Why Automation Testing Is Better Than Manual Testing?

by Sachin

Manual testing is testing the software with the help of a test engineer to ensure the quality of the application. It is performed to find out various bugs in the application under development. The main motive of the manual testing is to check all the essential features of the application and to generate the test cases according to the requirements of the application. The only problem of manual testing is that in this the whole process should be done by the test engineers themselves manually. It is also considered a classic method to test an application. With all testing types of manual testing done by the experienced test engineers so that it would understand how to accomplish the goals of software testing processes. 

 Automation testing 

 In automation testing, the test engineer writes the test cases to automate testing processes, and test engineer must use appropriate automation testing tools to make the test cases and validate the quality of the software. The main motive of the automation testing is to complete the text execution process as quickly as possible. Test automation services are completely dependent upon the testing scripts to conduct the testing processes. In this process to find the various bugs and changes the actual outputs should be compared with the expected outputs. It helps the test engineer to figure out whether the application is performing as per the requirement specifications or not.

 Automation testing also allows a test engineer to execute repetitive tasks and regression testing processes without any involvement of a manual test engineer. All the processes in automation testing are performed automatically and require less manual efforts as compared to manual testing. 

Which testing type you should choose?

 The following are the various aspects which can help you to figure out why you should choose automation testing instead of manual testing.

Processing time 

 In manuals, the testing processing time to test an application is so long because of the involvement of human resources and human being. But in automation testing, you can easily test the applications faster as compared to manual testing approach. This is the major reason to adopt automation testing process because when you’re you spend less time on one application only then, you will be able to test more applications in limited or less time. 

Exploratory testing 

 By the term exploratory testing, we mean that a testing type which can explore the whole application to find the bugs and another kind of issues or we can also describe it as random testing. It is believed that exploratory testing is possible in manual testing, whereas it is a difficult task to achieve in automation testing process. The reason behind this is that in automation testing, you cannot select a particular function of the application to test randomly because it accepts large test cases to execute the application. 

Initial investment 

 To enhance the return on investment, a practical testing approach must accept high investment; it is believed that the initial investment. In the case of manual testing is low; this results in a low return on investment in the long run. Whereas the initial investment in automation testing is much higher than manual testing. This is the reason why it offers a better return on investment in the long run. 


 Manual testing approaches are not reliable because of the involvement of human; there may be chances of human error. Which cannot provide accurate testing results? On the other hand, automated testing is a reliable method because it is performed by various tools and scripts automation testing and sure that there are no testing issues in the testing approach. 

 User interface change

When an application is under development, then there may be so many changes happened in the design or front end of the application. This may affect the functionality of the application as well in manual testing user interface changes are not tested again and again. Because the test engineer has to write test scripts every time he wants to implement in the testing process. But in the case of automation testing, there is a huge possibility to test the changes in the user interface of the application. Because automated testing allows the test ingenious to modify the scripts as per the changes in the application.


As compared to the manual testing approaches, automation testing is more cost effective in manual testing approaches. You need lots of manpower to test the application along with lots of devices and interfaces. But with the help of automation testing, you don’t need to buy extra man force and extra software. You can go with one stool only which will be capable of testing all your applications in different browsers and devices by simulating them.

 Report visibility 

In manual testing reports are available in Excel for word files, and the tester source will not be readily available to view and make the proper decisions as compared to manual testing. Automation testing records the whole testing process and generates the reports in the form of a matrix, charts, etc. it is helpful for the stakeholders to check the pool automation system and test execution results.

 Human observations 

 In manual testing approach as a human can QC observe the whole process and application, which helps test engineers to make the application user-friendly? But in case of the automatic testing process, human considerations are not involved so you may or may not offer the user-friendly applications to improve the customer experiences. 


 With the help of automation testing, you can test the application in fewer efforts and less cost. It also helps to improve the return on investment of the organization. The organization doesn’t need to set up the labs for testing labs to test the application in various environments and devices. The reason behind this is that automation testing itself is capable of testing the application in a different environment by simulating than inside the system. Now you know which testing approach you should follow and why you should prefer an automated testing approach. So, make your selection wisely to ensure the quality of your software.

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