WinX MediaTrans: The Data Transfer Solution for Apple Devices

by Sachin

There is no denying the fact that Apple is great when it comes to making their software work with their hardware. However, anyone who has tried to copy the contents from an apple device to a computer admits that it’s quite a frustrating job to take up. Now, you cannot keep storing everything on the iPhone or iPad because the storage space runs out. Paying extra every month for iCloud storage is also not a feasible option. The good news is that you now have a better alternative to make all that hassle a thing of the past. 

WinX MediaTrans is the latest iOS data transfer software that lets you transfer videos, photos, and music between iPad, iPhone, and computer. The software is actually a lot easier and a lot faster compared to iTunes. You can backup photos, music, videos, eBooks, voice memos, and more. Though it is a paid software, it is worth every penny because of the host of advanced features it comes with.

A detailed review of WinX MediaTrans

As new iPhone models are being released every year, the need for effective data backup from their previous iPhone becomes more important for the users. Regardless of whether it is for saving the memories or simply keeping a backup, users prefer to transfer the data to their computers, which might not be an Apple device. WinX MediaTrans is a great solution in this regard because the readers can use it for easily backing up the important data in their old iPhone. Here’s the detailed review of some of its important features.

Photo transfers

WinX MediaTrans helps you in backing up the live, 4k images to computer for freeing up the iPhone storage without paying extra for iCloud. You get to export the photos one by one, or choose to select the few that you want to export while leaving the others. It is a simple process that takes less than a minute.

Yes, you read that right! The speed is commendable in this software and you can transfer about a hundred 4K images in eight seconds. 

You also get to delete the photos directly from the photo library and camera roll of your iPhone. The photos can be grouped into categories for easy management.

Video transfers

The video feature is the simplest one on WinX MediaTrans. If you are someone who likes shooting loads of videos on your iPhone and transferring them to the computer, then this feature would be really useful to you. 

It lets you transfer the video files from the apple devices to the computer. The videos that are stored on your Apple device are labeled properly even after their transfer. So, you will not have to spend any time looking for the files. You can also convert videos into formats that are compatible with Apple devices, and reduce the sizes of UHD or 4K videos to save up space on your iPhone. 

Flash drive

Your device turns into a flash drive with this feature. You get to carry folders and files in your devices using this feature. However, there is no file management system installed in the devices. 

Thus, WinX MediaTrans also has to be installed on the other computer if you want to gain access to the folders on a different computer. Though the feature works wonders for all iPhone users, the ones who have jail-broken their devices will love it even more.

The other features

Apart from the three really cool features mentioned above, MediaTrans also helps in removing DRM, making ringtones, and syncing music with iTunes installation. The performance is impressive due to the ease of using and the speed on offer. The software also comes with high-grade encryption like AES 256, which keeps your data secure even if your device gets lost or falls prey to hackers. 

Wrapping up

WinX MediaTrans is like the one stop package of convenience for every iPhone and iPad user. It helps in transferring and managing all kinds of data, without the limits set by iCloud and iTunes. Moreover, it’s a video, music, and iBook converter and ringtone maker!

So, download this high-end software today for a free trial and avail the New Year offer. The 50% off special offer on the lifetime version is not to be missed!

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