What Are Daily Jackpot Slots?

by Sachin

There’s no denying the popularity of online Slots. But have you ever taken a look at the vast array of games at an online casino? We’re not just talking about the different themes available, with Slots to suit all hobbies, interests and personal tastes – but games with so many different ways to win. There are eye-watering jackpots waiting to be bagged, plus progressive prize pools, which are ever-increasing. You may have come across Daily Jackpots, and thought about trying your new casino bonus on one of those, but just don’t know where to start. Well, read on, as we give you all you need to know about this very special group of slot games.

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What is a Daily Jackpot slot?

As its name suggests, it’s a pool of different Slots games, which offer a progressive Daily Jackpot. But the Daily Jackpot is just one of three different prize pools available during any spin of one of the eligible games. These games also offer a Cash Booster Jackpot and a Monster Jackpot. The former must be won before it reaches a certain cash value, while the Monster is a seven-figure sum that can be won on any spin, and based upon any stake.

When can I win a Daily Jackpot slot? 

The Daily Jackpot must pay out before a certain time – usually 11pm. Of course, like any other game at an online casino, the results are controlled by Random Number Generators, which ensure a fair outcome – and there’s no knowing what time the game will pay-out the jackpot. However, if you’re playing the Slots late at night and the jackpot has not yet been won, you’re in with a chance. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

How much can I win from a Daily Jackpot slot?

Who knows! The jackpot usually starts at about £10,000 – and increases every time one of the pool of games is played. It has been known that Daily Jackpot Slots pay out at approximately £30,000 – but of course, it depends how quickly the jackpot rises and how quickly it is won. For reference, the Daily Jackpot is worth more than the Cash Booster, but the life-changing amounts can be won from the Monster Jackpot.

Which games are eligible for the Daily Jackpot?

As we mentioned, there are a specific group of games, all linked to the same jackpot. Play one of the eligible titles, and be in with the chance of winning the Daily Jackpot – alongside any wins from the base game, or its bonus features. Some of our favourite titles include:

  • Clash of the Beasts: 93.84% RTP – a six-reel slot with 40 pay-lines and a Chinese mythology-theme. The two ‘beasts’ in this game also each have their own bonus game
  • Mystery Reels: 93.22% RTP – if you like classic games with a retro fruit feel, you’ll enjoy this five-reel Slot with 20 pay-lines. Aim to land those lucky 7s for a major pay-out
  • Gems Gone Wild: 93:17% RTP – as its name suggests, a jewel-themed slot, offering 20 pay-lines and five reels. The aim of the game is to land those wild symbols, leading to re-spins and big wins

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