Your Kit For Privacy: What Is Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

by Sachin

Every time you come across surprisingly target ads, be sure you contributed it yourself. When you browse the web, use messengers and social media, you provide companies with free data they store on their database. Data collectors amass and resell the sensitive information at a significant amount. They monitor your digital behavior expanding global surveillance; governments all over the world use the data stream to regulate it and commit investigations. The issue is the Internet is no longer confidential and secure. By the way, data leaks are not just confusing; they’re harmful to companies and clients. Online attacks and payment information theft lead to physical damage. 

Nevertheless, you can prevent your data from leaking and exploiting by third-parties if you use encrypted services. Utopia P2P ecosystem offers a revolutionary encrypted set for online communication and transactions. Discover below the features and get crypto for free as soon as install Utopia! 

Is Utopia Superior To Other Communication Apps? 

Encryption is getting more and more popular when it comes to privacy. But even encoded services don’t guarantee the same security levels.  Utopia utilizes the most up-to-date algorithm accessible to humans. Speedy Elliptic Curve and 256-bit AES secure communication, in-built storage, and commercial transactions. Utopia’s arsenal combines an instant messenger – uMessenger, local mailing service – uMail, crypto wallet – uWallet, secure browser – Idyll, and Mining Bot. Good news – you can manage several tools in one window when turn on Mining bot. Why to choose Utopia over other services? 

  • No central server. The decentralized ecosystem is protected from sided intruders. Utopia never keeps your files on a data warehouse; the data transfers rigidly from a sender to a receiver.
  • No names. You will get the Private Code while registering; the system won’t require a phone number and even your name. 
  • Effortless mining. No electricity-consuming equipment – Utopia replenishes your balance with coins as long as you activate integral Mining bot.

Utopia is an encrypted kit for those who want to beat online harassment and get free coins! What tools does it offer? 

Utopia P2P Ecosystem In Action: Guidance On The Tools

Let’s figure out what does the in-built tools arsenal consists of. 

uMessenger – end-to-end encrypted instant chat. Regular messaging apps often don’t encrypt all types of communication; some of them are secure if only you start a protected chat. uMessenger is encrypted by default, including group chats and file-sharing. The integral image-viewer lets you see pics right in the messenger. This tool is universal for business discussions and chatting with friends. The chat is very engaging – users share funny stickers and play games! 

uMail – encrypted mailing service. The domestic email looks like a regular mailbox, but it is P2P, which means protecting against data leakage. Business correspondence can be easily organized on uMail thanks to Templates. Create a pattern for daily letters in advance to fast-track your mailing plan! 

Idyll is a browser that never spies you. Usually, browsers keep what, where, and how often you are looking for. Idyl doesn’t gather metafiles, IPs, and the history of search. The only condition is that you can view just internal pages, hosted on the ecosystem. Meanwhile, any user can design a website in several steps for free! 

uWallet is an all-in-one financial instrument. It allows running crypto from a card issuing to performing as a merchant. Transactions in crypto proceed in several seconds, you can send coins to other members or purchase. Remember, you will get Cryptons every 15 minutes as soon as start Mining Bot! 

All in all, you can start a secure online life, avoid fraudsters, and law intrusions when running encrypted programs. Utopia is a self-enclosed environment with numerous tools – install to start protected communication! 

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