Why VideoProc is Your Optimal Tool to Cut, Merge, Edit and Process GoPro 4K Footages

by Sachin

There is something annoyingly ironic about 4K resolution. On one hand, almost every media device has 100% support for 4K footage recording. You can use your iPhone XS or GoPro Hero to capture everything. On the other hand, you need tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro etc. to handle these files. Unless you’re really good with any of these tools, the whole thing can be a pain in the ass.

If you think about that, it’s not practical to master FCP or Adobe Premiere just to resize 4K video, right? That is why we thought you’d love something like VideoProc. In this article, we have reviewed VideoProc so that you would know whether you need it.

About VideoProc — the Basics

This is the most impressive thing about VideoProc. It can be many things according to what you want. If you just want to convert, handle, edit and export 4K videos, VideoProc is an awesome 4K Video Editor. However, if you want to record some content from the screen, download videos from the web or burn some DVDs, it can help you there too.

When you think about it, VideoProc is the Swiss army knife for 4K video management. You can easily access 4K videos, make necessary edits and export everything to a location that you like. We hope you have a basic idea about the software now. Shall we then move on to see what VideoProc has to offer for an intermediate media enthusiast?

Handling 4K Videos with Ease

VideoProc is primarily designed to be an easy way to handle 4K videos you’ve captured from iPhone or GoPro devices. From both devices, you are getting the high-quality video footage, which need to be handled as per your needs. Fortunately, VideoProc has been prepared for everything.

We believe the primary function would be converting the 4K video into a compatible format. To do that, you can simply drag in the 4K file, select the target format and hit the Run button. Before you do that, however, VideoProc offers options for basic editing as well.

Unlike some of the similar software in market, VideoProc offers plenty of options here. You can, for instance, compress the 4K video for easier transportation. There is even an MKVMaker tool, which can be very helpful at times.

Long story short, VideoProc makes it really easy to handle 4K content.

DVDs, Video Downloading and Screen Recording

Making DVDs is another awesome capability of VideoProc. If you have a device with a DVD drive, this sector will help you get files from DVD. Don’t worry if your system lacks the drive: VideoProc offers support for ISO files and DVD folders as well. Conversion is super-fast here too.

You can use VideoProc to download videos from popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. The process is very quick, and yes, you can get 4K-quality videos easily. And, once downloaded, you can convert footages to a convenient format too.

Last but not the least, VideoProc lets you record content from screen as well. So, if you cannot download a favorite TV series from Netflix, you can record it. The quality of the recording depends on the resolution of your computer.

If you ask me, these features are pretty useful for a media junkie.

How To Get a Free License of VideoProc

It’s the best time of the year if you want to purchase VideoProc.

The developers of VideoProc are running a giveaway, where you can get a license code of VideoProc. Yes, you heard that right. You will be getting a full-feature version of the software, for free.

The only limitation is that you will not be getting future updates. Make sure you don’t miss this.

Why We Recommend VideoProc

There are a number of reasons why you should prefer VideoProc to anything else. Our, however, are:

VideoProc is powered by something called Full Hardware Acceleration. In ideal situation, this can provide up to 47x speed in converting, downloading and processing 4K UHD content. Even if you don’t reach that point, the whole user-experience would be pretty fast.

You are also getting an awesome User Interface inside VideoProc. It’s very easy to navigate even if you have zero prior experience with video editing. To talk about the editing process, everything has been optimized to be super quick.

We also loved how rich the Video Editing Toolkit is. Of course, VideoProc cannot compete with Premiere or FCP, but we believe that’s not the point. You can even de-shake the video, which is a great feature if you got the footage from an iPhone or GoPro.

Altogether, it checks all the boxes when it comes to 4K UHD entertainment.

The Final Points

On any day, we’d recommend VideoProc to the budding video enthusiasts out there. It does not matter the purpose you have, VideoProc can be the best buddy for managing 4K footages. It’s great that you can get a free license, although we would not mind paying for something like this.

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