Why You Should Learn Cyber Security ?

by Sachin


In the present day scenario, the whole world is shifting towards being online. Everything is done via the internet and all the services are accessible by computers and smartphones. Therefore, you can find most of the data and information available on the internet. With the internet playing such a huge part in industry, it is important to make sure that the networks and devices are secure.

This is what Cyber Security is all about, it is the practice of protecting networks and systems from digital threats and attacks. This involves checking the security systems, implementing necessary changes, and making the security of sensitive information as efficient as possible.

There is no course as such for the job roles but experience and courses like ethical hacking course help in employment.


Today it is easier than ever to access the private information of any person on the planet who is connected to the internet. This information can be used in malicious ways and cause irreparable damage to the company or individual to whom the information belongs. 

Today, both the companies and individuals are equally at threat, a company’s sensitive information can be leaked and an individual’s credit card details can be accessed. These are serious dangers. 

Cyber security is important for this same reason. It is important to save our private information from hackers and crackers if we want to stay safe in this digital world.


As a career, Cyber Security is an amazing choice. 

Here are a few reasons why.

  • The demand is greater than the supply.

A myriad of fields require Cyber Security professionals and the demand therefore, is very high. There is demand in hospitality business, schools, and where not! With the digital age evolving, cyber security will keep on getting better and more rewarding as a career.

  • It pays well

Cybersecurity has many job roles that are really well paying, this is discussed in detail later. The salary ranges from approximately $170,000 to $230,000 per year.

  • Interesting work life.

The job is perfect for someone who loves computers and knows a lot about them. 

The job is highly active and challenging. One can be checking security measures in the morning and fighting off digital attackers in the evening, it is like being a digital superhero.


There are hundreds of job roles in cybersecurity but following job roles are more sought after:

  • Director of Security: 

He/she is in charge of overseeing the IT security measures.

  • Chief Information Security Officer: 

He/she is a senior level executive who is responsible for implementing and maintaining the strategies, enterprise vision and program to ensure that the networks and systems are protected.

  • Global Information Security Director:
    He/she is responsible for implementing, managing, designing and allocating the technology security measures.
  • Chief Security Officer:
    He/she is the executive responsible for ensuring that the security functions add value and give the organization a competitive advantage.


Cyber Security professionals make a good amount of money. Here is a list of average salary of various job roles. These are at entry level i.e. 0-5 years of experience.

  1. Security Analyst: $62,840 per year.
  2. Security Engineer: $78,940 per year.
  3. Information Security Analyst: $64,7300 per year.
  4. Director of Security: $53,153 per year.
  5. Network Security engineer: $73,254 per year.
  6. Information Security officer: $72,981 per year.
  7. Chief Information Security officer: $120,849 per year.
  8. Information Security Engineer: $78,397 per year.
  9. Chief Security Officer: $139,576 per year, (experience: 10-20 years)

These are just some of the major job roles, there are hundreds of them in this profession. These numbers climb up based on experience.


In the age of smartphones and global networks, cyber security is a very important field of work and it offers a stable career for a long time. The pay and the work life are very impressive and for these reasons this field is highly sought after. The demand of cyber security professionals is very high and it is present in many fields. 

There are a lot of job roles and therefore there is a lot of scope for development and as experience is gained, better prospects open up and pay is increased.

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