[SOLVED] Will iMessage Say Delivered if Blocked – Your Ultimate Guide for 2023

by Sachin


What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the “will imessage say delivered if blocked” Issue?

Normally, when you send an iMessage, you expect it to be delivered and show a ‘delivered’ status below the message. This is an indication that your message reached the recipient’s device successfully.

Case Study: When Does the “will imessage say delivered if blocked” Error happen?

Imagine a situation where you sent an important iMessage to a colleague. You’ve been waiting for their reply, but the status never changes to “delivered”. This is a classic scenario where you might suspect you’ve been blocked.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

  • Restart your iPhone and try sending the message again.
  • Ensure you have an active internet connection.
  • Make sure the recipient has not enabled “Do Not Disturb”.

The Significance of Rectifying “will imessage say delivered if blocked”

Not knowing if your messages are being delivered can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Resolving this issue ensures effective communication.

Interactive Guide: 3 Functional Strategies to Address “will imessage say delivered if blocked”

SOLUTION 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Ensure your device is connected to the internet. Without an active connection, iMessages won’t be delivered.

SOLUTION 2: Reboot the Messaging App

Sometimes, simply restarting the messaging app can solve the issue.

SOLUTION 3: Contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried all solutions and are still facing the issue, it might be time to contact Apple Support.

How to Prevent “will imessage say delivered if blocked” Error in the Future

Ensure you always keep your iOS updated. New updates might contain fixes for messaging-related issues.

Final Thoughts:

Effective communication is key, and troubleshooting your iMessage is essential to prevent potential misunderstandings. Always keep your device updated and reach out to support teams when in doubt.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs) About “will imessage say delivered if blocked”

1. How do I know if someone has blocked me on iMessage?

If your messages aren’t turning ‘delivered’ after a considerable time, it’s a potential sign. However, other technical issues might cause it.

2. Will the blocked person know they have been blocked?

No, Apple doesn’t notify users when they are blocked.

3. What happens to the messages sent during the block?

Messages sent during the block won’t show ‘delivered’ and won’t be delivered to the recipient, even if they unblock you later.

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