13 Best yesbackpage Alternatives for 2023

by Sachin


YesBackpage, where people can post ads online in multiple languages and from different countries, has succeeded since it opened in 2018. Whether you need an efficient platform to help buy or sell products and services locally, YesBackPage can provide it all with an array of features, such as geographical ad targeting capabilities that are quick and easy to use. In this article, we will be highlighting 13 great YesBackPage alternatives since its launch.

Current Status of YesBackPage

Since its conception, this “made with love” classifieds market has been growing steadily and competently enough to draw the attention of numerous individuals. As a result, by the year 2021, YesBackPage had become a globally popular online platform reaching millions of people worldwide who use their website for various reasons like selling or buying things across categories such as electronics, property, furniture, and more; or even for providing local services like hiring photographers or renting construction equipment.



Craigslist is one of the planet’s oldest yet most popular classifieds marketplaces. Its reliable infrastructure and numerous years of operation offer smooth user navigation to achieve your goal with relative ease. Like YesBackPage, you can avail of various pricing options and multiple categories, from used cars/vehicles to real estate deals—all while remaining secure with a range of safety features.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an easy-to-use platform that lets you quickly find and shop for goods, services, or property nearby without leaving your home. With its ability to safely facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, the Facebook marketplace provides convenience at the click of a button, similar to YesBackPage, with privacy options, so no one needs to know what you’re up to!


Bedpage is a great online platform that provides users with an easy-to-use experience, various categories to shop from, and inexpensive services for those wanting to find their perfect fit. In addition, it facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers in a secure manner akin to YesBackPage. Still, one of its most unique features lies in the ability to delete postings anytime!


If you’re looking for something more local or need help promoting or advertising locally, 5miles is the way to go! 5miles features numerous categories and an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to chat directly with potential buyers or sellers. So whether it’s selling furniture or electronics or needing a car – 5Miles can make your shopping experience as simple as pie, just like YesBackPage.


For those of us who are more geographically stationed, Locanto offers its services to communities specifically based around one country. As such, you can expect a more localized feel with reports and reviews around your community to ensure a safe shopping checklist to ease transactions, just like YesBackPage.


Another locally based platform –Gumtree, is home to many British users looking for quick-to-use services, unique products, or helpful advice about topics around their area. Its ability to advertise through priority listings at no cost and frequent free ad postings provides an incredibly cost-efficient and secure advertising method, just like YesBackPage.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads is a great platform for those seeking more international exposure, from classifieds to rentals, jobs, cars, and even service opportunities – whatever you may need, experience less hassle on this all-in-one website, much like the features found in YesBackPage.


OLX provides an easy-to-use platform for users across the globe where you can quickly and securely buy or sell products with ease. From cars to electronics and various services, OLX offers speedy transactions and clear pricing options, much like YesBackPage.


For those located solely in America or keen on real estate deals, Geebo is great at offering regional and local listings while streamlining advertising opportunities & rental searches. With its secure payments facility and localized approach – all backed by a great reporting system – Geebo is very much like YesBackPage.


Xdir.vip is an easy-to-use platform for looking up and buying or selling items — offering unique advantages such as automatic currency conversion, payment safety & fraud checking systems, along with authentication processes while being fast & responsive, just like YesBackPage – it’s sure to make your online experience a breeze!


For those of you looking to save a buck or two, Eccie offers its services at premium rates and provides wonderful customer service with informed decision-making support. Sometimes even offering promotions on items they post – Eccie is much like YesBackPage.


Freeadstime gives the public another great option for buying and selling stuff online, focusing more on posting free classified ads in over 20 countries worldwide. It offers product reviews even though most users seek product postings and customer support. Suppose you’re keener on browsing different items or finding sellers the same way that YesBackPage works. In that case, this platform is surely worth considering.


Finally, we have WallClassifieds, which provides an easy-to-use method and facilitates requests for goods or services from potential customers with its detailed search feature. For example, you could type a keyword such as “carpentry” and immediately search near where you live. WallClassifieds provides value in this fashion and secure payments, just like YesBackPage.

YesBackPage FAQs:

Is YesBackPage reliable?

Yes, YesBackPage is a reliable online platform that offers safe browsing for buyers and sellers alike, providing numerous features such as geographical targeting capabilities, payment safety, fraud checking, & authentication processes, just to name a few.

What are the security measures offered by YesBackPage?

YesBackPage offers a wide range of features that enable users to perform their business transactions securely and conveniently, including geographical ad targeting capabilities, payment safety systems, & verification processes, so you can always find a deal without worrying about scams or fraudulent activities onsite.

What are the advantages of using YesBackPage?

The advantages of YesBackPage include an easy-to-use platform, numerous classified posts and categories to choose from, multiple pricing options & geographical ad targeting capabilities, and providing customer support and a secure environment, so you don’t have to worry while browsing or performing your business transactions.

Can I sell items on YesBackPage?

Yes. You can sell things on YesBackPage to get your services or products known in your area by making them visible to people all over the country, processing payments safely, and more.

Does YesBackPage have a mobile app for Android?

YesBackPage does have an android application that allows users to sign in from their android devices so they can always be updated on new offers, deals & notifications when shopping with YesBackPage.


YesBackPage is a reliable online platform offering numerous features to help make your experience as you buy or sell items locally or internationally. With its secure payment systems, geographical targeting capabilities, and fraud/scam checking mechanisms, be assured that we have the latest technological advances at our disposal to provide a safe environment & great solutions for all users.

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