wide variety of comics, and many stories that cater to everyone’s tastes -all within one easy-to-use platform!

Where can I find alternatives to Webtoon XYZ?

Plenty of WebToons alternatives offer great stories and unique features too! Some of the best include Lezhin, Tapas, TappyToons, Bilibili Comics, Manta Comics, and many more. Be sure to check them all out for a wider selection of comics!

What type of content does each platform offer?

Each webcomic platform offers something unique to its customers. WebToon XYZ, for example, has a variety of genres and original content from all around the world—while Lezhin offers exclusive translations from Japanese to English with various payment options available as well! In addition, Tapas has many budding artists showcasing their work -so there’s always something new waiting on this site too.

Are subscriptions required when using these platforms?

Some platforms offer a subscription-based model, while others have free and paid options. WebToons, for example, only requires registration to access its library—Lezhin has monthly packages available with special discounts depending on how many comics you buy simultaneously! On the other hand, Tapas is entirely free and allows readers to purchase individual chapters or whole series instead of subscribing.

What language settings do these platforms support?

Most of the comic platforms featured here have translations in different languages, such as English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, to name a few. Webtoon, for example, has six language settings—most others are flexible when translating comics, too, so no matter what language you speak, you’ll be able to find great stories!


WebToon may remain an unrivalled leader in webcomics, but you will find great alternatives too! This list presents some top-notch contenders with various stories, genres, and features sure to entice any comic lover’s taste. So be sure to check them out for extra entertainment, no matter where you are.

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