20 Small Business Ideas For Beginners

by Sachin

Starting a new business nowadays is hardly more difficult than logging into your profile on Facebook. Internet inventing has changed our life so that some professions have died out, but new ones appeared and current have obtained new features, so that everyone can get something to his tastes.

Our list will contain 20 online and offline ideas to start your business with a little sum of money or nothing at all. Of course, some of them require some background, but the list of those where you can learn on the go is also quite big.

  • Writer

Our list starts with the simplest option for those who know how to tell about the most boring events or things so everyone will understand and would like to learn more. Websites are created daily – they will certainly need someone who fills their pages.

  • Rental business

Nowadays the rental business is widely popular and a great value for money options. Like camera gear, photo booth, rental car service, and even electric bikes. Actually this helps a lot to save money.

  • Blogger

It is a famous profession nowadays. Just think what topics you are proficient and how interesting it can be to your audience. There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog for example Polus media advertising platform

  • Online assistant

This profession is applicable to many areas: you can help SEO specialist, accountants, head of small companies.

  • Recruiter

No matter which type of job people are seeking, while what you need is to have good Internet connection to find CVs and call people.

  • Courier

It would be great to have your own car, but a lot of companies give their own transport. Pedestrian courier is not a recent thing nowadays, too.

  • Accountant

So many firms need accounting service, but have no opportunity to hire someone for full-time. If you have special even college education, you can help with end-of-term reports when it is necessary and some extra money in your pocket. Good news is that you can run accountancy of several businesses from another city online.

  • Handicraft is also to make some money

Can you make sweet puppies or paint beautiful pictures? Why not to let others enjoy your art. You can promote your goods at offline exhibitions as well as on your online website.

  • Sell photos

No one is going to ask about your photographer degree, but if you have nice pictures of nature or animals or something like that – offer them to magazines and journals. Your masterpiece will see other people and maybe someone can offer you to make photos from big events.

  • Buy and sell

Make some investigation and check what people buy on Aliexpress or Ebay more often. Buy some items in stock and sell them at your local markets with some commission. People do understand that items can be cheaper, but buying now they will not have to wait. There are a lot of tools could help you promote your product or service https://polus.media/

  • Webdesigner

Beauty can’t come from nowhere – there should be somebody to create it. If you have a good command of the area you may draw designs both for websites, visiting cards, brochures and so on.

  • Events facilitator

If you like everything to go smoothly and know where and who apply to – this job is exactly for you. People often don’t want to bother where and how to make wedding, how to sit the guests and so on.

  • T-shirts designer

Yet, we have too many people in the business who can offer an image, but if your ideas are really unique and interesting – you may become famous just with the help of the word of mouth.

  • Cooker

We don’t talk about exotic cuisine now, but about typical home food. Typical nine-to-five doesn’t give a lot of free time and energy to cook something and a great number of people will be glad for your help.

  • Cleaner

Actually, this job is from the same sea. Housework is not so often to be the area of interest, especially when we are talking about cleaning. If you can’t live with dust and mug, you know how to help others to get rid of it.

  • Private tutor

This job is possible for online and offline interpretation. Both children and adults now may need to know some math, foreign language or programming.

  • Support service

The cases when you call and ask why something is wrong with your website or you can’t log into a particular network, don’t mean that the operator is sitting in the office in a shirt with a tie. Generally, such people may need have a good Internet connection and understanding of the environment. They may sit at home in pyjamas and drink cup of coffee while talking to you.

  • Short-stories author

There may fans of classic literature, but what if you also have what to say to other people. Don’t try to write and sell “War and Peace”, people are more open to buy a collection of several small stories for $1-2. The sum will be not so funny if there will be 50-60 downloads for a month.

  • Proofreader

Publishing houses are overloaded with masterpieces and the quicker they will look in a decent way, the quicker they will be printed and sold. No special knowledge are required, can be performed from home. The more languages you know, the more work you can take.

  • Sewer

We have great variety of clothes shops now, but sometimes we want something unique and special. Do you remember that dress from royal family. Experienced person can help to make the dream come true.

  • Online consultant

When people start their own business or need some legal advice and coming to the specialist is a bit difficult – there can be somebody who can show them the way. Think in which area you are professional at and start making money from consulting from home.

As you see, becoming a boss for yourself is not so difficult. Have we given you an idea?

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