[SOLVED] Access Denied On This Server – 5 Proven Methods To Fix It in 2023

by Sachin

Key Insights

  • The “access denied on this server” error can occur for various reasons.
  • Clearing cache and cookies often helps in resolving the issue.
  • Turning off unnecessary extensions can also prevent this error.
  • Try accessing the website from a different network or device.
  • Contacting the website’s administrator might offer a solution.

What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the “Access Denied on This Server” Issue?

Instead of seeing this error message, users should be able to seamlessly access the website’s content and interact with its features without interruptions.

Ideal Scenario Without the Access Denied on This Server

Case Study: When Does the “Access Denied on This Server” Error Happen?

A tech enthusiast, John, recently tried accessing a popular tech forum but was met with the “access denied on this server” error. Even after multiple retries, the error persisted. John wanted to know why this was happening and how he could resolve it.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

  • Restarting the system
  • Checking internet connection stability
  • Testing the website on a different browser

Initial Diagnosis Access Denied on This Server

The Significance of Rectifying “Access Denied on This Server”

This error can prevent users from accessing essential information, leading to missed opportunities and increased user frustration.

Interactive Guide: 5 Functional Strategies to Address “Access Denied on This Server”

SOLUTION 1: Clear Browser’s Cache and Cookies

  • Open your browser settings.
  • Find the option for clearing browsing data or history.
  • Select cache and cookies to clear.
  • Restart the browser.

Clear Browser's Cache and Cookies

SOLUTION 2: Disable Unnecessary Extensions

  • Open browser settings.
  • Locate extensions or add-ons section.
  • Disable or remove unwanted extensions.

Disable Browser Extensions

SOLUTION 3: Use a VPN or Proxy

  • Install a reputable VPN or proxy extension.
  • Connect to a different server or location.
  • Try reaccessing the website.

Use VPN To Access Blocked Websites

SOLUTION 4: Check with the Website Administrator

Reaching out to the website’s admin might provide insights if the block is intentional or for other reasons.

Check with the Website Administrator

SOLUTION 5: Try a Different Network or Device

At times, the issue could be with the specific device or network. Trying a different method might offer a solution.


Try a Different Network or Device

How to Prevent “Access Denied on This Server” Error in the Future

Using a reliable VPN service or regularly updating the browser can help prevent such errors.

Final Thoughts

While “access denied on this server” can be frustrating, the above methods can help address the issue effectively. If problems persist, professional IT support might be necessary.


Why do I get the “Access Denied on This Server” error?

This error can occur due to website downtime, regional blocks, lack of permissions, or browser-related issues.

How can I prevent this error in the future?

Regular browser updates, reliable VPN services, and periodically clearing cache and cookies can help.

Can this error harm my device?

No, this is a server-side error and does not threaten your device.

Is using a VPN safe to bypass this error?

A reputable VPN service is safe and can help bypass regional blocks.

Should I contact the website’s administrator for this error?

If none of the solutions work, reaching out to the website’s admin can provide further insights.

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