What To Know About Applicant Tracking Software

by Sachin

Technology makes it possible for business organizations nowadays to streamline processes and improve productivity. Tedious and time-consuming tasks can now be automated and completed without too much effort from your staff, allowing them to channel their energies and skills towards more essential activities. Company owners and managers can focus on making the right business decisions by utilizing the data gathered from systems and software. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, for example, is a software that allows businesses to create or nurture their relationship with clients. A point-of-sale system, on the other hand, will enable firms to simplify sales transactions and generate reports to help manage inventories and understand customers’ purchasing behaviors. These are just some of the business systems that modern organizations cannot do without. 

Recruiters are also taking advantage of technology to simplify the hiring process. An applicant tracking software (ATS) program allows hiring managers and recruiters to handle applications electronically. Also referred to as a candidate management system, an ATS is designed to automate recruiters’ tasks.  

A Brief History of Online Job Searches and ATS 

Before there was LinkedIn, the 1990s had well-known job boards Monster, Career Mosaic, CareerPath, and Craigslist. The increased Internet access of the general public encouraged the emergence of online job boards. In 1996, Martin Quellett created ViaSite, one of the earliest types of applicant tracking systems. ViaSite was registered as a Delaware corporation in 1999 and launched an online recruitment management system called Recruiter WebTop. Online job searches became more accessible through the years as interested applicants enjoyed the convenience of sending their applications over the Internet. Large corporations and SMBs now utilize applicant tracking software to manage the influx of requests sent electronically.  

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software 

There are several reasons why applicant tracking systems are favored by recruiters and hiring managers. Find out whether an ATS is beneficial to your organization.  

1. Efficient Use of Company Resources 

Most people do not know that the recruitment and hiring process takes up a lot of time and effort. Aside from identifying the company’s human resource requirements, the recruitment team must determine the qualifications for the role, review the applications, and screen applicants before shortlisting qualified candidates. The hiring manager also must come up with a system to manage the applicants’ data, which can be used for future job openings. An applicant tracking system helps in various ways, including: 

. Save On Time And Effort:

Recruitment teams save plenty of time sourcing for the right person because an applicant tracking software allows the use of keywords to search or shortlist potential candidates. Applicant tracking systems can perform the sorting of resumes based on the candidates’ qualifications, skills, and more. The hiring department can then choose from several suitable candidates that they will reach out to for the continuation of the recruitment process.  

. Use Fewer Resources:

It is always a good idea for businesses to identify possible ways to save on costs. Your company can save money on paper and other office supplies since there is no need to print the applications submitted by aspiring employees.  

2. Simplifies Data Management  

Imagine getting dozens of hard copies of resumes in one day or receiving hundreds of application letters in your inbox each month. Aside from the difficulty of sorting through the multitudes of curriculum vitae, the next challenge involves the storage and management of applicant data. An applicant tracking software simplifies the handling and storing of information so you can utilize the database of candidate information for future recruitment needs.  

3. Speed Up The Hiring Process  

Are you aiming to speed up the recruitment process of the organization without compromising the quality of applicants? Do you want to improve the experience of candidates applying for a job in your company? An applicant tracking system lets you quickly sort through the roster of aspiring employees so you can fill up a vacancy as soon as possible, especially if you are hiring for a crucial role. A speedy hiring process is also favorable to job applicants who suffer from long and tedious hiring procedures. An ATS benefits your business and makes your company a credible and efficient organization in the eyes of job applicants.  


No company wants to waste time, effort, or resources on processes that can be simplified or streamlined by an efficient business system. You can save hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars by utilizing an applicant tracking software for all your hiring efforts. Using an ATS not only saves you time and money on recruiting processes, but it also allows your company to find the most suitable candidate that meets or exceeds the organization’s requirements.  

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